Prepositions used with "senate"

for, of, In, with or to senate?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases senate for is used

Not because my vote for Senate will count 1/50 as much as an Alaskan.

The question now is whether he runs for Senate -- possibly in a primary against the not-so-popular Sen.

They are campaign veterans, on the trail stumping for their father since he first ran for Senate 18 years ago.

And though some voted for Democrat Elizabeth Warren for Senate, who won, and others did n't, they all agreed that outgoing Sen.

Predictably, both Republican and Democratic candidates for senate, governor, and other offices are scrambling to use the crisis to their advantage in the elections.

In 23% of cases senate of is used

Approved, Approved, This Act which is a consolidtion of Senate Bill No.

In 1950 he became Speaker of the House and in1962 he was President of Senate.

In 2006, the top spenders won 94 percent of House races and 73 percent of Senate races.

In this country of our death, the president of senate earns more than the president of almighty America.

And in 2004, 98 percent of House seats went to candidates who spent the most, as did 88 percent of Senate seats.

The center found that in 2008, the biggest spenders won 93 percent of House races and 86 percent of Senate races.

The purpose of Senates is for older, richer, whiter, maler people to have a special chamber that gives them a veto over government.

The UNA, on the other hand has this list: Senator Gregorio Honasan; Representatives JV Ejercito, Estrada's son, Jackie Ponce Enrile, the son of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile; Rep.

In 17% of cases senate In is used

Alice Johnson in Senate District 37 also returned as a former legislator.

Two-time loser in Senate races, and so outside the system that he wasn't even listed in the top 10 Republican presidential candidates in some newspapers in 1860.

Until now, any poll taken within 30 days of the last poll for a given race would be included up to the maximum allowed (6 in state presidential races; 5 in Senate and gubernatorial races).

In 10% of cases senate with is used

Really, that's the deal now with Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez.

Density is a tool that cities use to comply with Senate bill 100 that the Oregon Legislature and Gov.

There shall be no registration after two weeks from the beginning of teaching unless otherwise approved by College Academic Committee in consultation with Senate.

In 9% of cases senate to is used

I'll support him, but my $$ are gong elsewhere to senate and congressional candidates.

Proformas for these proposals are published in the Pocket Guide to Senate Procedure or online.

Go to Senate web site, and find that speech Mitch gave, now that's funny, I don't care who you are.

A longtime aide to Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus -- she played a key role in shaping the health law in 2009 -- she's also worked on implementation at HHS.

The procedure, which is set out in Resolution 5, does not apply to Senate committees which are governed by other procedures for dealing with evidence that adversely reflects on another person.

In 6% of cases senate by is used

Even more interesting, scroll to the bottom of the Dem totals and look at them by Senate district and comare the percentage change between early voting and day of voting.

Senate Democrats pushed ahead with their own plan, but sought to attract bipartisan support by adding some elements of a proposal offered by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

In 6% of cases senate from is used

The conference broke off from the Democratic caucus in 2011, and its members received committee chairmanships from Senate Republicans.

In 3% of cases senate on is used

New York State Senate Learn about your state representatives and keep up to date on senate activities and operations.

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