Prepositions used with "dinner"

for, to, at, after or before dinner?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases dinner for is used

Invite them for dinner occasionally.

For dinner, it was another trip to A.

She stopped for dinner on her way home.

In the evening, transfer to a typical Nepali restaurant for dinner and cultural show.

Romantica resturant was a nice evening with the missus making me dress up for dinner.

Enjoy a full afternoon game drive and be back to the hotel in the evening for dinner.

Eat fresh fruit for breakfast, drink buttermilk or fresh juice for lunch, and for dinner, have a protein-rich meal.

Manners still apply in public - my mum for example has a horrible habit of calling people when we go out for dinner.

They're doing major (much-needed) renovations and have said they'll invite us over for dinner once it's all finished.

Our friend Ramil got hooked that he killed caught (poor crabs) almost 2 kilos of crabs which we feasted on for dinner.

In 15% of cases dinner to is used

It may be our last call to dinner.

You enjoy having company to dinner.

We met and I invited him to dinner.

On our first date, he picked me up at my house in Batavia, IL and we went out to dinner.

Months ago, she was the one who staggered out of hospital to dinner after major surgery 3.

Sun Young thanks him for his kindness in interviewing her and invites him to dinner sometime.

She sure was! Anyway, I felt about 3 to 4 painless contractions during the half-hour car ride to dinner that evening.

The Thursday night, the week of the show, I went to dinner at The Mandalay Bay, and there were so many people in town.

I mean, okay, last night was a two day challenge, but then they ate up a lot of their time by taking them out to dinner.

It's so stirring and triumphant! Which four people would you like to invite to dinner and why? Any of my great grandparents.

In 8% of cases dinner at is used

At dinner my parents mentioned him, quietly.

I heard about it after the operation at dinner.

The costumes in The Avengers make sense on set, not at dinner.

Boies: Show the flag, show up at dinners, you know, and sometimes actually try a case.

Butch and I would have a contest at dinner to see who could fit the most food on his plate.

We had a discussion at dinner last night on the energy water nexus as it relates to fracking.

You could tell he just stopped caring because he was so relaxed and opened up at dinner and just didn't seem to give a flying frack anymore.

The man, who is believed to have been travelling alone, was last seen at dinner on Sunday, shortly after the 44,000-ton ship left Stavanger.

We've all been in cars and at dinner tables when a controversial pal comes up, and their name is met with eye rolls and their latest indiscretions.

Neither was prepared for it but both were moving onto other people and the revelation at dinner brought up all kinds of emotions that neither knew were there.

In 6% of cases dinner after is used

There usually isn't dessert after dinner.

Most of the boys had to go away soon after dinner.

One day, the two friends were chatting after dinner.

One strangely warm December night after dinner we were on a corner, waiting for a cab.

The other night shortly after dinner when the power went out suddenly, I knew that I had to do something.

Plus, I need my girl time, I mean after dinner of course, but yeah it's needed to get away from all the DRAMA.

I actually feel like a king knowing how much trouble you went through to ensure I didn't have my usual after dinner reaction.

Thanks to Clipper Teas I've been drinking after dinner mints; a subtle yet refreshing blend of peppermint, spearmint, fennel and ginger.

For instance, if you have agreed to walk with your neighbourhood friend after dinner, there are slim chances that you will let them down.

He didn't know what was going on, and it only made him more nervous when Xavi asked while they were unpacking if they could talk after dinner.

In 3% of cases dinner before is used

Dessert BEFORE dinner? Knock yourself out.

Most will probably be there before dinner is served.

You also have the option of a boat safari before dinner.

She judges by looks, and she eats dessert before dinner.

Uncle Sin and Uncle Fong was enjoying happy hours before dinner.

I love this is a little appetizer with a glass of wine before dinner.

I don't want to get greedy, but if there's enough time for me to ride Spaceship Earth before dinner, I'd be thrilled.

So, to appease her (and because, you know, Halloween ), I made sure to put my cat ears from the race on before dinner.

In 3% of cases dinner during is used

I told them all about your Order during dinner.

Share this quote Withnail: during dinner Vegetables again.

A few more hit during dinner but I thought nothing more of them.

In fact, the person who says anything during dinner has to do the dishes.

During dinner and afterwards they were very full of hunting for the next day.

During dinner, Xinran hears the birth pains of his daughter-in-law in the next room.

Naturally, if they call it will either be during dinner, or while you are watching a romantic movie with the mrs.

Mum and dad don't believe in monsters (and until yesterday, neither did I ), but during dinner tonight, I had to tell them.

If you expect to be having a number of guests during dinner time, then you should buy a table that will be sufficient for this number.

Four portraits of people in different age categories provide an Italian family-feeling of which the guests can be a part during dinner.

In 3% of cases dinner of is used

The hostess then serves everyone with a portion of dinner.

We choose a day that Abby will be in charge of dinner for the week.

I'd dreading switching back to more European times of dinner at 7pm.

True, because between speeches and photos, we hardly got two bites of dinner and dessert.

For the Best Film we have a prize of Dinner Vouchers for Kelly's plus tickets to the Eye Cinema.

Make it a habit to cook a larger batch of dinner on day 1, and eat leftovers for the next two days.

She also recommends relaxed suppers instead of dinner parties because the more informal a gathering, the less stress involved.

In America, a hair in your entree at a local restaurant would signal the end of dinner and a tense discussion with the manager.

The dinner lady threw different bits of dinner in the different sections with reckless abandon and I went and sat down to eat at one of the long foldaway tables.

My brother did a charity bike race this year in her honor, and the rest of my family had some sort of dinner thing, both to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her death.

In 3% of cases dinner over is used

Tonight: Have an important discussion over dinner.

The tone of the conversation over dinner felt date-like.

In Damascus the previous week, we had caught up over dinner.

Over dinner, Marc and Carina shared their experiences in the tuk-tuk.

Over dinner at our cabin we worked out the details for our evening photograph.

The ' election ' was carried out over dinner between the heads of countries participating.

According to Naser, the Saslafists thanked him over dinner and said they respected his actions but that he would be killed for opposing them.

Over dinner and photos of planes, Hoover admitted he'd had 20 crashes, including one where he clipped off the wings flying between two trees.

Funny enough, the theme ' master of masters ' came up over dinner with sannyasin friends the other night, What master of masters actually means is up for debate.

In 3% of cases dinner with is used

At last we were done with dinner.

Consume garlic with dinner or on a bagel to support with acne.

The day concludes with dinner and an overnight stay in a lodge.

Once you're done with dinner, and everyone's done picking, it's time to refrigerate.

The day concludes with dinner and an overnight stay in either a lodge, campsite or hotel.

The day concludes with dinner and an overnight stay at either a hotel, campsite or lodge.

The trip includes a night at the farm with dinner and breakfast, food for the two-day journey and one night camping.

If you can't have a glass of wine with dinner every other night during pregnancy, then pregnancy is less fun than it otherwise would be.

In the evening the President and his military and diplomatic advisers held a meeting at Blair House which began with dinner and which lasted until ii o'clock.

Yummy yummy lunch from Ana Lyn, nap time and then back to the training for a couple of hours in the afternoon, with dinner and a couple of beers either at home or out.

In 1% of cases dinner on is used

Spending 30 minutes on dinner is ridiculous to me.

Spending three hours on dinner is ridiculous *to you*.

Napkins can be placed on dinner plate or to the left of forks.

Cook on your trip and save Lunch Specials In many parts of the world, especially in Europe, you can dine on dinner menus at lunch special prices.

And finally, two books, one a classic and one brand new, that take a broader view of food history: The classic is Much Depends on Dinner by Margaret Visser.

I think CB is gorging on dinner party material, trying to force us to believe he did nothing wrong and in the end going to diminish himself to the point we won't find his one liners funny.

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