Prepositions used with "collection"

"for collection" or "of collection"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 35% of cases collection for is used
    Labeled bins for storage and others for collection.
    Please call (905) 771-8800 to make an appointment for collection.
    Or the amount could be paid as fixed bank deposit for collection next year.
    If necessary, they have to stay for 2-3 days there, for collection of Bhuinlimba.
    In a priority lobby, mail to your PO Box will be sorted and ready for collection from 7.
    I've always found this feature to be somewhat worthless for collection associations anyway.
    Oddly, some years ago my ex wife and myself were thinking up names for collections of people, like this really.
    Therefore, it should be printed off and held in an out-tray for collection by the staff member responsible for filing records.
    Should self-identification or the perception of an observer guide the methods for collection of racial and ethnic data? ISSUE 5.
    You can now send your order to a store near you, such as your local convenience store or newsagency, for collection when it suits you.

    In 26% of cases collection of is used
    Notice of collection of Personal Information.
    Contact: Henry Mcghie (Head of collections and Curator of Zoology).
    The number of collections per year is set in our current waste management contract.
    When questioned the beekeeper confirmed that the bees were alive at the time of collection.
    Garbage for pickup should be put outside the morning of collection and not the night before.
    If new elements are added even outside of collection itself, the collection must look for potential new entries.
    An understanding of collection management, curatorship, museum ethics, retail sales and fundraising is essential.
    The Kenyan handbags gives one a variety of collection that is remarkably different and yet classy at the same time.
    The Act establishes a licensing regime for operators of solid waste management facilities, and the operators of collection and transfer services.

    In 9% of cases collection to is used
    Saturday morning I phoned with a view to collection.
    Flick to collection and press to open a game you've already downloaded.
    This facility is home to collections management, public services, description and cataloguing, and administrative functions.
    The trenches would store water during wet seasons and is connected to collection drains by polypipes for discharging excess water.
    If you have debt that has gone to collections or have filed for bankruptcy, you may see the impact on your score for up to 10 years.
    And then they bundle a bunch of those ' claims ' and sell them for three cents on the dollar to collection agencies who will hound you to the ends of the earth and your life.

    In 8% of cases collection in is used
    Any obstruction in collection of data would be attract punishments.
    This is why some butterflies fade when kept in collections that are exposed to light.
    According to the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, about 30 million Americans have debts in collection.
    The industry is constantly investing and researching in collection and sorting improvements to achieve the best possible levels of recycling.
    Most of what goes on in Racket's core utilities happens in collections, found in the collects/ directory of the base directory of the checkout.
    Even where the definitions of categories are comparable, there have been variations in collection and processing procedures that lead to inconsistencies in the data.

    In 7% of cases collection on is used
    I do not reposition them, yet they will be duplicated when perform batch update on collection view.
    The individual companies will provide you with necessary emergency contact information on collection of your vehicle.
    All such subscribers will get back their original number on collection of a replacement SIM and on sending SMS to 999 typing 20 digit.
    The only gripe about getting mentor handbags and mentor purses on collection should certainly be the reality that there are merchants who market non-authentic kinds passing away since the original.

    In 6% of cases collection with is used
    Plus with collections make sure they are wrapped ready to go.
    You can actually receive the best connected with collections together with system for your base and an expense will not need your man reached the roof.
    With collections, users can ' Want ', ' collect ' or ' Like ' items to add them to a special ' Wishlist ', which is then available for the users ' social network to see.

    In 2% of cases collection after is used
    The word collection under the law gives impression that tax is payable after collection, whereas at the same time word sales gives an impression for payment of tax at time of sales.

    In 2% of cases collection by is used
    And we did it through solidarity between Strike Debt followers and unfortunate Americans who were being hounded by collection agencies for their medical bills.
    Use the Search tab and choose Card catalogue then Filter by collection - Convict, Criminal, Land &; Wills then filter the returns by Location - Ireland to see what is available.

    In 2% of cases collection including is used
    He also covered four Olympic Games and has written several cricket books, including collections of cricket quotations.

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