Prepositions used with "release"

"for release" or "of release"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases release for is used

The men are set for release in 2019.

It's in post-production now, for release in April 2009.

They are generally made in the late afternoon, in preparation for release at bedtime.

Sam Worthington is the only known casting so far, and the film is set for release in 2010.

Suppose a product is scheduled for release too soon because you agree to deliver too early.

He also made a film of the lecture and has planned to edit this into a super dvd also for release in the New Year.

It was only in February 1959 that he applied for release by the Diocese, which had in 1947 taken the place of the S.

I made a couple of pit stops to check schedules with breeders for release of Koi before heading to the breakfast spot.

Two other Yemenis seized in these raids are amongst the 28 prisoners initially cleared for release under President Bush.

In 23% of cases release of is used

They are going towards the processes of release.

This could be the first of a long line of releases.

I think Turbine were stupid to publish a release date so far ahead of release.

Say if I bought two on a test copy of release at least) so Im report back on my findings.

Tomorrow: I shall put up the cover of the book:) And the date of release too:) Go on now.

I understand on the day of release you actually made the album available free for download.

The difference between the J's and commercial used to be massive in terms of release dates but its closer than ever now.

This 1999/2011 Karuizawa is the youngster in a set of releases, which people are arguing are one of the last from the No.

Plus there are four other expansions they are in order of release Dark Minions, Lidless Eye, The White Hand and The Balrog.

If you wanted to see Dark Knight in the third week of release, you would see crackles and bumps and jumps and all the rest of it.

In 10% of cases release on is used

But seriously abbreviated on release.

I submitted my paypal payment within seconds on release.

Eurogamer: I know the company line on release is ' when it's done '.

They help offenders to understand their behaviour and to avoid re-offending on release.

It's ironic that playing on the console has secured my decision not to buy it on release.

A convicted criminal, on release from prison, should be allowed to start again with a clean slate.

Preordering the iPhone 5 is the best way top make sure you have a new iPhone on release day, but preorders go fast.

It makes me nervous when I can't see a certain novella I want to buy and read on release day on their site before release.

It is time a moratorium is imposed on releases and marketing of genetically engineered products, as is already the case in Austria.

It is not yet clear if this will be enabled by default on release builds, but it would make sense to enable the feature at least on nightlies.

In 6% of cases release after is used

Later after release i dnt knw who changed it for jthj 2500 and sos 2000 screens.

I'll update this post after release to fix any code changes that may occur between now and then.

The Last Express remains a stunning achievement in interactive entertainment 15 years after release.

The premise of The Last Express is wonderful and even 15 years after release the game's huge scope is impressive.

However, I tend to not have alot of money, and so I miss out on alot of new games for at least a few months after release.

Even after release, an electronic monitoring device may be attached to that person by an Order of Court under Clauses 4 (6) and 7(1).

This may mean that challenges will be made available after release for a small fee -- not something I think I'd be spending my money on.

The problem with getting it a few months after release, is that people want to talk about the game, and then its spoilers galore everywhere.

If candidates have been successful at the final examination, the certificates are usually available about four to six months after release of examination results.

In 6% of cases release to is used

I was a game reporter by the time it was close to release.

Add in the blackberries and mash them up a bit to release the juices.

Hares used for coursing must be tagged prior to release and not used for coursing again.

The film had garnered much anticipation prior to release, with noted distributors Udhayanidhi Stalin and Kalpathi S.

But a source linked to Sony did drop a line today saying that Sony plans to Release Home and LittlebigPlanet on the same day.

This allocation of requirements to releases and scheduling of releases should be updated with each increment to deal with changes in requirements and resources.

This allocation of requirements to releases and scheduling of releases should be updated with each increment to deal with changes in requirements and resources.

In 4% of cases release before is used

Jthj 2700 screens confirmed by yrf before release.

If you seriously don't have anyone who can do that before release, hire those modders.

When I spoke to Raimi about this before release, he smiled and cast his eyes to heaven.

In America, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has to certify wireless devices before release, and i.

It makes me nervous when I can't see a certain novella I want to buy and read on release day on their site before release.

In 3% of cases release upon is used

For instance, she could've used a mother's comfort upon release from the prison where she'd been a mere number.

Upon release, the short film immediately captured the audience for its realistic acting and smartly taken cinematography.

The album was a hit upon release, though merely a precursor to Cosby's future popularity and album success on the Warner Bros.

The only game the company produced since Too Human was X-Men:Destiny for Activision, a game that was an immediate critical and commercial flop upon release.

In 2% of cases release by is used

Maybe by actor, maybe by release year.

Why, I've been vastly amused even just by release 15.

In 2% of cases release from is used

Part 3 of the RTI Act lists the grounds under which information may be exempt from release.

A decision to invoke any of the foregoing exemptions must have regard to the content of the record involved and identify the damage which would flow from release.

In 2% of cases release with is used

He is sentenced to 15 years in federal prison, with release scheduled in 2011.

With releases on the likes of Ai Records, Semantica and AC Records, Emile Facey is a seasoned musician.

Until now the sales of Android based Tablets has been sketchy to say the least but with releases of fantastic products like the Nexus series, Android can only get stronger.

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