Prepositions used with "examination"

"for examination" or "of examination"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 29% of cases examination for is used
    All information so submitted for examination shall be confidential.
    He then asked permission to leave the book with me for examination.
    The matter is ongoing and is due in for examination on 7th December.
    Biopsy -- a sample of suspect tissue is removed for examination in a laboratory.
    You must submit for examination twenty valuation reports and the appropriate fee.
    Do not wash or discard underwear or outerwear, as these will be needed for examination.
    THE METHOD: Ask your spectator for either two 1p coins or two 2p coins, hand them out for examination if you wish.
    In the seas around the island, he captured some small, unidentified fish and sent them to the British Museum for examination.
    Also up for examination will be the ten years of the Court's operation as well as discussions on the relationship between the EACJ and National Courts.
    He received it on 15th Oct sic and submitted it for examination eventually to Dr Openshaw curator of London Hospital Museum who pronounced it to be a human kidney.

    In 25% of cases examination of is used
    There are three types of examination, namely, 1.
    In one year, there were 36 hours of examinations.
    Where this group originates is worthy of examination.
    She was rushed to hospital where a range of examinations was completed.
    There are three types of examination, namely, MCQ, written and viva voce.
    Personal data of candidates are used for delivery of examination services.
    The ICSI provides for Rail and Air concessions to students traveling for the purpose of examination.
    Anything may be copied for the purposes of examination, which includes setting examination questions.
    If therefore the governors would fix the day of examination as soon as they conveniently can, they would confer on me a real favour.

    In 11% of cases examination on is used
    On examination the muscle power of the left arm was 3/5 and she was unable to move the arm because of pain.
    On examination after 48-72 hours a positive reaction is indicated by erythema and in duration of > 10 mm size.
    For true RE learning to take place we need to radically rethink the way we examine the subject, putting flexibility at its heart, or at least reconsider the value we place on examination results.

    In 9% of cases examination to is used
    To establish the facts surrounding child abuse here, every corner of our society must be open to examination.
    Inside one full year, the average expense of contact lenses is absolutely not like expenditures with regard to examinations and communicate with solution.
    It must, however, be admitted that most of the collectors of Hadith paid more attention to examination of narrators than to the other critical tests, and I think that they were justified in this.

    In 7% of cases examination in is used
    See below for use in examinations by staff or students.
    Another indictment of the sorry state of Indian education was the view held by students that cheating in examinations is their traditional right.
    It ensures that course and exam fees are paid for by the training organisation and that trainee success in examinations are reflected in their salaries.

    In 7% of cases examination upon is used
    Not to worry: upon examination it's just as bad as it seems like it would be.
    An anonymous information was laid before me containing a charge against several persons, who upon examination denied they were Christians, or had ever been so.
    And if that were not bad enough for the official story, there is no good evidence that these men were even on the planes -- all the evidence for this claim falls apart upon examination.

    In 4% of cases examination during is used
    This concession is not specifically related to travel during examination time and can be.
    She received support from her husband and family, as well as her colleagues who offered to share her workload during examinations.
    Also, students can benefit from libraries because with power outages at their peak during examinations, they can study there instead of waiting for electricity to come back.

    In 3% of cases examination under is used
    Under examination systems all patent applications are scrutinised and tested against the country's patentability criteria.
    These explanations are considered by the Committee in conjunction with the regulation or ordinance under examination, and have been found helpful.

    In 2% of cases examination without is used
    Accordingly, a better approach is to regard state practice as including statements by states in which arguments are made without examination as to whether claims have ever been enforced.

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