Prepositions used with "walk"

"for walk" or "of walk"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases walk for is used

She not trained and hates going for walks only because she was nipped by a car.

It is stated that going for walks barefoot allows children's toes develop typically.

Having the human doing nothing but go for walks or sit in a van is not at all cost-effective.

Going for walks with beech and / or choose to wear the actual fipflop, having fun with your own.

I am reading books, going to the cinema, the ballet, planning holidays, going for walks, having shelves built.

Because he gets them quite severally (Pretty much everyday) Which is awful! I'll go for walks, my boyfriend is amazing.

Next target is a New York Jets game! I also have two whippets, who I love to bits and love taking for walks on the beach.

She loved to go to Petsmart and for walks down to the park where she could climb up the playhouse but never dare to go down the slide.

Also, where it is in Sligo is perfect for activities -- you can go for walks in the mountains, there's the seaweed baths, the sea or Queen Meadhbh's tomb.

Your maintain goods during are usually normally in the house demand production facilities, going for walks shall be your current subway songs, canadawaterbirdjackets.

In 17% of cases walk of is used

This kind of walk is new for Barka, but he kept up.

He is calm, relax and will adjust to your speed of walk.

Then let go of walk and tap backwards to give me a run-up.

I like to take a few pics of walkies with the little dawgies.

Mr Banks was not trained with this kind of walk in mind so I had no cause to expect that he'd work as well as he did.

The area around Tiananmen Square I know very well -- Capital M is just off there and there are lots of walks I like do around the older areas.

What excited scouts about Mesoraco was not only his power, but his ability to draw a decent amount of walks while maintaining a good contact rate.

In 13% of cases walk to is used

The cane he now relies on to walk lies across his desk.

The events range from information displays, to walks and days out, though to special film screenings at the QFT.

One has only to walk down the highways and byways of this great land to know all too well that this is not a government of the people or for the people.

In 7% of cases walk on is used

He was also desperate for water -any water at all- and would drink as much as he could as quickly as he could as many times as he could on walks.

In 5% of cases walk from is used

Some of those people are from walks of life and social/economic groupings I simply would not have the chance to interact with normally.

In 5% of cases walk in is used

Look what happens when I type in Walk Off The Earth in the address bar.

Now in walk, trot, and canter, go up into your jump position and hold it.

All of the treatments administered by our products can be done in simple walk in walk out procedures.

In 4% of cases walk with is used

With walks ranging from leisurely excursions to challenging days out, the festival offers a number of routes and offers something for everyone.

But the executioners continue with walk through puddles of our blood with their military escalations and siege on our towns, and villages and refugee camps.

The Return of Colmcille (June) A city-wide spectacle taking place over a whole weekend devised by Frank Cottrell Boyce, writer of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, with Walk the Plank.

In 3% of cases walk alone is used

The rate at which Americans are supersizing it won't be long before 20 year old are unable to stand let alone walk or run.

It was difficult enough to understand what people were saying to you, let alone walk around poorly-lit city streets where the English weren't the most popular.

In 3% of cases walk by is used

It is not possible to approach it with any vehicle, just by walk.

Facilities: Beijing Garden apartments are located 10 minutes by walk from the main streets with restaurants such as Japanese food, Korean and more International restaurants.

In 3% of cases walk like is used

Does anyone know of any companies that are hiring for short term staff or any ideas on how to make some good money over the holiday season? Please don't suggest things like walk dogs etc.

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