Prepositions used with "completion"

for, on, of, to or upon completion?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases completion for is used

Duration of time flexible for completion.

The development is scheduled for completion in 2014.

The project is due for completion by the end of 2014.

The arena scheduled for completion in the fall of 2010.

Andricgrad, as it will be known, is due for completion in 2014.

The drive for completion raises self-affinity and reduces non-smoothness.

The report by Ernst &; Young was originally due for completion in mid 2012.

In fact targeted for completion in a one or two years is Waterway Point, Singapore first suburban waterfront mall.

Block transfer credit may also be granted for completion of a minimum of two semesters in a certificate or diploma program.

What makes a college minor different from a college major is that the number of courses required for completion is significantly less.

In 17% of cases completion on is used

The security is refundable on completion of the contract work.

The final 25% payment is to be made on completion of the website.

On completion, he was transferred to the PHQ and then to the Staff College.

On completion, every student receives the CPSA Academy Discover Clay Target Shooting Diploma.

The key objectives for the additional work must be clearly specified, and evaluated on completion.

The reason for this is thought to be due to funds only being paid out on completion of the projects.

On completion of refueling, therefore, Task Force 77 headed for Sasebo where it arrived on the morning of the 24th.

On completion, there will be approximately 5,000 students and staff and their families living at North West Cambridge.

Follow the sign up process through providing your payment details and on completion, you'll have upgraded to a subscriber.

On completion of college, she relocated to Atlanta where she spent her week days working and her weekends competing in triathlons.

In 15% of cases completion of is used

Phil Degree are on the verge of completion of Ph.

It gives them a feeling of completion and a sense of rejuvenation.

Linden demonstrates printing out a certificate of completion on his home printer.

Management stressed the importance of completion of 40 hours of training for all officers.

It has been a long, hard race, but I wasn't sure he was enjoying the victory of completion.

Thus, after 10 years of completion of the service, the employee can not withdraw from his EPS.

As seen in this May 2011 photo, some buildings have been finished but others in the city are in varying stages of completion.

CPE/PgDL provides certificates of completion of the Academic Stage to candidates who wants to get enrolled at the Vocational Stage (i.

I like to use a little form I put together that identifies the item to be fixed or finished, the responsible party and the date of completion.

At a given level of completion, the unit occurrence has a mix of self-affinity and non-smoothness which corresponds to a degree of disintegration.

In 15% of cases completion to is used

This has now been brought to completion.

I need to choose one project and see it through to completion.

I didn't necessarily think things through to completion, though.

We have the ability to mentally construct a happening, and see it through to completion.

Now the deadline for 2 years is approaching and the villa is no where near to completion.

There are so many things for them to get interested in, but none of them leads to completion.

Collection of Hadith: Fifth Stage: The work of the collection of Hadith was brought to completion in the third century of Hijrah.

During that war its northward extension, from Seoul to Sinuiju on the Yalu River, was rushed to completion for strategic purposes.

If you are not granted permission to audit, you can choose to continue, or you may withdraw prior to completion of 75% of the course.

Such was the surviving Beatles? faith in the team that they had allowed the project to run to completion with no intervention at all.

In 14% of cases completion upon is used

In general, upon completion of an examination, all such.

Upon completion, it was dubbed the handsomest building in Kingston.

Your finalized placement details are forwarded to you upon completion.

Upon completion, we will proceed to send you an account closure confirmation via email.

Upon completion, students will be eligible for New York State licensure as psychologists.

Upon completion of terminal 2, the port had to decide which services to move to terminal 2.

Upon completion of the project, 69 parents and 71 children from 47 families were interviewed, each individually.

Upon completion of the carving, the walls of the pumpkin cavity were approximately three quarters of an inch thick.

Do you send a report after completion? Yes, a full report of the work will be sent to your email address upon completion.

The new website for the UN internal justice system is under development and will replace the temporary website upon completion.

In 12% of cases completion after is used

Patients were assessed 6 months after study entry (3 months after completion of the antibiotic regimens) 288.

He builds simple 8-by-8-foot sheds in exchange for free rent in them for three to six months after completion.

When a quotation comprises several sentences, the end quotation mark comes after completion of the last sentence, i.

Shortly after completion, the right of way was blocked by an adjoining owner, and was not in fact a right of way at all.

Do you send a report after completion? Yes, a full report of the work will be sent to your email address upon completion.

This worked for me and is why, several months after completion, I still have a good relationship with supervisor number two.

In Scotland, diploma in legal practice is offered for students intending to be solicitors and advocates after completion of LLB degree.

Type2: Removing tools, parts, and so forth after completion of the last batch; mounting tools, parts, and so forth prior to the next batch.

Three booster-training sessions were offered to 60% of the initial training sample six months after completion of the first 24 sessions of CogTr.

Following the London University rule, the British government introduced a system of entrance examination after completion of the high school education.

In 4% of cases completion With is used

The call succeeds with completion code MQCCWARNING.

The call succeeds with completion code MQCCWARNING in this case.

With completion of flight operations the Striking Force retired southward.

With completion of the planning phase, a stage in the operation had ended.

CELT candidates can add this qualification to their certification with completion of the Cambridge TKT KAL examination.

If the current call does not specify MQPMOLOGICALORDER, but the previous MQPUT call for the queue handle did, the call succeeds with completion code MQCCWARNING.

If the current call does not specify MQGMOLOGICALORDER, but the previous MQGET call for the queue handle did, the call succeeds with completion code MQCCWARNING.

But the approach of Typhoon Grace forced postponement, and with completion of flight operations on the 19th all ships set Typhoon Condition One and prepared for the worst in the way of weather.

In 2% of cases completion before is used

About 30 mins before completion baste both sides of the ribs with the sauce, turning once during this time.

In 2% of cases completion in is used

So, many of us will take help on referring to journals and present the article in completion.

He finished the game with career highs in completions (27 ), passing yards (377) and total touchdowns (six).

In 1% of cases completion by is used

You will be responsible for the payment of the purchase price in effect at the time the purchase of an item is actually made by completion of the check out process.

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