Prepositions used with "kid"

"for kid", "of kid" or "with kid"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases kid for is used

It's not all bad news for kids.

Birthday presents are for kids.

They are buying things for kids.

Balance On Water Outdoor Water Games Activities for Kids It's good for little children.

It is a family-friendly location with lots of grass areas to park and for kids to play.

This amount of screen time makes it really hard for kids to have an active healthy life.

The big advantage of Beanies is that it's a cafe first, so has quite an extensive menu and a lot of options for kids.

Jumpin'Jacks is a multi activity play centre for Kids with seperate play areas for under 2 's, 2-5yrs and 5 - 12 yrs.

Just remember its four flights up! (This one's not for kids but a dinner at TLR -- The Living Room is good for adults.

In 22% of cases kid of is used

These bunch of kids are also funny.

It's the reason a lot of kids come here.

What if that gang of kids had beaten me up.

Hundreds of kids have died in State care in the last decade, over 400 have gone missing.

I don't want the next generation of kids to have lower life-expectancies than their parents.

ENRG is more than just a playcentre, its a place that brings the imagination of kids to life.

Is everyone familiar with The Magic School Bus? It's a series of kids books based on the adventures of the clever Mrs.

Bit of a stretch but at least it keeps open the possibility of just deporting the immigrant parents of kids born here.

I was pregnant with our second and the doc said not to worry because a lot of kids revert back after a new sibling comes.

Few get that chance earlier than others, because of their endless desire to explore and luck support those kinds of kids.

In 21% of cases kid with is used

Read more in what to do with kids.

You are a married couple with kids let it be.

They are super great with kids and other small pets.

I know he's married with kids but we don't talk about his family and I don't even ask.

Her two adult kids are also divorced, each with kids of their own and estranged spouses.

One of the many good places to go if you're looking for things to do with kids in Manchester.

It's truly a quality experience, especially if you're travelling with kids, or an overgrown child like I am told I am.

However, when you travel with kids it's a good idea to have a holiday plan and know what to expect at your destination.

Then again in 95/96 we got beat at Villa on the opening, spawning the infamous ' You'll never win anything with kids, ' line.

In my social circle, I have recently met a surprising number of men with kids who who came out in their 50's and are now divorced.

In 9% of cases kid to is used

For example, we never sell tobacco to kids.

I think the educational apps it is useful to Kids.

It got me thinking about what happened to kids these days.

This particular situation will not happen to kids of a guy who lived overseas for years.

Question: Is it harder for a single parent to talk to kids about sex? Answer: Yes and no.

Thanks so much to Kids in the Capital for giving me and my girls this incredible opportunity.

Plus it makes you think of the classic notion of how CGI cartoons are probably going to appeal to kids more and all that.

My point with regard to being a parent is that it's hard to see what society does to kids these days unless you have kids.

I too spend time thinking back to when I was a child and how we did without the technology that is available to kids today.

This curriculum is based on 5 years of Connie's experience, bringing the wonders of cosmic science to kids in a variety of settings.

In 3% of cases kid in is used

In Kid's church, we point your kids to Jesus.

Or some people just aren't interested in kids.

Disc chartered buses and shipped in kids for the show.

I would definitely continue to shop in kids department,.

These online photos make a very good impression in kids ' minds.

Be watchful wonderful be updated with the latest in kid's fashion.

Hitting, just like in kids, is not very effective in making cats realize what deed is wrong.

Another reason for this downfall in kids ' interests in acting on television or even movies is the lack of appropriate role models.

Usually sarcasm is learned and modeled by adults, and so part of the response to sarcasm in kids is for the adults to speak differently.

It got me thinking about obesity in kids when i read Brians post, and im no researcher but it probably does have a lot to do with more tv/video games/comps and less sports etc.

In 2% of cases kid about is used

Don't worry about kids out of school, etc.

Keep talk about kids and bills off the table.

So, let's talk about kids and the impact of divorce.

Whenever well-meaning friends bug me about kids, I remind them of my engagement ring story.

At the moment they are talking about kids being abused and parents pimping out their children.

When we talk about kids who are complete losers, we mean kids whose parents can't or won't give them the guidance they need.

Let me note, too, that I'd not talking about kids with allergies or sensory issues or other serious conditions that make feeding truly difficult.

But what about kids going around back streets and to the shops? Awareness, of the motor industries propaganda swaying opinion might be useful; http: //goo.

Zena, in regard to your posts about kids and cats -- my middle son, when he was about 3, began crying one day right out of the blue -- really crying, sobbing and hiccuping.

In 2% of cases kid by is used

The phone is favored by kids and young adults.

Sometimes simply walking by kids will keep them focused.

Elena's dress looked like it was made by kids in summer camp.

Much better, entertaining hockey by kids who come to play every game.

Seuss is a good story for kids and could be utilized by kids above age 2 ½.

My wife is Italian and she was called all sorts of names by kids when she was at school.

If the empty space under your kids ' bed is beckoning you then you can create trundle drawers which can be easily used by kids.

I'd thankful that when a bus monitor gets harassed by kids and it gets caught on video, the Internet clubs together to shame the bullies and give her a $500,000 vacation.

In 2% of cases kid like is used

The floors look like kids never trod on them.

We feel like kids again and I'd itching to decorate.

If I never had my daughter, I might have always thought that I loved my dogs like kids.

Like kids who want immediate answers for late school projects, I sympathise, but can't oblige.

He really reminds me of a teenager walking around looking for trouble to start, Just like kids do.

What that means is we've had a twenty year journey but at the end of the day, we have had to think like kids.

There are lots of people who love to haggle -- they grin like kids during negotiations, and there's no harm, no foul if they lose.

The articles written for men? They talk down to us like kids, as if we couldn't possibly change a diaper or raise a child without serious help.

Sandy Tash, you are so right!! My son has had several pitbulls too, and each of them from pup, it's all in the way they are raised, much like kids.

You (people with dogs who think they are like your kids) are ALWAYS TRYING to convince yourself and everyone around you that your dogs are like kids.

In 2% of cases kid on is used

Just that 13 is quite sentient, the outside influences on kids now are frightening.

Now the cowards going by the name of terrorists have turned their evil grenades on kids.

Giving tax breaks to people without kids and placing a tax on kids is a great way to start.

Just an FYI: That note on the TLC website -- about teachers commenting on kids ' snacks -- was added today.

Continuously beating up on kids who are 57 overall that just bought the game and threw 6 people together means nothing.

Reach of niche special interest and vernacular channel OKTO, which focuses on kids and lifestyle/arts related programming, declined marginally to 16.

Up to four adults and four kids can travel on one railcard and it costs 28 for one year or 65 for three years -- it saves you 1/3 on adult fares and 60% on kid's fares.

Some of the expenses incurred by couples like the Joneses may seem lavish -- such as $5,000 on a housecleaner, a $1,200 annual dry cleaning tab and $4,000 on kids ' activities.

In 1% of cases kid from is used

I think we can learn a lot from kids when it comes to things like this.

It turns out they're getting much of their material straight from kids ' online accounts.

Kevlar, the real trouble comes from kids who are terribly disruptive and have real trouble with social settings.

This is the dude who received hate mail from kids after declaring a reclassification of planets, helped Superman locate Krypton, and.

We have so much to choose from ranging from kids wall stickers to baby gifts &; beautiful children's clothing for every day wear and also for that special occasion.

We adults can also have a good Halloween party after all it is just a party with some key ingredients which are different from kid's party but one ingredient will always remain same.

And on another side note, the kids are actually models from Kids Planet also known as Korea's first entertainment management company that is only for kids between the ages of 4 and 13 year old kids.

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