Prepositions used with "enforcement"

"for enforcement" or "of enforcement"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases enforcement for is used

Moreover, they have nothing to do with the need for enforcement.

The case for enforcement of boycotts against the US and Israel is 100% solid.

Responsibility for enforcement of these standards rests with the local authorities.

Workers may resort to legal action for enforcement of the law's provisions, but few cases were pursued legally.

The very industries it targets for enforcement are so dependent on migrant labor they would collapse without it.

Under the Agreement, the procedures for enforcement of a Mainland award before 1 July 1997 is basically preserved.

In our experience, application for enforcement of Mainland awards is simple and will normally be approved by the Court in about two weeks.

We understand from our clients that their pending applications for enforcement of Hong Kong Award were approved shortly after the issue of the notice.

If a complaint is upheld at the hearing, the Commission will make a determination, though the matter may have to be pursued in the Federal Court for enforcement.

In 30% of cases enforcement of is used

You'd need some method of enforcement, though.

It appears to be less clear in respect of its system of enforcement.

The problem lies not so much with regulation but lack of enforcement.

MOFCOM has gained a lot of enforcement experience as an authority over the last four years.

What kind of enforcement officers can use this power? All categories who have search powers to access computer data, not only police.

Dickson Akatsa, head of enforcement has also taken huge sums of money from Elizabeth Owusu's mother under the pretext of helping her out.

Since 1 July 1997 when sovereignty of Hong Kong returned to China, Hong Kong awards have become domestic awards for the purposes of enforcement within China.

And indeed insolvency industry sources in Northern Ireland have suggested that there is an avalanche of enforcement action coming down the mountain from Dublin.

In 12% of cases enforcement to is used

If the money is not paid the case moves to enforcement.

On occasion, your evidence in court will be required to ensure a successful outcome to enforcement action.

This includes the interests related to enforcement of immigration laws and the existence and effectiveness of extradition agreements and procedures.

The above gives parties subjected to enforcement various opportunities for hiding or transferring their property as the procedure is quite protracted.

The implicit assumption is that measures based on laws on the books are a reasonably good proxy for actual enforcement of laws and so an explicit reference to enforcement is not required.

As CEO &; Comptroller General, Ian is the government's principal civil service policy advisor on all aspects of intellectual property, from international negotiations to enforcement issues.

Compulsory enforcement can only be carried out if the party subjected to enforcement has still failed to comply with the judgement after the additional time period granted in the enforcement notice.

In 6% of cases enforcement on is used

This came from experts like DM Dansereau and DFO and DOE Ottawa ' experts ' on enforcement.

Marriott feels that there are other bigger issues such as the drug market where time and resources can be spent on enforcement.

Is there any reason to think this is a plausible assumption? A handful of studies that focus on enforcement suggest the answer is no.

In 5% of cases enforcement by is used

Monitoring and evaluation As noted above, compliance with the ban will be monitored by enforcement officers employed by the local authorities.

In 5% of cases enforcement in is used

The regulations relate to a complex new EU directive allowing countries wide discretion in enforcement.

The basic principle that only parties which are subject to an arbitration agreement are bound by its terms will apply in enforcement proceedings in Hong Kong.

In 2% of cases enforcement at is used

Looking at enforcement Hart found little evidence in favour of the idea that morality is best taught fearing punishment by law.

In 2% of cases enforcement with is used

An Australian government scheme that replaces the current cooperative scheme with enforcement under Commonwealth law.

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