Prepositions used with "dad"

"for dad" or "with dad"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 23% of cases dad for is used
    No time for dad and Mommy to sing me lullabies.
    Yup, it's time for dad to rototill the beautiful garden that fed so many of us this summer.
    Adjoining the rumpus room there is a 2nd bathroom and large workshop for dad to potter in or workout on the gym equipment.
    I've got 3 big coolers out in the garage I can go get ice for if I have to I took one with us, filled one for dad for luncheon meat and couple other things.
    I did it for dad, but John Toleman (Club Patron) had runners in the race - obviously wanted one of his boys to win - and served it up to me passing the Caravan Park.
    This situation is especially frustrating for dads, who are building their businesses part-time: the available time for this is really limited, especially when you also have a day job.

    In 23% of cases dad with is used
    That was something that I did with dad.
    She was my best friend (along with dad).
    It reminded me of my Karate days with dad.
    Netball was dad, and my brother kicking football with dad, and basketball.
    Then we would cart our order home, pulling with dad's hand on the shoulder.
    Jian Yun (speaking Mandarin Chinese ): Mom, from now on, wherever your home is with dad, will be my home.
    If you're desperate your baby will probably be quite fine with dad giving the occasional night-feed from a bottle while you catch some more sleep.
    Our children are young adults who missed life with dad at home, but our family stayed strong through the friends and allies I found over the decades.
    On the way there was a small pond across the street from Jamaica Pond called Ward's or the frog pond, which became a favorite fishing hole of Butch and mine with dad.
    While my little guy occasionally wanted to tee it up on the blue tees with dad, he quickly realized he didn't have to hit it as many times and could ride in the cart more from the forward tees.

    In 12% of cases dad from is used
    I always felt that was a sign from dad letting me know he was with me.
    Chidinma and I collected the same school fees from dad more than once.
    An hour after he had left mum got a call from dad who asked her where my brother was.
    Mitt grew up learning (from daddy) how to manipulate people and situtations for personal gain, that's it.
    With a bit of advice from dad, she put the feelers out and eventually started her own crew, known as ReQuest.
    My first reaction was WOW! What a complete change from dad! It remains one of personal favourites to this day.
    I did however benefit from dad's globetrotting adventures and celebrity status and was introduced to the finer things in life from a very early age.

    In 12% of cases dad of is used
    You were freaking out about what kind of dad you'd be.
    My favourite memory of dad and fishing is from way back.
    The anniversary of dad's death is next week, and I'll be damned if it doesn't get me every time.
    I do get a little portion of the money from your subscription or any monies you might pay if you click on one of dad's links.
    I'd just sayin ' there are a lot of dads who try their darndest to get into things that make their little girls happy but just can't so they fake it to make the lil girl smile.

    In 8% of cases dad in is used
    Daughter pipes up with ' In dads wardrobe '.
    Driving to the beach in dad's old Morris Minor.
    However, according to heat magazine, an ' insider ' revealed that Hazman confided in dad Des about his feelings for the 20-year-old model.

    In 8% of cases dad like is used
    Now MS is looking old fashioned and jaded like dad at a teen party.
    Smartphones at parent-friendly prices mean that a kid's first phone can be a smartphone, just like dad? s.

    In 5% of cases dad on is used
    She explained she had come over to check on dad since his line was busy.
    My ex was never what you would call a hands on dad and unfortunatly my son and him did nt have a great relationship.

    In 5% of cases dad to is used
    And throwing a few I Love Yous to dad.

    In 2% of cases dad about is used
    Graham McCann is a great choice as Le Mesurier's biographer, as he's already written a gem of a book about dad's Army as well as several other sensitive but balanced studies of other popular actors.

    In 2% of cases dad at is used
    I tried not to frown too much at dad.

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