Prepositions used with "purpose"

"for purpose", "of purpose" or "on purpose"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases purpose for is used
    It ’ s being sold, unfit for purpose.
    As for purpose and vacuum, don't overthink it.
    It has been found to be ' fit for purpose ' i.
    But if someone had to decide whether the hospital was fit for purpose -- the future.
    That said, I think most of us who are struggling do SEEM to be searching for purpose.
    In favour of assessee Interest income for purposes of computing eligible income u/s.
    For purposes of collecting data in the United States, race and ethnicity are cultural concepts and social constructs.
    Advocates, when they visited there on different days from different sites for purposes of recording their statements.
    Factual background of the controversy, filtering out unnecessary details needs to be summarized for purpose of clarity.
    In either of these cases, the border or padding is taken to be zero for purposes of the stacking constraint definitions.

    In 25% of cases purpose of is used
    They have a higher sense of purpose.
    It uses it for all kinds of purposes.
    The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
    Yet modern researchers suggest that having a sense of purpose is crucial to healthy development.
    Manufacturers produce an extremely wide variety of bras today that serve a variety of purposes.
    The termination code of a child process may be used for a variety of purposes by the parent process.
    This is quite a place - moving for sure - but it also has a vibrancy of purpose which doesn't so much surprise as delight.
    Getting up and going to work in the morning gives me a real sense of purpose, and the best thing is my family are all proud of me.
    He would have believed that moral conviction with tenacity of purpose and the will to see it through was the right course to chart.

    In 24% of cases purpose on is used
    Its almost like its on purpose.
    I think he did this on purpose.
    Vomiting on purpose without necessity.
    I think it was designed like this on purpose for aesthetic reasons not practical ones.
    Sometimes she almost seemed like she scared off men and potential husbands on purpose.
    Pitch 1 and 2 were both away, and he gets a pitch up and away and goes oppo on purpose.
    American Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie on purpose misled Saddam Hussein, and sort of, gave him the green signal.
    It's like they're doing it on purpose, trying deliberately to be misunderstood, like a hipster in a private school.
    Potatoes do GREAT here in Alaska! I'll be harvesting the spuds that I planted on purpose in about another month or so.
    It was the moistest turkey we've ever had! I will cook my turkey upside down again this year - on purpose! brooke Nov.

    In 4% of cases purpose with is used
    And to do so with purpose and consistency.
    I have made a personal promise to live with purpose.
    America needs to be dismantled and reassembled with purpose.
    You will be motivated because your inner drive will guide you to do something with purpose.
    All credit to Pakistan who played well as a team and played with purpose and a sporting spirit.
    He fired his pistol into the air a few times, dismounted, and strode to the podium with purpose.
    She set off in July for a indefinite period of travel and aims to encourage others to travel differently and with purpose.
    Brad Evans was the creator haven driven up the field with purpose sending defenders on their back heels before finding Montero.
    By reversing deforestation, Plant With purpose helps the poor to restore productivity to their land to create economic opportunity out of environmental restoration.
    What unites our customers is an almost zealotry belief that network monitoring at speeds in excess of 2Gbps is a problem that can ONLY be solved with purpose built hardware.

    In 3% of cases purpose without is used
    But these actions aren't without purpose.
    Someone without purpose won't get out of bed.
    She was soon close at his heels, for Clare walked slowly and without purpose.
    There's no escaping reason, no denying purpose -- because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist.
    He's saying that the fault lies at the extremes (statements without form; form without purpose) - &; he calls it lazy reviewing.
    Without purpose most of us just go through life without knowing what really makes us happy and what might lead to a fulfilling life.
    For weeks, terror had reigned, no one knowing exactly how safe they were as royals were deposed left and right, swaths of territory was burned, and rages without purpose were exacted upon the land.
    This means that even if I wanted to choose a different subject to teach, it would be without purpose, because the only teaching jobs that appear to be in demand are mainly math and science teachers.

    In 2% of cases purpose in is used
    Never divided in purpose or will.
    And yet, there was a clear difference in purpose and culture.
    The Father, Chirst, and the Holy Ghost are One in purpose, not One in Body.
    May be one, even as we are one - Not in nature, or in the mode of existence - for this was not the subject of discourse, and would be impossible - but in feeling, in principle, in purpose.
    We felt like celebrities! *LOL* Holiday Inn Resort at Kandooma Maldives After that, we're led to the resort reception area where we were given a table each to fill up the forms for check in purposes.

    In 1% of cases purpose to is used
    CALAS/ACSAL will ensure that consent for personal information use is applied only to purposes agreed to initially by the individual.

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