Prepositions used with "update"

"for update" or "of update"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases update for is used

Check back now and then for updates.

Please check back with SDHC for updates.

Thanks for joining Sports Mole for updates.

I was home all day Monday - constantly checking their website for updates on my parcel.

This will make it a lot easier to check for updates without seeking them all over again.

Keep an eye to the Kickstarter page for updates and follow along with all the excitement.

I'll chronicle my journey to come up with a shootable script on my blog so if this is of interest follow me for updates.

For updates, changes to offers, additional offers and other information, please visit the Cardholders ' Bonus Offers Page.

Don't know if you want to pack-age it or some-thing? Let me, know, OK? I'll sign for updates as long as I am using this theme.

No posts, no email for you! For Updates on Craig's brain cancer: Updates on Craig's health written by family http: **35;3264;TOOLONG.

In 23% of cases update of is used

The Suunto Ambit has upgraded with the release of Update 1.

I apologize for my lack of updates during these few months.

On top of updates, which are just straight forward on Apple.

More Estonians rely on the web for news so the attacks left them deprived of updates.

Search engines appear to be giving frequency of update a little more priority these days.

I know the House and Governor's summaries have seen little in the way of updates up until now.

I really really apologize for the lack of updates and replies! I'd quite surprised to see that my follower count had risen, though.

You can still turn on explicit notification of updates if that's how you roll, but it's now automatic and transparent for most people.

What Are the Benefits of Using Message of the Day? One of the primary reasons site visitors don't return is lack of updates to content.

Being aware of updates such as Vince and Caffeine helps you to make more insightful decisions based on all of information you have available.

In 12% of cases update with is used

The little satellite dish now does a better job of grouping events, so you're not overwhelmed with updates.

With updates being posted daily and coming direct from the brands/artists themselves, this is the freshest source of information in the UK.

After all, your body's number-one job (other than luring female fauna to your plumage) is to provide you with updates about your environment.

Is anyone else having this same issue? Is this something that will be fixed with Updates, or should I return the tablet for another replacement.

The initial excavation should take about six weeks and during that time I will be regularly adding to this blog with updates of my work as it progresses.

Sam, Philips and the volunteers communicate constantly with staff in Kenya and Tanzania and are ready to provide you with updates and encouragement on fundraising activities.

This idea was suggested by an FB friend of mine because I'd become a bit self-conscious about spamming all my friends with updates of his most recent painting ad nauseum (yes, I'd a very proud mum).

In 9% of cases update to is used

You can also have access to updates of the list as new properties are added to it.

A visitor might come across your blog, like what s/he sees and then subscribe to updates.

The couple Tuesday drove around listening to updates on the car radio and searching for available Wi-Fi in order to reach family and friends.

Giving the OS away dirt cheap or free and then getting people to subscribe to updates and improvements of the well-loved platform was a no brainer.

Thursday, November 15, 2012 Welcome to Update Thursday, my own personal meme of sorts where I post an update of the goings on at my blog, with reading and writing.

The idea is to make the readers look forward to updates, to quote them even in informal settings about how useful the content is, to gain some knowledge by reading the blog.

In 5% of cases update In is used

I would be very interested in updates.

The effects on Alaska can be seen here in Update 5.

The effects on the Arctic as a whole can be seen in Update 10 on the same page.

You've probably noticed a slowdown in updates on the blog in the past few months.

The changes were released today in updates to Twitter's software for smartphones and tablet computers.

But when you're in a meeting and need it to be less epic, you can also turn it off! 2) History Page! In update 1.

First upgrade throughout the world LG mobiles will soon receive this upgrade in their mobiles as mentioned in updates by the company.

In 3% of cases update as is used

That's for another post, but expect to see more strongly defined roles for new mechs that we release in the future, as well as updates to existing ones.

In 3% of cases update on is used

Tabs along the left hand side give quick access to important information on updates and ongoing scans.

In 2% of cases update about is used

The only emails you will receive are periodic emails with information about updates and issues with the site.

You will get email alerts about updates and downloads, product use tips and enhancements and various other specials directly from Samsung.

In 1% of cases update at is used

The current ones are really slow on doing anything (look at updates for WP7 and Android.

O (n) O (n2) O (n lg n) O (lg n) Which statement is true for De-Normalization? Redundant data is a performance liability at query time, but is a performance benefit at update time.

In 1% of cases update between is used

However at times a product may become unavailable between updates.

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