Prepositions used with "review"

for, of, under, in or to review?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases review for is used

I received this book for free for review.

Images could be frozen and stored for review.

Reviewers pitch ideas for reviews to editors.

So you get a little bit of the show's magic at every turn, to our monitors for review.

If a company sends us a product for review, it will be clearly mentioned below the post.

I send it to the client for review, changes and additions, and then off to the contractor.

I'd mulling over whether I have the courage to submit ' The Secret Lake ' for review This was really excellent guidance.

He may be lacking in confidence, think a comment is inappropriate, you may click to report it to our monitors for review.

A solitary missed payment from over a year think a comment is inappropriate, you may click to report it to our monitors for review.

I'd actually hoped when I started sending my books out for review that I would finally get some useful feedback but I really didn't.

In 22% of cases review of is used

It is certainly not the only house of review.

Search the online retailers and read plenty of reviews.

I've read a couple of reviews but still cant make up my mind.

Fifty-one per cent of reviews collected on the Rotten Tomatoes website were positive.

Why did these decisions diverge? First, the selection of the standard of review is key.

Today, we are a team of 18, offering our readers a steady stream of reviews each month.

There is a strong suggestion that part of the formula involves flagging of reviews that come from the same IP address.

But since a lot of style bloggers participate in this type of review, I wonder how many other companies will follow the J.

The review section of the website presents an archive of review highlights from trusted travel giants TripAdvisor and Booking.

In 17% of cases review under is used

Automatically it will be under review.

But the government will keep this under review.

The deficit rainfall of the year under review (see 1.

The list will be kept under review, and additions or deletions made as appropriate.

Sentencing powers will be kept under review to ensure that the courts have the powers they need.

A1 -- Internal auditors should conduct a preliminary assessment of the risks relevant to the activity under review.

Our penchant for bubble-wrapping children to keep them safe from even the tiniest risk is also coming under review.

Also the carrying out of the project under review may preempt the carrying out of another project and this should be clearly stated.

In 10% of cases review in is used

The huge difference in reviews often has to do with the durability of each canopy.

Apps that offer a bad user experience can get a real kicking in reviews, which deters further downloads.

In review the reverse mortgage does not affect non-means-tested government benefits programs such as Medicare.

When we released this new record, we went from being D- students in high school to being Honor Roll in reviews.

If someone types in reviews from a mobile device while they're in a store, that online-only brand could capture their business.

The obsession with plot revelations in reviews is just the most conspicuous manifestation of contemporary hyper- fandom in action.

Actually taking into account what people have to say in reviews can help you make the right choice in terms of customer service and professionalism.

If the idea of?? a social best network marketing books based Like, in Review, Check-in and s may be somewhat earlier, we must not that it prevents you discover GetGlue.

Hamilcar, seeing all these obstacles, after passing in review every means and every chance of surmounting this difficulty about a passage, thought of the following plan.

In 9% of cases review to is used

I'd not sure I want to be able to publicly reply to reviews.

The commission's decisions are subject to review by the supreme court.

Who is chosen to review books is at the sole discretion of the publication.

And not just to review, but to review very specific books their editors wish to feature.

Covers topics from gamebook writing to reviews and information on other gamebook series.

You'd also be able to annotate your library entries, link to reviews, and for those that want.

The Tribunal has jurisdiction to review decisions made under more than 400 Commonwealth Acts and legislative instruments.

Brown has not been charged with any violation of the law, but the local district attorney is expected to review the case.

But just as the date was settled, the objective became uncertain and the entire concept of the operation became subject to review.

In 5% of cases review on is used

By Tuesday morning, Rotten Tomatoes had suspended all comments on reviews of.

You can then hit ' Delete ' instead if a comment appears, on review, ill-advised.

Read on reviews about them and it'll be more apparent which is the better choice for you.

If you don't rely on reviews, you may not like the home once you move in and get settled.

Are you able to run ratings to assess viewership, or do you rely on reviews or critiques? All of that.

Even when those policy changes were ripped up on review, ACC has continued to stop people getting the help they needs -- just 3.

Next week some big things will be starting, a lot of behind the scenes work, a huge drive to get caught up on reviews, and a major redesign and refocus, reviews.

As a company that bases a good portion of our value on review legitimacy, we thought we'd take the idea to the development floor of sweetiQ and get some ideas from our data experts.

In 4% of cases review with is used

Elif Batuman is doing very cool things with reviews, though not of poetry.

There are many forums and chat rooms all over the Internet with reviews and opinions on all travel companies.

Reviewing the Best Paid VPN Providers The problem with reviews is that most of them are done by the VPN providers themselves.

Bioware's epic was tipped take the top spot but with reviews luke-warm, it seems the Irish are much more interested in what Nintendo have to offer.

Now, they will remain in detention until their refugee claims are decided, with reviews after the first two weeks and then every six months thereafter.

As a result of these lessons, it has become highly recommended practice to estimate and include decommissioning costs from the point of project inception, with review onward.

The annual plan identifies known work of the Office of the Auditor General and other central agencies with review mandates and places it in the context of the internal audit effort.

The 2-tronic gearbox is acceptable, I find it very smooth on roads over 50mph and I can not agree with reviews that it does not pick up quickly, one just has to drive a little more relaxed.

In 1% of cases review by is used

If this article is nonsense, how did the work get by reviews by Prof.

Instead of being satisfied by reviews saying that the work was well done and clearly presented, they are dis- appointed by the impact factor of the jour- nal in which it eventually is published.

In 1% of cases review Upon is used

Upon review, I noticed they have very tall and skinny pine trees with very full tops.

Agencies must prioritize the review of records based upon the degree of researcher interest and the likelihood of declassification upon review.

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