Prepositions used with "lunch"

for, at, after, to or before lunch?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases lunch for is used

Go back to the hotel for lunch.

For lunch have something light.

I met my friend Sally for lunch.

The meals are extremely delicious and there is a long line up for lunch on those days.

I wish that my daughter would take advantage of the new salad bar every day for lunch.

This noodle dish is very versatile, suitable for lunch or dinner, throughout the year.

If you are ready for lunch on Long Beach, head to Best of the West take a minute to cross the Road and check it out.

You'll be met and transferred to the Arusha Hotel in the centre of town for lunch and where days shall be available.

Sheesh -- can't get away from her, can we? Lee Joon wants the three of them to go out for lunch, but Tae-ik declines.

So staying at the SP Inn, it is quite convenient just to stroll down the road to go shopping or for lunch or for dinner.

In 12% of cases lunch at is used

May I ask who's calling? - John is at lunch.

Don't always sit next to him in class or at lunch.

She also let her guard down at lunch which is huge.

Read on to see what happens behind the scenes at lunchtime at the Oxfam Sydney offices.

TIP! Switch up your schedule and eat your largest meal at lunch time instead of at night.

After a short easy run at lunch today I was still ready for a more intense effort tonight.

At lunch, I had a cracking game of ping pong with Al at the Pub on the Park, yet to be resolved, it stands at 1 game each.

A couple that we had met at lunch at the restaurant we ate at were invited to come along and they came with their two children.

The news was embargoed to allow principals to brief staff and students - instead it hit the internet at lunch time, causing chaos.

There is always a que at lunch time - but thanks to the super efficent service you never have to wait to long for your delicious lunch.

In 9% of cases lunch after is used

Afternoon gamedrive follows after lunch.

Kuwaiti tea is usually served after lunch.

Kallis fell to O'Brien the ball after lunch.

I politely packed him off after lunch but couldn't stop reflecting over it for years.

Back upstairs after lunch, and it was Eva's turn to have an explosion in the bottom area.

Most of them stay overnight and attend the morning mass to seek blessings and depart after lunch.

After lunch, however, we took binoculars and watched a group of fifteen big-horned sheep high up on the mountainside.

But if you can, try to take advantage of any time she closes her eyes between 7pm to 9am, and snatch a Nana Nap after lunch.

I was home alone with my Dad and, standing at the bottom of the stairs after lunch, I swore at him or said something horrible.

Rajasthan tried to tighten the runs after lunch with defensive field set but inconsistent bowling made the life of batting easy.

In 8% of cases lunch to is used

Some of my theories are out to lunch.

The Times article is definitely out to lunch.

Or they could be out to lunch when an accident happens.

In my opinion there's no saturation issue when it comes to lunch spots, that's for sure.

We went out to lunch together and to the park (where I stared exhaustedly into the distance).

The game was still even when Bangladesh went to lunch needing 200 more with eight batsmen remaining.

There's mobile footage on the web of Met Office staff being crowded by journos as the former are heading to lunch and getting into a lift.

After all, are we expected to invite all of our co-workers or our neighbours out to lunch, or to celebrate a milestone with us? Of course not.

In light of my younger daughter's desire to see more of me, I picked them up for a few hours that day and took them out to lunch and miniature golf.

I recently opened Dirt magazine, and in 5 issues, there were 2 pictures of female riders! Utter sausage fest catering to lunch money of 17 year olds.

In 5% of cases lunch before is used

Take a big spoon of olive-oil one hour before lunch.

I then write a post, as it is crucial to have one post out before lunch.

We'll be both in the Headmaster's office for sentence before lunch I guess.

But there was double and terminal disappointment for the tourists just before lunch.

Could you put this together before lunch? Bill: Hey, boss, this is a major undertaking.

As a matter of fact, below are 11 Ways To Come Up With Great Blogging Ideas Before Lunch.

Peggy did my make-up, did my hair, and put silver body paint and rhinestones on me until about 11:30, right before lunch.

Arriving in the Tay ethnic minority village of Thanh Phu at noon and enjoying a brief discovery of the village before Lunch.

I have to do some work covering an event this afternoon, so I want to squeeze in as much reading time as I can before lunch.

Strauss had one or two misadventures against an otherwise innocuous Sri Lanka pace attack in an awkward 15 minutes before lunch.

In 3% of cases lunch during is used

Making money from advertisers during lunch time in high school.

Classes can be run on-site during lunch hours or after work also.

Many locals from nearby offices attend Simmers during lunch break.

They serve good western food and the place is crowded during lunch time.

Before school, after school, during lunch, it's all soccer all the time.

I was starving during lunch break, and Niko even offered to give me fifty pesos LOL.

It was difficult to look for videos short enough to be shown during lunch time and easy enough for primary pupils to understand.

If you still don't get it, see your teacher or instructor after math class, during lunch, or after school to discuss the problems.

Now, during lunch time, there are a lot of people around the kitchen area so because I've been asked to stay away, I let them do it.

Just talking to a Liberal friend during lunch and he was telling me that there is not a threat to the USA from anywhere in the World.

In 3% of cases lunch over is used

Over lunch the conversation and information exchange continued.

However this post precipitated a very lively debate over lunch here.

Over lunch, I explained to a group of boys that my father was a prince.

I certainly don't talk about ' how much I've changed ' to my friends over lunch, etc.

But it is the sharing of ideas and sparking off each other over lunch and morning tea which is most valuable.

Gouger Street is the best place to go for a bite over lunch as it is bustling with long strips of restaurants.

Fracas over lunch The most ridiculous argument my friends and I have ever had was over which restaurant we should go to for lunch.

I thought back to what Pontus had told us over lunch -- that Dalsland was historically a poor area but that it is now enjoying a boom in outdoors tourism.

Once this hit day three of coverage, you could tell it was the real thing, albeit one that appeared -- perhaps conceived over lunch -- on the quietest political weekend of the year.

In 2% of cases lunch by is used

England, following on, were bowled out for 406 by lunch.

Welcome Lion Dance on arrival at Hotel, followed by lunch.

We made it back to Uyuni by lunch time and said farewell to Angel and Modesta.

The offering generated a strong response to that guidance and the book was covered by lunch time.

What we do ask is that the full fees are paid to your Centre Manager by lunch time on your first day.

Suddenly, the Sardar Patel Stadium was a snakepit as - in reply to 521 for eight declared - England faltered from an already vulnerable 41 for three to 110 for seven by lunch.

In 2% of cases lunch of is used

My choice of lunch: Chicken and Dumplings.

Snacks will be served instead of lunch today.

A small kitchen is in place for the preparation of lunches and supper.

If it's rainy, you could have a spot of lunch in the Castle cafe -- which we did.

She smiled at the sound of lunch she just realized she hadn't been eating much since she got here.

By the third time one brought home an unopened, uneaten thermos of lunch, I knew I had to change my ways.

As C, he has to host a lot of lunches, but the nature of his job means that he can't go out to restaurants, where he could be overheard.

As Anderson and his staff became aware of what children were eating, and started linking it to data about discipline problems in the two periods of lunch, nutrition became a critical concern.

In 2% of cases lunch with is used

Then off to see the Car Stunt show with lunch in hand.

My hubby goes to work with lunch and eats every night.

Each of them earns Rs 25/- with lunch and Handia consumption.

Ustav is an Indian restaurant in Yorkville with lunch specials under $10.

DAY 4 Early breakfasts, then proceeding to Lake Naivasha with lunch en route.

For a full day trip, you will also be provided with lunch and snacks that are included in the package.

I know a lot of schools will use the funds to help with lunch service, after school programs, and general upkeep of the classrooms.

And this one by journalist and food activist Ed Bruske, who guest-posted today over at Fed Up With Lunch, where anonymous teacher Mrs.

In addition, you can never tell when stores are open, and when you interfere with lunch break holiday the baker's daughter's wedding or whatever.

Start the climb with lunch packets passing through montane rain forest to Umbwe Cave camp (2,850m) which is reached after 3 -- 4 hours of hiking.

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