Prepositions used with "approval"

"for approval" or "of approval"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases approval for is used

I typed it, printed it and gave it to him for approval.

To consider mistakenly: Don't take silence for approval.

AGM minutes are usually tabled at the next AGM for approval.

Section 10 Once Congress passes a bill, it shall be sent to the president for approval.

Look: The construction unit said: we should first report to officials and wait for approval.

The value on disposal also presents problems in determining the levels of authority for approval.

Here, we see The Juicy Fruits and a few lucky fans as they gaze for approval toward an upper-deck at Swan's club.

The Fees Policy must be completed and submitted to the local CCC for approval before 5 October 2012 at the latest.

Planning proposals are submitted by DDDA to the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government for approval.

The media already ran its stories past the DNC for approval, but there are fewer stories that they can approve these days.

In 35% of cases approval of is used

Look for a seal of approval on it.

Again, it is a look of approval that the Lord gives His people.

The stamp of approval by the Parliament is still largely cosmetic.

An Air New Zealand plane decked out in Middle-earth livery flew low overhead, to roars of approval.

Overall, then, the provisions of the GPL receive a qualified tick of approval under Australian law.

By decorating your home with country-style will give you a sense of approval, and deep satisfaction.

To avoid wasting a seal of approval as well as an check out, moneylenders withdraw settlement for the next payday.

No president with that level of approval has ever won re-election since Gallup began polling three generations ago.

Please don't mistakenly believe that Hamilton is dying to have the stamp of approval from urban cultural masters of elsewhere.

It's even got the Jamie Oliver seal of approval: his new restaurant, Union Jacks, is using Farrington's rapeseed oil instead of olive oil.

In 6% of cases approval with is used

The mostly Democratic-leaning union members roared with approval.

Insurance companies can change their premiums charts with approval of IRDA.

However the move has not met with approval with all the members of the 119-year-old Scott Club.

However this changed needed township approval and another slight delay ensued, with approval coming in mid October.

Every president with an approval rating of 49% or above since 1940 has won, while the three with approval less than that have lost.

For soft proofing, a Combined Process (ending with Approval Process) generates the soft proof which is approved by that Approval Process.

The Approval, QualityControl and Verification Processes accept any Resource as input and output that Resource along with ApprovalSuccess Resource if approved.

Moreover, with approvals by our elected dictatorship for new technologies like GE, this system has become a serious danger to our health, and indeed, our survival.

On the other hand it might well refer to Lord Ripon (1827-1909) whose liberal policies were not looked upon with approval by many of the British in India See Early Verse (Ed.

In 6% of cases approval without is used

You can not keep wildlife in captivity without approval from the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Profits and dividend remittances are permitted without approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

For example, individuals are now permitted to transfer abroad for any purpose up to $200,000 a year without approval.

But before the eulogies, Mayor Jess was awarded the Legion of Honor, the highest award the President can give without approval from Congress.

Foreign partners may sell their shares to resident Indian investors without approval of RBI, provided shares were held on a repatriation basis.

Based on this principle, the agreement says that military aircraft of one state can not fly over or land on the territory of another without approval.

In case of shipments by Pakistan flag vessels, Pakistani Shipping Companies can accept payment of freight in Rupees without approval of the State Bank.

They may also repatriate capital, capital gains, dividends, interest income, and any compensation from the sale of rights offerings, net of all taxes without approval.

It also isn't unusual for carriers to lock down customer service's abilities to change upgrade dates and offer bill credits without approval when iPhones are announced and released.

In 4% of cases approval to is used

The visa is subject to approval.

Lending criteria apply to approval of credit products.

Payment should continue by the same method as prior to approval, e.

A full application process must be addressed prior to approval, which entails completion of a general application form and insurance forms.

The process, from application and training to approval by a fostering panel takes about eight months, and applicants are supported by a social worker throughout.

Prospective name holders are free to define their own equivalents and to aggregate them as desired through multiple registration, subject to approval of each form during the ENS process.

In 4% of cases approval Upon is used

Upon approval by the Commission of the reserve computation, any deficiency in the fund shall be covered by the pre-need company, in the manner as may be prescribed by the Commission.

In 3% of cases approval after is used

The money will be credited to your bank account on the same day after approval.

However, a week or two after approval by GoldKey, Yahoo can disapprove of any of your names.

Come to the Philippines, marry her and the apply for a spousal visa and bring her to the US after approval.

Minutes of meetings are generally circulated to all committee members after approval by both health and safety committee co-chairpersons.

However, the introduction of the bill is the first step in a lengthy process and an increase in the FDI limit to 49 percent would take effect only after approval from both Houses of Parliament.

In 2% of cases approval in is used

She kept silent the entire time and only nodded in approval when asked by her employer if she was certain about quitting.

Uptick in approval of Coalition Government's record to +12% The net approval for the Coalition's record to date stood at just +4% last month -- it's recovered a bit since then to stand now at +12%.

In 2% of cases approval on is used

In fact, they have resulted in the so-called moratorium on approval of GM products to be placed on the market.

On approval of payment, the Facilitator completes and signs form ESSF1 with client and course attendance details.

That was written on approval of the checklist (content ), but, (with regard to) the actual flight checklist, the backup crew verified that this all got put together.

At an event in Regent Park, President and CEO Gene Jones unveiled a map PDF of the next phase for the community's revitalization, which is contingent on approval from the City of Toronto.

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