Prepositions after "fluent"

fluent in, with or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 94% of cases fluent in is used

Fluent in French is an advantage.

I am still not fluent in the field.

Fluent in English and French, Prof.

Claims to be pretty much fluent in all those languages now, even at a technical level.

Again, I wished for a moment that I were fluent in the secret language of pedicurists.

Redland is fluent in two languages, enjoys cooking, and is an avid cross-country skier.

Some were so fluent in all three languages that it was hardly possible to guess their origins, nor was it important.

But the math teacher is already fluent in this language, whereas mathematics is a foreign language to most students.

It is my dream to, by the end of my life, be fluent in all of what I call the four languages of American colonialism.

While some students never achieve mastery of another language, a lot stick with it and become fluent in that language.

In 2% of cases fluent with is used

A baby is absolutely fluent with emotions.

He could do this easily as he was fluent with the Celtic language.

This is a generation that has grown up completely fluent with digital technology (e.

There's also a difference between being fluent with music and being a prodigy at it.

Did you find difficulties in speaking in Punbjabi? I am very fluent with the language.

Really what the key was was just getting him to relax a little bit and be more fluent with his punches.

As long as dancers are fluent with the moves and are all synchronised, it would be really good looking already.

Most aren't fully fluent with the actual laws of the game let alone the more obscure situations that can occur.

The band, although not very fluent with speaking the English language, still managed to communicate with the crowd.

So, AJAX is not as hard as it sounds, right? When you become very fluent with AJAX operations, you'll create magics.

In 1% of cases fluent at is used

Young Sergei was fluent at French, German and English.

The only reason I'd not fluent at more languages is because I never studied any other language.

You don't have to be fluent at A Level (I've got 2 of them ), not by the traditional A1, A2, B1 etc.

I'd not fully fluent at Spanish yet, so why would I share my ' Spanish time ' with a third language? It makes no sense.

Anyway, I'd still not fluent at all in any of the last 3 languages and that's mainly because of shyness and perfectionism.

Franz was regarded as almost fluent at sight-reading -- a talent which had prompted his father to encourage his musicianship.

As to Satyajit Ray, he was a master of 3 European languages besides English and was fluent at speaking and writing in both Bengali and Hindi.

I studied French, I speak, read, write, understand it very well, have been fluent at one point but due to the lack of practice, a bit less now.

A person who is fluent at KFL can speak two languages once -- the language in which your typing and the emotional language that you want your message to convey.

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