Prepositions used with "promotion"

"for promotion" or "of promotion"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases promotion for is used

I recently went (unsuccessfully) for promotion.

This includes material for promotion, marketing and sales.

Following being passed over for promotion several times, Mr.

In the long term it will be useless for promotion into senior jobs or into management.

Allen, who reportedly maintains that he did nothing wrong, is up for promotion to head of U.

There are well-thought-out rules and regulations for promotion and evaluation based on results.

Leadership and initiative Staying invisible is why many immigrants are overlooked when it comes time for promotions.

Although you may don't look at the newspaper, the Saturday paper is really a wise investment for promotion purchasers.

A technique for promotion that used to be the new thing in marketing is internet marketing advertising through banner ads.

In 26% of cases promotion of is used

Maybe you have to fine-tune your methods of promotion in each website.

After lots of promotion of his video on YouTube, Blogs and Social Media.

I have spoken enough and plenty of promotion for my blog has taken place by now.

That perception can often lead to a quicker progression up the ladder of promotion.

It takes a lot of promotion to convince people to select one me-too drug over another.

Throughout the tenure, they had been deprived either of promotions or better postings.

Otherisation allows one community to work on its agenda of promotion of its culture, values and opinions on another.

Today it is really hard for an artist to get that kind of promotion, that? s why we are not hearing a lot of them today.

Long may Sven stay with the Foxes as his input in weeks has brought a real possibility of promotion to Leicester which was.

Many brands think that they need to do #1, when in reality they can do a much better job of promotion by focusing on the consumer.

In 9% of cases promotion on is used

On promotion from Lieutenant, officers were appointed to a small ship eg.

At best, you'll get a grunt job and stay a grunt as you're passed over on promotions.

It was common sense, really, but I didn't do it because I don't spend money on promotion.

The so-called war on cancer is largely a war on promotion and sale of carcinogenic tobacco products.

If you can, spend some time and money on promotion in China so that people know your product is out there.

Superseded several times, he was transferred to Chittagong Railway Police on promotion, then to the PHQ and then Chittagong RRF.

In 9% of cases promotion to is used

After all, poker faces lead to promotions.

It then became the most junior commissioned rank and the only route to promotion to Lieutenant.

Careful management of these agencies is essential to provide an integrated marketing approach to promotion.

The new coach Pierpaolo Bisoni earned his spurs at Cesena last season as he guided the unfancied side to promotion.

Publishing is critical in securing scientific credit and is vital to promotion, future funding, and historical recognition.

The 2011-12 season was sometimes a challenge; West Ham hardly breezed to promotion, but eventually did enough to finish third in the Championship and go up via the play-offs.

He bounced from promotion to promotion picking up fights, and at the time he never imagined the path that he would one day walk that would turn into the proverbial golden brick road.

In 8% of cases promotion in is used

Another college teacher, Yasmeen Bukhari, said that due to delay in promotions anxiety was mounting among the teachers ' community.

She later became the first Editor of the MMM monthly magazine and remained very involved in promotion work for MMM until her old age.

It's a lovely novel but without a hefty publicity budget to buy space in promotions or advertising it was dependent on word-of-mouth to build awareness.

Part of the problem lies in promotion -- the ability of those in key posts to suss out places beyond the obvious and bring it to the notice of the wider public.

I think that in promotion and hiring decisions it is also that ranking by journal relieves the committee members of actually needing to read, understand and judge the papers.

In 4% of cases promotion than is used

Our public relations should be guided by the principle of attraction rather than promotion.

Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.

In 4% of cases promotion with is used

If you need help with promotion, tell them.

Assistance with Promotion -- getting more customers.

We hope that our assistance with promotion, collection and storage may relieve the parishes of this burden.

He's consistently hammering me about leaving money on the table because I'd not more aggressive with promotions.

Product Description From Amazon In the working world, top performers are regularly rewarded with promotions to management--whether they are prepared for the advancement or not.

In 2% of cases promotion about is used

I look forward to further blogs you will be posting about promotions.

These sites allow you to stay in constant touch with your customers, and allow an easy way to contact them to let them know about promotions or updates.

In 1% of cases promotion By is used

Largely because said clubs have been crippled by promotion and relegation in the past.

By promotion of the iPad app we mean sending its announce to editors of popular news sites that write about iPad apps and owners of most popular blogs who write about iPad apps.

In 1% of cases promotion through is used

Its mission is to advance equality, promote equality of opportunity, encourage good relations and challenge discrimination through promotion, advice and enforcement.

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