Prepositions used with "admission"

"for admission" or "of admission"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases admission for is used

Hotel Guest Fee for admission is $20++.

Reason for admission to care of health board.

The electronic copy is NOT valid for admission purposes.

An honours degree is normally required for admission to a graduate (Master 's) program.

They can visit the person in their home and arrange for admission to hospital if needed.

Candidates applying for admission have to comply with the following entry requirements: 1.

Bed availability can be seen online by the Admission Desk, which helps them reduce the time taken for admission.

How is one selected for admission to the Faculty of Law? Once shortlisted based on academic merit as listed in Qs.

Admission Requirements Applicants for admission must have obtained a good first degree from a recognised university.

School Zone In order to be eligible for admission to Kennedy School, you must live within the school's catchment area.

In 33% of cases admission of is used

Effect of admissions by a partner 23.

Download your Notice of Admission (NOA).

That alone was worth our price of admission.

However, applicants can expect to receive an offer of admission to only one program.

The show was certainly worth the price of admission; I left confused and impressed by Shane.

I'd sure this was in Grand Junction - worth the price of admission? Anyway, back to Willesden.

Should your grades drop below Faculty or program cutoffs, we reserve the right to revoke your offer of admission.

In this series, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) were related to 60% of admissions for angioedema.

In this series, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) were related to 60% of admissions for angioedema.

We found these kinds of admissions, signed by the banks CEO's in: -Countrywide, M &T; Bank and HSBC Annual Reports.

In 6% of cases admission on is used

Conviction on admission of truth of accusation 243.

Her vital signs on admission are BP 110/64, pulse 78, respirations 18, and temperature 99.

On admission, nobody knew quite how ill Tom was, but he dropped more than two stone in two weeks.

I saw in the medical papers, that Russell was confused, (on admission) on the eleventh of November 2004.

Ten others were admitted at the Casualty Department while two went on admission at the Intensive Care Unit.

Overcoming this skepticism is a key part of the work I do when advising JD/MBA applicants on admissions strategy.

The Abbey never charges people who want to worship but they rely on admission fees from visitors to cover running costs.

Quick tip: Get an Atlanta City Pass to save 45 percent on admission to five of the city's top attractions including Georgia Museum and High Museum of Art.

She pointed out that rather some patients on admission were sleeping on mattresses on the floor due to congestion at the largest medical facility in the northern sector of the country.

In 5% of cases admission to is used

Good A-level grades can be a key to admission into all of the world's major Anglophone universities.

B Medical Aid Other Private Insurers It is always good practice to confirm Insurance details prior to admission.

According to admission rules, students will get their seats based on the admission test score and GPAs of SSC and HSC.

Speak to admissions and let them know your situation, that you will pay it as soon as you can, then talk to financial aid.

Field, Do I Get A Great Job? I have been writing since last three years about engineering studies and close to admissions I get this very common question.

Although the unit continued to admit babies born in the centre, it was closed to admissions from other hospitals which make up the regional network of baby units.

In 3% of cases admission after is used

One week after admission, for him to do the brain examined Dr.

On their admission they were dying of inanition and cold, and only survived a few hours after admission.

Barely two months after admission, on March 3, 2012, I gave my life to Jesus Christ at an evening prayer meeting with my peers.

In 3% of cases admission in is used

The notification shall state, where appropriate, that the recipient does not discriminate in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its program or activity.

We also know that itTs nonetheless be utilized as a important factor in admissions in numerous community university systems like California, Florida, Texas and I think Georgia.

Qualified handicapped persons may not, on the basis of handicap, be denied admission or be subjected to discrimination in admission or recruitment by a recipient to which this subpart applies.

In 2% of cases admission before is used

Under 3 years 2 to 3 days before admission is ample preparation time.

Interviews to determine fluency in English are held before admission.

In 2% of cases admission with is used

I met with admissions officers, alumni, and students.

The house is open to the public with admission charge between April to October and.

In 1% of cases admission by is used

Race is one of many factors considered by admissions officers.

By admission, they are an entertainment company, the truth is far from them.

The NAG nearly always has a blockbuster exhibition (by admission charge ), and the NPG and Library often have other smaller (usually free) exhibitions as well.

In 1% of cases admission per is used

Business A will also attrach 75,000 people every two weeks (on average) for 9 months of the year, each individual will pay z per admission.

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