Prepositions used with "use"

"for use", "of use" or "in use"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases use for is used

Award points for use full comments.

For use in building energy simulations.

Slaves for use in the fishing industry.

Well! Finally something of real value pops up for use by the folks who took the big hit.

A commercially available catalyst like this might be developed for use in a Claus plant.

The PNCQ has shown acceptable reliability and validity for use in a community sample 25.

For NICE to recommend a drug for use on the NHS, the evidence has to demonstrate that it is a good use of resources; e.

Are there banned additives? Yes, some additives that were approved for use have been withdrawn from the food supply (e.

We have taught this process to psychiatrists in Sarajevo for use with survivors of one of history's most horrific wars.

Commercial water charges Water charges are payable if water is being supplied for use by business, trade or manufacture.

In 33% of cases use of is used

Rules of use when using other offers 13.

Rules of use when using dining offers 5.

Governing Law These Terms of Use are governed.

Prediction #2 - FW Cyno Jammers will not see a lot of use for faction warfare operations.

To see: Anyone who fails to comply with our terms of use may lose their posting privilege.

By accessing this website and any of its contents, you are agreeing to these Terms of Use.

Their ease of use and effectiveness makes them the most sought after solution, when it comes down to whitehead removal.

We can only just pray that our kids end up doing well and are a source of joy and pride to us and of use to themselves.

These Terms of Use are void where prohibited by law and the right to access the Sites is revoked in such jurisdictions.

General terms of use / copyright and trademark notice Except as otherwise indicated elsewhere on this website, megabus.

In 21% of cases use in is used

That treatment is still in use.

AMQ9514 Channel ' &3'; is in use.

Unplug any appliance when not in use.

We paused a moment in our climb by the family graveyard, still in use today, sniff, sniff.

Two of the total eight Payol's are already in use with the further six under construction.

T he Larsen trap was developed in Denmark, and many thousands are in use in Britain today.

Due to the storage options currently in use, the flood events common in the region are at significant risk of overflow.

There is a side section there which is used for seminars and when it isn't in use there are a three computers in there.

However, Hoorn's het oude stadhuis was in use until 1977 and at this moment the city hall of Hoorn is a modern building.

For the smartphones and tablets currently in use, 75 percent surveyed actually saw productivity gains after implementing.

In 3% of cases use to is used

When do I need to use my seal? A.

Some would let themselves be captured, only to use the net as a trampoline.

In This Slide Scanning Guide, You're Going To Learn How To Use Photoshop To.

This data does not mean that owners do not then go on to use VoD services on their Smart TVs.

Normally I tell them to use condoms when having sex, and to make sure they are keeping clean.

I have also had clients tell me they would pay me more not to use one -- but I don't have sex with them.

Normally each day I have more than ten clients, and about 2 or 3 extra guys who would say they didn't want to use a condom.

For a start, it's definitely not recommended to use more than two extra languages, which are already a considerable effort.

However, you agree not to hold us responsible in any way for your use of our Service, including your exposure to User Content.

It is an error to use this function on formatting objects other than an fo:wrapper that is the child of an fo:multi-properties.

In 2% of cases use by is used

Remove Old Nail Polish Remove any existing polish from the nails by use nail polish remover.

V is then measured with a voltmeter, and B is determined by use of a search coil and ballistic galvanometer.

The values for the respective heat transfer coefficients can be estimated by use of the standard heat transfer relationships.

Corruption that comes about when it is possible for some to live much better than the masses by use of influence, bribes, lying etc.

Neither I or the webmaster can accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by use of the information contained within this page.

Patients with stroke were identified by use of a system of community-based investigators and liaison with local hospital and medical centre staff.

I find that the mechanical imagination, usually conveniently ' mystified ' by use of the ' fog-of-complexity ', requires far more than forum messages for correction.

The dB scale can be altered by use of contour filters (which effectively filter out frequencies that the ear does not hear well in order to more effectively simulate human hearing).

But of course short cuts and spivery are exactly what's encouraged by use of metrics-based targets, Google now ranks journals with an h-index metric based on Google Scholar citations (http: //bit.

In 2% of cases use into is used

The modern form Durham came into use later in the city's history.

Paul was, at any rate, the partner who succeeded in getting the new machinery into use.

They have come back into use in the last 30 years and are bred specifically for medicinal purposes.

The constant height mode of operation came into use in addition to the original constant current mode.

One of the real strengths of RIU was that it had great flexibility in its investment in research into use programmes.

So long as you placed what you've acquired right here into use, you'll have particularly the thing you need in no time.

The Campus Phase II was completed and put into use in September 2008, followed by a housewarming party on 6 October 2008.

At first its main use was for royal fanfares, and it was only brought into use in military bands during the early 19th century.

There will also be 300m of additional funding to provide up to 15,000 affordable homes and bring 5,000 empty homes back into use.

In 1% of cases use after is used

You just have to dispose the blades after use.

There are a lot more about the new OS which can be known only after use.

Always replace first aid items after use to keep your kit fully stocked.

Disposable scalpels on the other hand should be thrown right away after use.

Sweat towels or hand towels provided should be used to wipe down fitness equipment after use.

Many workplaces test for an inactive THC metabolite that can be stored in body fat and remain detectable weeks after use.

Even then, use our own brushes, make sure the brushes are clean before you use my stuff, return to me immediately after use.

Finally, if you burn dvds etc - or rip dvds, then the program you use may/nay not automatically delete the temp file after use.

The ancients were reputed to hold their Lodges outside and the teachings would take place with the Masonic images drawn in the dust or sand and wiped away after use.

Consumers have employed a number of distinctive methods to accomplish this - such as storing blades in oil, soaking them in vodka, or covering them in Vaseline after use.

In 1% of cases use from is used

Rights to restrain from use of firm name or firm property 53.

There are two ways in which a company can benefit from use of the World Wide Web.

Common symptoms from use of this exercise are burning, swollen and jacked up triceps.

In certain instances customers may be due compensation or refund arising from use of the Services.

It's the same kind of stuff that was banned from use in tampons after women were dying of toxic shock syndrome.

It meant Revenue could not seek monies for any years over which Rohan benefited from use of items owned by Airspace.

The Wilburforce Foundation, based out of Seattle, wants to lock away Crown land from use and development from the Arctic Ocean to Yellowstone.

In 1% of cases use on is used

Restrictions on Use of Content.

Media streaming on uses a lot more.

You need to assess the efficiency based on use.

Instructional film on use of the dial telephone.

There are plenty of posts on use cases, successes and failures.

No mention of binding restrictions that US supreme law places on use or threat of force.

We also provide information on uses for the fabric so you can gauge what kind of projects it would be suitable for.

This Agreement may be amended only upon execution of a subsequent agreement or upon User?? Ts failure to object within 10.

But most of the fossil fuel is spent on uses that are totally frivolous when measured against the basic needs for survival.

For most people the major constraint on use is not disinclination to pay a fare, but the fact that no adequate service exists.

In 1% of cases use with is used

I understand the meaning, but I have a problem with use.

The same fund being, it seems that it feels vaguely that big difference occurs with use.

The primary area of concerns comes with difficulty along with uses that are combined with the firm.

The first division of problems consists of issues along with uses which are in combination with the business.

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) If the individual you are travelling with uses PECS, make sure to include symbols for the journey.

Techniques important for operating the widely used apple medical accounts receivable software work connection with concentrating on a computer along with working with uses.

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