Prepositions used with "period"

for, during, in, of or with period?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases period for is used

We might even have given up for periods of time.

It can last for periods of anywhere from a day to around a week.

Anything over 10,000 feet would have required oxygen for periods of more than 30 mins.

Disability benefit This is paid for periods when an employee is unfit for work due to illness.

Volunteers from all over the world visit the ministry house for periods of one week to three months.

Vogel and her director, Tina Landau, have also found room for period songs and traditional Christmas carols.

In addition, Kindles have an audio function, so pupils can listen to the text for periods if they find it hard to concentrate.

The women, who had worked at nightclubs, karaoke bars and salons in the nearby area, were held for periods between two and 21 months.

The Erudite Scheme is meant to facilitate the visit of distinguished scholars and Noble Laurite for periods ranging from one to two weeks.

In 20% of cases period during is used

Most abuses occurred during periods of remand.

They've done so during periods of prosperity and tranquility.

Perhaps patience and trust during periods of trial and testing.

Keep it clean During periods, you should take extra precautions to keep your sensitive area clean.

A democracy really should not have official secrets of a civilian nature, especially during periods of peace.

I did take some additional college science classes, more for myself, during periods of time when I had a light load.

Especially during periods of political wrangling, civic groups and nonpartisan organizations turn to the CJ to grace their seminars and inductions.

Most of the breakthrough ideas that have come my way were accessed during period of strategic personal retreats when I was alone with God and myself.

It is exclusive during periods of peaky irresolution that exchange is made by the hurt traders and this requires timesaving sue that FAP Turbo offers.

Once established, continental polar ice caps act like huge cold sinks, taking over the climate and growing bigger during periods of reduced solar output.

In 15% of cases period in is used

Make sure they are quick and finish their work in period.

The job search process starts in Period 4 and continues till the end.

If your TATA policy was taken in 2007 then you might have crossed the lock-in period.

It is used in overtaking and crossing situations and in periods of reduced visibility.

You are not like other investors whose money is stuck in ULIP under lock in period etc etc.

In certain countries, wage increase are concentrated in periods during which they sharply rise.

The indicator will be most meaningful in periods, when a large proportion of the global economy develops into the same direction.

In period of mass unemployment, merely sitting on a cash pile is ethically questionable, shouldn't it be going to generate employment.

Once the amendments are passed there will be a phase in period, which will likely be two years, to allow food manufacturers to adapt to the changes.

They are commission based and all the fees are paid to them upfront which means the product will have a tied in period of say 5 to 8 years or the term of the product.

In 12% of cases period of is used

Last date of period was 27th May.

In terms of period when choosing a set in your kids, there are many decisions out there.

Music and life consist of periods of happiness (harmony) intermixed with sadness (dissonance).

A great deal of periods shops will give you incentives so that you can continue buying there hence they can provide points.

Both neuronal types became simultaneously depolarized and showed increased membrane potential fluctuations during similar lengths of periods.

At the end of Period 2, the people who have spent four months together will now split, as some of them move to Fontainebleau, and others stay in Singapore.

In 11% of cases period with is used

Looks like dry with periods of fog are the way to go.

Neglect can alternate with periods of authoritarian control.

Usually do this cleansing following your modify associated with periods.

If I have it right it will interpret a slope as a fluctuation that increses with period.

My view of the climate system may contain chaotic simplifications with periods greater than one year.

My view of the climate system may contain chaotic simplifications with periods greater than one year.

We see this where work periods of high intensity exercise are interspersed with periods of lower intensity exercise.

Times of activity succeed times of pralaya, and periods of registered contact alternate with periods of apparent silence.

So far, no star has been found with activity with periods matching planets outside of the sonic point: http: **35;5239;TOOLONG.

The periods of tremendous economic advance in Russia largely coincided with periods of crisis or stagnation in the capitalist West.

In 7% of cases period off is used

A 14-day cooling off period is also required.

You have a 10 business day cooling off period to reconsider the sale.

The person will fail to tell you about your legal rights, including rights to a cooling-off period.

The trader can not commence work, supply goods or request any payment during the cooling off period.

This means that during the cooling off period you can change your mind and cancel the agreement without penalty.

But please be aware the 3 day cooling off period starts from the time YOU sign the contract, not when the vendor does.

Either that, or make sure you book the pest and building inspections within your 3 day cooling off period - so you can cancel the contract regardless.

In 5% of cases period by is used

A composite ID is made up of pure IDs separated by periods.

Asoka's death in 232 BC was followed by period of gradual decline.

Periods of high intensity followed by periods of recovery repeated in cycles.

Others are characterized by periods of formal on-the-job training other than apprenticeship.

In both systems, striatal neuronal activity is characterized by depolarized periods separated by periods with no activity.

These conditions are not unprecedented, as growth has often occurred in uneven waves, with increases in demand sometimes punctuated by periods of contraction.

A1, Spontaneous activity in both neurons is characterized by correlated periods of depolarization that are interspersed by periods with very low visible activity (40 DIV).

In 4% of cases period through is used

Some nations were traditional enemies, and went through periods of war or peace.

Let me also confess that I have gone through periods in my life where bills were ' filed ' in a grocery bag hanging on the back of the bedroom door.

Funnily enough though, I also suffer with health anxiety and have gone through periods of crippling worry that I have cancerous moles/lumps in my breasts etc.

In 3% of cases period between is used

The length of silence, the distance between periods of silence, and the magnitude of silence all make an effect on the listener.

Work in waves: The human body is not a machine and we work best when we oscillate between periods of high concentration and rest.

You might have side effects like headaches, migraines, breast tenderness, acne, bleeding/spotting between periods, feeling sick or weight gain.

A sequence of events is considered bursty if the fraction of relevant events alternates between periods in which it is large and long periods in which is small.

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