Prepositions used with "answer"

"for answer" or "of answer"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases answer for is used

I don't believe it &; keep searching for answers.

For answers we naturally look to scientific studies.

This raises mind boggling questions that beg for answers.

For answers, it must be borne in mind that ' enmity ' and ' partnership ' are nouns.

While England look for answers against spin, Cook hoped for an improved show in Mumbai.

I now find myself searching for answers as to why I can not function like other people.

Her attacks on Julia have to stay non accusatory of wrong doing, but requests for answers to prove no wrong doing.

A man named Pasi Sahlberg is considered the Finnish education guru to those outside the country looking for answers.

For Answer (2 ), it will be wrong to write: ' was quickly removed ' because ' quickly ' is an adverb, and not a verb.

The slave soon acquitted himself of his message, and brought for answer that the sultan waited for him with impatience.

In 23% of cases answer of is used

Naturally, there's no shortage of answers.

Consider what kind of answer they give you.

He promises His presence in place of answers.

I didn't see this article as any kind of answer.

This isn't some boiler-plate collection of answers.

My supply of answers runs dry long before the phone call ends.

So, how true is this? You get all kind of answers depending on who you ask.

Then it's a matter of waiting to see how your two sets of answers match up.

There are more than 12? registered users, more than 4? threads and 35? of answers.

Summary: This method is good for open-ended questions with a wide range of answers.

In 16% of cases answer to is used

Hong Kong's minimum wage policy has a lot to answer for.

The Times and the Post in particular have a lot to answer for.

Part of the debate has to be skipped due to answers being too long.

So to answer your question, approx 1 working week All BOI cards are sent directly to the customer.

Yes Britten almost certainly has a lot to answer for regarding very young boys - except he's dead.

Yes, the Irish people have a lot to answer for, as they kept electing the wrong people for over a decade.

And another thing, if anyone cares, and going by the comments here, it would seem not, modern dairy farm practises have a lot to answer for as well in this.

Coding refers to the process of assigning numerals or other symbols to answers so that responses can be put into a limited number of categories or classes.

Eugene Garfield (for it was he) has a lot to answer for, having unwittingly unleashed the dark force of impact factors on the world of scientific publishing.

They listen impatiently to answers which justify the work in terms of the social development of the young people in the neighbourhood, whether they join the church or not.

In 9% of cases answer with is used

The staff were quick to reply with answers to my questions.

We've set up this page to arm you with answers to the attacks.

It also comes with exercises for each chapter with answers at the back of the book.

What you may find is that as soon as you starting coming up with answers, they move.

One Internet site provides frequently asked medical questions with answers from doctors.

He he failed to answer a lot of questions with answers that we wanted, or at least an answer to what we wanted to know.

What do you understand by all of this? You become a source of therapy for her, you provide her with answers to her problems.

Indeed, people today are frequently bombarded with answers to questions they have never asked and to needs of which they were unaware.

Also, this question has been beaten to death with answers, not least of which is the simple answer that the question is incoherent and illogical.

They discuss philosophical questions and are encouraged to ask the Why/How questions and explore possible answers themselves, not just being spoon-fed with answers to the What/When/Where questions.

In 5% of cases answer in is used

In answer she raises her eyebrows.

If you are really interested in answers, go to the source.

This is the order that your typed in answers will appear in the drop down box.

This call to action highlights a real problem, but raises more questions than in answers.

So in answer to your question: yes, I am looking forward to Far Cry 3 - just a little bit.

Because i'd not interested in answers to those basic question where you from how old are you.

Before you type in answers on an application, be sure to carefully read the application instructions.

As I mentioned in Answer 3, most of a Designers day is spent coordinating details, emails, research etc.

In answer it may be said that both cases are possible; that is, the cause may be either contingent or necessary.

The experience of mood spillovers was not a major theme in answers to questions that asked directly about the impact of parents ' working on children.

In 1% of cases answer by is used

The rally was sponsored by ANSWER.

In 1% of cases answer like is used

Even major creationist orgganisations like Answers in Genesis says the 2nd law of thermodynaimcs should not be used as an argument against evolution.

In 1% of cases answer without is used

It all comes down to questions without answers in a series that promised answers.

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