Prepositions used with "retirement"

"for retirement", "of retirement" or "in retirement"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases retirement for is used

Plan, plan, plan for retirement?

Plus I'd a sucker for retirement tours.

This means my dream for retirement is out the window.

Menzies says he fears that many will be left without adequate money for retirement.

Other than group insurance, there are group schemes available for retirement planning too.

Sell expensive loaded investments that erode assets the client had earmarked for retirement.

The best scores came from people who were investors, namely saving for retirement or their childrens ' education.

Many couples spend years planning for retirement together, but avoid planning for the possibility of living alone.

It doesn't allow families to save for retirement, to save for their children's education or to service their debt.

Average Retirement Account One of the most important things you can be doing right now is preparing for retirement.

In 20% of cases retirement of is used

That would be one of the benefits of retirement.

Sundays are one of the nice pluses of retirement.

Anyone else could have provoked a stream of retirements.

For the typical American, only 45% of retirement income is funded by Social Security.

He pointed out three sources of retirement income that Ghanaians can take advantage of.

The way we think of retirement is changing, and you need to discuss it with your spouse.

The prescribed period for deposit of counterpart funds will be reckoned as from the date of retirement of bill by the importer.

So apna Salman Khan is the rigid, ferocious, tiger who symbolizes the breed of Intelligence Officers on the verge of retirement.

The result is a transfer of personal wealth to the government and the hollowing of retirement saving requirement of the individual.

Through the war the press had been staffed by elderly but highly skilled pressmen who came out of retirement to keep things running.

In 16% of cases retirement in is used

In retirement he completed his memoirs.

Pension will increase at 2% per year in retirement.

Such rates determine your level of income in retirement.

Some of the risks could cause significant shortfalls for individuals in retirement.

That is 35 years in retirement and a lot can happen and will happen over that time.

At least Greenspan -- though admittedly in retirement -- had the gumption to admit fault.

Stein himself wrote a book on the tribulations his group is going to face in retirement and here he is bashing reform.

The introduction of Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) schemes have made more people aware of their financial needs in retirement.

How will you fund your retirement? Your generation is living longer and therefore spending more time in retirement than ever before.

After decades of stagnating incomes, they said, Washington must tell people to work longer, pay higher taxes and expect less in retirement.

In 9% of cases retirement to is used

Looks like I am close to retirement.

It took a while to relax into retirement.

He is a weak leader out of his depth and is coasting to retirement.

Chukwu and Agha were also old hands who were already close to retirement before their removal.

It was an opportunity to reflect on my life and it was a great transition from work to retirement.

The then army chief Major General Shafiullah was forcibly sent to retirement on 24 th August, 1975.

I was always conscious of people who worked up to retirement and then died a year later and I didn't want that to happen to me.

Even though, these men are either close to retirement or over due for retirement, their leaving is good radiance to bad rubbish.

In Killarney, when his own thoughts were turning to retirement, he sensed a renewed enthusiasm, even then, in the few words spoken.

In fact, 54 percent of boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) have started or considered starting a small business prior to retirement.

In 7% of cases retirement about is used

Typical Ghanaians, he said have problems about retirement.

Those who are advising me about retirement did not bring me into the team.

Then we started talking about retirement, and that's when Bob got a big surprise.

The best thing about retirement is the freedom to do what you want when you want.

The first thing to consider about retirement in Thailand is actually being allowed to do it.

So I now think it is better to spend and enjoy life while young and worry about retirement much later.

You too can make use of some helpful talking points in raising a discussion about retirement lifestyles.

Although a lot of families feel starting dialogue about retirement options will be stressful, but it doesn't have to be anxiety ridden.

The picture painted about retirement is always an image of relaxing fun times with many friends, good health and enough money to enable you to be and do anything you want.

In 6% of cases retirement at is used

Especially how people at retirement age are doing.

When persons work they should be able to get a pension and not just a pen and a mention at retirement.

Even where insurers do provide information, it is only at retirement, and is not always crystal clear.

Entrepreneurship becomes something we are scared of, or something to embrace as a last resort at retirement or job loss.

A second concern is: ' How does one remain relevant at retirement? ' It is very sad that most Anglican ministers retire and fade out of circulation.

At retirement, there will be a drop in monthly salary and the minister may have to depend on pension that might not be enough for him and his family.

If the scheme has a superior performance during the term of the membership, the member will receive a large sum of money at retirement, and vice versa.

At retirement the pension is used to purchase an annuity which will provide an income, which will depend on the annuity rates prevailing at the time of retirement.

The actual pension at retirement will depend on actual investment return and salary inflation up to retirement and on the cost of purchasing annuities at retirement.

It is also important to point out that longevity has nothing to do with this - I'd referring to the pension pot at retirement date available to purchase annuities/lump sums.

In 6% of cases retirement on is used

There are simply changes and the man is going on retirement.

Reuben Abati, are expected to proceed on retirement immediately.

I ’ ve had mine for 5 years and have traded up to the 307CC on retirement.

It is often suggested that your need for regular income will reduce on retirement.

I'll use CPF Life as my starting point to further educate the audience on retirement planning.

This session will be different from my previous talks on retirement planning as more than 2/3 of the materials are new.

He chaired many government commissions while on retirement which was part of his contribution to the growth of governance.

Here, there are far fewer choices to make: members don't have to choose between different investment options or take out an annuity on retirement.

In 5% of cases retirement after is used

Please spread some light on pension diffrence betwwen me and my friend after retirement.

It's something to ' get to ' eventually, perhaps after retirement or when a figurative ship comes rolling in.

It was clear that even long after retirement he thought often about our University and various matters concerning its well being.

I have attained an English-speaking tour guide license after retirement of full-term contribution to a fishery-related organization.

Pension Calculator Notes: Assumptions used: Investment return will be 5% per year before retirement and 4% per year after retirement.

That's not not nearly enough to live comfortably on, let alone bankroll even the most modest dreams of what life would be after retirement.

The book walks us through the construction of a Lifestyle Maintenance Budget to help us balance our income and expenditures after retirement.

Just after retirement from the Supreme Court, he was appointed the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman, Governing Council of the University of Benin.

However, people in general still associate many symptoms of depression with ageing because less is expected of older adults after retirement.

While you await your pension nine years after retirement, a pension we know might only be paid to your children years after your death, we call on you to step forward.

In 4% of cases retirement into is used

It took a while to relax into retirement.

Rio might have to go into retirement in short time.

I could see hime sulling his way into retirement if that fans get on him enough.

The UVF members who walked free did not wipe their brows and settle into retirement.

When the latter happens, we all just desert that thread, let it fade into retirement.

He plans to go into retirement and return to his birthplace of Khandwa; but this just does not seem to happen.

When a nonprofit came asking for money all I could think about was how I was going to be paying student loans into retirement.

But while Alonso, starting tenth, put his Ferrari onto the podium, neither Red Bull driver bought in a single point as both were forced into retirement.

If you want to be able to play hoops or skydive with your grandkids in 40 years, try these simple tips now so you're sharp and functional well into retirement.

Carragher is gradually being eased into retirement with an offer of a coaching position upon hanging up his boots, and understandably Liverpool are looking at replacements.

In 2% of cases retirement from is used

We should put a check in the system similar to withdrawals from retirement accounts.

So if you are ten years away from retirement, you have ten years to save up enough money to last twenty years.

The stock market will plummet and mortgage rates will rise -- for an American family, this could mean losing thousands from retirement savings and adding thousands to a mortgage.

Among the eminent lawyers in the Board, one foreign expert from Zambia has protested loudly that he was hired from retirement for a job that was supposed to end on October 25 2012.

While everyone is worried about Manning being a hit away from retirement in Denver, the Jets may be literally putting Tebow in a position where he might actually be the one to get taken out.

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