Prepositions after "flourish"

flourish in, with, for, on or under?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases flourish in is used

Hulk continued to flourish in the last season as well.

Zionist groups flourished in Warsaw in the late 1800's.

The Kromagg Dynasty flourished in its internal conflicts.

The spices were brought over from Asia and South America and flourished in the tropical climes.

Descendents of Imam Hasan from Idris flourished in North Africa and brought Islam in the Maghrib.

Rubicon's findings indicate that they flourished in County Carlow between 3500 and 3000 years ago.

The Alliance France-Isra? l, involving prominent French political figures, flourished in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

What we fail to realise is that the EU will stifle growth and innovation and prevent Croatia from flourishing in the future.

It was obvious from the nature of things, and of mankind; and, above all, from the Whiggish spirit flourishing in that country.

Today jazz is flourishing in Italy to an extent that even surprises Carlo Pagnotta, director of Italy's landmark Umbria festival.

In 7% of cases flourish with is used

Thus Egypt flourished with cheap labor even during the days of wide spread femine.

But AG's progressive culture took a firm root, and the tree of democracy flourished with the fruits for all to benefit from.

It supported local potters as a decent business with little or no mechanisation, low investment and it flourished with a lot of artistry.

If we leave all Animal Products this earth will again flourish with love as currently because of Animal Farming we are destroying Rain Fores More.

As beautifully mournful melodies lie above the dark like framed archways in shadow, passages flourish with a purity, and a sensitivity, that the piano seems particularly attracted to.

In 5% of cases flourish for is used

Industries need to flourish for development, employment and a global economic presence, whether we like it or not.

This Lodge flourished for many years and its influence had far reaching social effect? It was considered an exclusive Lodge.

In contrast, Section 22 of the Committee's Bill is a comprehensive formulation which weaves in Article 21 jurisprudence to guarantee a life of flourishing for PwDs.

Steam rises from dense forests where indigenous people flourished for thousands of years, and black butterflies the size of your fist fly alongside you as you climb.

In 4% of cases flourish on is used

Some ports -- Liverpool, Bristol, London -- flourished on the returns from the trade.

The JCC flourished on Chapel Street and became the cornerstone of an upper Chapel Street revitalization.

The President said that democracy has survived and flourished on the sweat, blood and tears of political workers.

Another major tax-evader who was being pursued by a previous CBR Chairman is flourishing on the basis of his? connections? in the present arrangement.

On the other hand, local cosmetics retail chains selling products from over a hundred of international cosmetics and skincare brands are flourishing on the street-level shops.

In 3% of cases flourish under is used

Contrary to claims made by the PNP, jueteng is flourishing under P-Noy's watch.

On his return to Merseyside, there was once more hope that he could flourish under the guidance of Rodgers, a man who prizes ball mastery and vision above all else.

Moving the arguement away from Rangers but retaining the franchise concept - would not a model of the more successful world known clubs not flourish under such an arrangement.

In 3% of cases flourish during is used

Alahakoon has surely flourished during his time.

Culture, in addition, flourished during this time period.

Bistros and restaurants proliferated, survived the Terror, and flourished during the Empire and the Restoration.

In 2% of cases flourish without is used

Children can not grow and flourish without the presence of a woman who stays at home with them.

In 2% of cases flourish like is used

These arguments explain why the carbon can form millions of compounds and organic chemistry is flourishing like nothing.

So often, when we see a person in their latter days, we all too -- easily forget how they once ' flourished like a flower of the field.

In 2% of cases flourish into is used

LANGKAWI ISLAND (KEDAH) Fast flourishing into a tourist haven, this island has world class facilities with its hotels, resorts and eateries.

They had two children: George Paget Thomson who flourished into a prominent Physicist himself and won Nobel Prize for discovery of the diffraction of electron by crystals in 1937.

In 2% of cases flourish from is used

Another interesting thing I learned recently was about the Essenes, who were a Jewish religious group that flourished from the 2nd century BC to the 1st century AD.

In 2% of cases flourish at is used

Carrick, a rich man's Darren Fletcher, would need a Keane-type player alongside if he is to flourish at Old Trafford.

In 2% of cases flourish as is used

Maybe then it too can flourish as a London gem rather than somewhere more associated with litter, fly tipping and vandalism.

After graduating in 2005, he pursued work in the government? s youth sector to use his knowledge and skills? to continually learn and flourish as a youth development worker?

In 2% of cases flourish after is used

The Bee Gees ' musical careers flourished after the family returned to England in 1967.

But the business actually flourished after the Liberation War with the help of private banks.

In 1% of cases flourish within is used

Countless others -- small and rudimentary in operation -- flourished within the communities where they were located.

In 1% of cases flourish until is used

And we see Clay flourishing until a final deteriorate during least.

In 1% of cases flourish since is used

But he has flourished since switching to the centre-forward role - despite initially not having been convinced he could make the transition.

In 1% of cases flourish alongside is used

Rise of the Evangelicals Churches flourish alongside these organisations -- some are also NGOs.

In 1% of cases flourish by is used

Centred on the monastries, Celtic art, learning and culture were flourishing by 800 CE and the monks had also established centres of learning and Christianity in many parts of Europe.

In 1% of cases flourish behind is used

Some students flourished behind bars in a place that, despite its regimentation and inanity, was safer than their home environments.

In 1% of cases flourish despite is used

Through embarking on his passion, he was able to flourish despite his adolescent awkwardness.

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