Prepositions after "following"

following in, on, to, about or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases following in is used

Put the following in a blender.

I posted the following in my LJ/blog.

Set out the following information: 2.

Another person got novel idea to replace them by the following in the four hands? 1.

Read the following information carefully! 1st Stage Signs of Electromagnetic Energy.

Finally, imparting his Apostolic Blessing, the Holy apostle has stated the following in his message of greetings.

Please use the following in the subject line of your email: ' Consultant? Tanzania HIV/AIDS Program Evaluation '.

The following information is a status report as of 8 pm Friday 25th February: The primary concern is for our staff.

Type the following in the Content box: Be sure to replace Link Code with the Link Code you copied from Photobucket.

In 10% of cases following on is used

Look for the following on the shelves.

Avoid the following on Google+ Profile.

I also wrote the following on their page.

He said: ' Write the following on the parchment of a gazelle and fasten it to yourself.

To change the resolution, perform the following on your PC: Click Start on the Task bar.

Press the following on your mobile *#06# to see your Phone's IMEI number (serial number).

In fact in the Plantinga Dennett book you do cite and claim to have read he actually said the following on pa 40.

Also what I did this morning was I ate two of the Cakes I had left over from yesterday with the following on them.

DSM5 said the following on Fri Mar 16 16:28 2012 Oh good Jatz, I thought he'd done an Orr, and left the parachute out.

I typed freedom below and it returned the following on the first page: Freedom in Adobe Kuler Each swatch has 5 colours.

In 9% of cases following to is used

Commit the following to memory.

Add the following to the functions.

Read the following to short articles.

Assuming it was to be an oral statement, I sent the following to my MP, Priti Patel.

To change the post revision to save 3 revisions add the following to your wp-config.

Candidates called for interview may produce any of the following to the Interview Board.

If you want to stop the editor links from appearing in the admin area you can add the following to your wp-config.

Head cuts Hogan and Worden also found the following to ten unidentified woman's head with a coconut shell cut by saws.

Instead of ordering flowers or sending a card, do something personal such as taking any of the following to the house.

Enter a description in the first field and the following to the rest and click OK when you are done: Server Name: smtp.

In 8% of cases following about is used

He says the following about Jesus.

James, we receive the following about Shane Doan.

Let us ask the following about the man-God Jesus.

Our Prophet Muhammed (salla Allahu wa alihi wa sallam) said the following about it.

She posted the following about the Main Ridge pioneers on a genealogy message board.

In 1979, a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Chiropractic said the following about Dr.

We have found the following about Garden, and we want to improve on it and give some additional understanding.

The important thing is you need to know the following about Compost Pile so you can make an educated decision.

Dear Bertha, We refer to your blog dated 2 November where you wrote the following about the late Chong Chee Kin.

The important thing is you need to know the following about Baby pushchairs so you can make an informed decision.

In 8% of cases following for is used

Ring the following for tickets.

I would like the following for clarity.

It doesn't fix the following for Spain: 1.

Kimberanne wrote: i am searching for the translation of the following for tattoos.

Yves recommends the following for volunteer management professionals: Be adaptive.

I liked the following for their convivial approach to saddle sore travels! Try www.

Acknowledgements We thank the following for funding over the lifetime of the WWMM: Unilever, DTI eScience, JISC.

Anyways I am going to end up being following for your blog as well as I really hope a person put up once quickly.

The Meuniers are hoping for 150, as Paul's weekend on the water figures to boost the following for Hannah's Bananas.

Oceans Day underscored the following for consideration by UNFCCC negotiators in the climate talks beyond Copenhagen: 1.

In 8% of cases following from is used

I quote the following from Wikipedia.

Note the following from this passage: 1.

Notice the following from the Word of God.

The following from Elder Cristofferson made a profound impact on me a few years ago.

The CNC is composed of the following from the LGU, the chair which is the Mayor, Dr.

We recently received the following from Joseph Tornello, President and CEO, Meals on Wheels of Staten Island, Inc.

Consider the following from a Times article about the restoration of part of the Aral sea http: **35;13420;TOOLONG.

However I list the following from Apimondia 1979, in the hope that others may consider the plausibility of my case.

Recent Reviews Recent reviews include the following from The Strad - of a recital at the Wigmore Hall, London on 17.

In 7% of cases following of is used

The following of my CDs are available from DMG.

Not the tweeting so much as the following of others.

It happens somewhere in the following of the rituals.

The first is the following of the Sunnah of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

The goodness of all matters is the following of truth and adherence to its right way.

The following of Jesus introduces the disciple to a certain kind of open communal life.

To this the apostle Paul gave a number of responses, the following of which included a reference to baptism (Col.

The Award was won by an Urdu Blog which has been around longer and gained the following of many loyal supporters.

To sum up, I hope you have already guessed that online success is not the following of the traditional proved rout.

He obtained as ministers eight famous warriors, and great was the following of the king and his equipment (for war).

In 5% of cases following as is used

Take the following as an example.

Please don't take the following as a shill.

But for now, I'll leave the following as a finish.

In the spirit of debate, I? d like to throw in the following as an added viewpoint.

I would identify the following as the basic causes of our humiliation of 1962: (a).

On this subject therefore we may take the following as an instance of the fingerpost.

Haley proposed the following as the Great Rule of Metalaw 2, 11: Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

I have therefore identified the following as the possible reasons for the poor outing by Ndiigbo in the last elections.

In keeping with this holistic approach, we selected the following as the top web design trends to implement this year: 1.

In 4% of cases following with is used

We offer the following with style.

He has shared the following with me.

Eve Shepherd shared the following with us.

However, I really do have to share the following with you about Hay and McKerron.

A friend also shared the following with me It seems to be the ultimate crux of life.

Right now I'd very inspired by working on the following with an aim to completion: 1.

I preface the following with this disclaimer: I do not begrudge anyone from receiving assistance if they need it.

As a result of this Chelsea FC announcement, I was able to share the following with the rest of the assembled cast.

Read the following with the understanding that I'd just writing this so it is out there and am not miffed peeved etc.

Ravi Magon was a kind and compassionate professional: Please help me to share the following with Coastweek readership.

In 3% of cases following at is used

Enjoy the following at your own peril.

I read the following at my mothers funeral.

Found the following at http: **35;4228;TOOLONG.

To remove this service simply run the following at a command prompt: sysocmgr /i:sysoc.

Ashley (the original flavor) said the following at 8:47 AM on Nov 6: Counseling will help.

How about the following at the point when you've insisted on London for the second time, e.

PURCHASING When you have made your choice of both breeder and puppy, you should be given the following at the time of purchase.

Or try US-based Navrang, who sell the following at the best prices anywhere and with free worldwide shipping on orders over $50.

Rahman, who was a former Chief Justice of Pakistan, wrote the following at Page 133-4 of his book ' Punishment of Apostasy in Islam '.

I would have respected your truth more if you hadn't put the following at the end of your post: - I personally am praying for a Hotter Sun.

In 3% of cases following into is used

Insert the following into openssl.

Copy the following into /etc/init.

Instead, copy the following into a file.

A neat computer is a productive computer Type in the following into the shell window.

Visitors may take the following into Sri Lanka duty free: Alcohol - 2 bottles of wine and 1.

So I would put the following into this category -- bridging, equity release and high net worth.

Beyond the already-cited SEC Form 10-K, Protestants enter the following into the record, from? Loan Sharks, Inc.

After taking the following into account; The club is left with approximately 100mil tied up, leaving 100mill available.

However, as a general guide will take the following into consideration when deciding if make-up classes are appropriate.

Like above we need to add the styles for the modal box so add the following into the addstyles function we created above.

In 2% of cases following after is used

We want to have Following After Trek printed in paperback.

The Act is amended by adding the following after section 2: 2.

The Act is amended by adding the following after section 60: 60.

Later on in the match you might find your guy doing the following after a push out.

Type the following after the compaction operation is complete: quit and then quit again.

The Regulations are amended by adding the following after section 73: General Criteria 74.

An example of the type of punishing schedule I referred to is the following after three shows in Los Angeles I had lost my voice.

In a recent email to a senior business development manager within a large firm I popped in the following after my opening, warm paragraph.

Now comes the following after this disastrous foreign policy, disastrous lead up to the attack and even worse handling of the post attack.

Was it an American general or a Taliban commander who said the following after leading troops into battle?? I knew my God was bigger than his.

In 1% of cases following during is used

Most parties I have PQed with do the following during the first phase: 1.

What to do during the storm Ensure you do the following during a severe storm: Stay indoors and away from windows.

In 1% of cases following regarding is used

The Conference agreed on the following regarding portability: i.

Ibn Jarir at-Tabari states the following regarding the issue (d.

The Conference agreed on the following regarding an oversight body: i.

After much research I suggest the following regarding children's vaccinations.

Freeh, I believe Penn State should do the following regarding the victims of Mr.

The Conference agreed on the following regarding trustee appointment / elections: i.

Knowledge and Learning: The unlettered Prophet said the following regarding knowledge and learning: * Acquire knowledge.

However, accepting that retirement reform is unavoidable, Conference agreed on the following regarding preservation in Provident Funds: i.

Please note the following regarding the safari: It important to understand that a safari is a safari, it is not like driving around Europe where everything usually works.

In 1% of cases following by is used

Air is composed of the following by volume: And so one.

It returns the following by U k+1 = (a U k + b) mod (m + 1).

For how bags carried out okay preface the following by saying that I've a.

I am from India, and probably you can judge the following by reading the lines below.

I will now exposed one of the following by just using a special talismans that invoked the Five Ghosts.

I thought I'd share the following by Afua Hirsch concerning the on going sanitation issues in the motherland.

I'd not a spokesperson for my employer or the industry, however I found the following by simply googling! and clicking on the Jemena link.

For those of you who have a Twitter account, you can get an additional entry by tweeting the following by Wednesday, October 31, 2012 11:59 p.

Books on pastoral matters of much contemporary concern and interest include the following by James Woodward: Valuing Age and Befriending Death.

You agree to all of the following by accepting and reading this: You understand this to be an expression of opinions and not professional advice.

In 1% of cases following under is used

In your CSS file, add the following under your first Test deceleration.

The following under wire tankini is certainly also available in plus types.

One thing about cults, (and I lump all the following under this heading: Most religions, the global warming brigade.

How should marketers address responsive design? If your site is due a revision soon, take the following under consideration: 1.

In the admin interface **40;9120;TOOLONG set the following under Search Engine Optimization: Note: If you want to upgrade Magento from 1.

However, I do NOT have faith that the process will include the following under oath: David Basi Robert Virk Mark Marrisen Bruce Clark Eric Bornmann Kim Haakstad John VanDongen Alexander G.

In 1% of cases following before is used

Please read the following before posting some variant of this question.

Consider all of the following before making an investment in a suit this year.

It will be beneficial for you to note the following before consulting with someone.

Magafu: The defence pray for the court to look at the following before giving punishment.

Visa recommends you do the following before your trip: Tell your bank you're going overseas.

X I'd drafted the following before learning about Pa, which might help lift the mood of the entry.

Please read and ensure you understand the following before completing your online registration: Complete all sections.

In order to be prepared, you should do the following before the meeting: Obtain from the VP Ed the upcoming meetings roster.

You need to know the following before going to the provider's portal a) Whether your company is providing Super Annuation benefit.

Movistar team boss Eusebio Unzue declared the following before this year's edition: We will start with Juanjo Cobo as team leader.

In 1% of cases following without is used

Inform the department any change in the following without delay.

This means that people can own the following without it being counted against them.

In particular, you may not do any of the following without prior written permission.

You can do the following without installing any additional software programs: 1) open the folder with the pictures you want to rename.

People who are searching for quick cash aid because of their speedy needs may come the following without the hesitations and trouble position.

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