Prepositions after "float"

"float in" or "float on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases float in is used

I floated in a cloud for a good 2 weeks.

They float in the air around me, waiting to be rewoven.

These strings float in the water until the larvae hatch.

They like to sit on logs floating in the water or on the quiet side away from people.

Concrete thrust blocks weight down the pipe to stop it from floating in melted ground.

We both loved Spiritualized's 1997 album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space.

Being on the water in the dark is very surreal, and time seems endless as you seemingly float in the water to nowhere.

In this case rather than floating in the water, its lives on floating Sargassum weed, which also gets blown ashore.

A few moments later she slid through the opening in the top of the barrel which floated in shallow water near the quay.

I was successful in the transition into the energetic plane and I knew it because I saw myself floating in the bedroom.

In 18% of cases float on is used

Most pieces of pumice will float on water.

She remained silent, and the bark floated on to the sea.

They float on the top of the water and swim near eachother.

Just move a little slider bar and see your own images spin in 3D or float on a reflection.

This week's photo shoot finds the girls floating on a river raft in the wilds of Jamaica.

And parts of a char were visible in the foreground with a few boats floating on the water.

Cindy, you are my world, I am lost without you, I am a rudderless ship floating on stormy seas without you in my life.

I used to think that islands floated on the water and that you could swim beneath them, which was how plumbers fixed pipes.

The Blue Slugs entire life after the larval stage is spent upside down floating on its back buoying itself with its air sac.

Jane Hott allegedly bets 20 shillings that she can not be swum, but when put into the water she is seen to float on the surface.

In 9% of cases float around is used

On the other, there was the spectre of hell that floated around me.

Talk floated around the courthouse about a judgeship in his future.

Even when he's floating around the net with the puck, it's beautiful to watch.

There is just way too much testosterone floating around at the Poetry Foundation/Poetry.

There are tons of cool DIY projects floating around the web that we begin with the best intentions.

Dickens wouldn't be able to come up with the names floating around the festival landscape of Ireland.

These charts on female writers, book reviewers, and editorial staff have been floating around the internet for a few days now.

There are a bunch of other names floating around the Internets, but most of them seem like a ludicrous choice for a Star Wars film.

Reblogged this on Scouteradam's Blog and commented: Hello all: So, the KONY2012 Video is floating around Facebook, Twitter and anything else.

I continued helping this Professor with his research for the next year with the thought of graduate school floating around the back of my mind.

In 8% of cases float to is used

If neither, it shall be floated toward the end-edge of the reference area.

If neither, it shall be floated toward the start-edge of the reference area.

This property specifies whether a box should float to the left, right, or not at all.

The fat will float to the top and you can remove it or skim it off to use the stock for gravy.

If the binding is the end-edge, it shall be floated toward the end-edge of the reference area.

If the binding is the end-edge, it shall be floated toward the start-edge of the reference area.

Foam pads which were supposed to have been secured to the base of the water tank had floated to the surface before the drop.

Woodward was forced into the 180 foot deep water at the base of the Falls but was quickly freed where he floated to the surface.

The vehicle didn't float to its current location, so it follows that the intoxicated party drove it there, and may decide to drive again.

Second, the fo:float formatting object is used when an area is intended to float to one side, with normal content flowing alongside the floated area.

In 5% of cases float by is used

Awami Vikas Party (AVP ), a political outfit floated by former police officer Shamsher Khan Pathan, also took part in the protest.

This happened due to a party floated by jayaprakash narayan called Loksatta and praja rajyam by popular mass telugu actor chiranjeevi.

The Trust Fund can be strengthened, but not by any of the punitive proposals floated by those who would undermine or gut Social Security.

The nursing home worker planned to ride out the latest storm in his first-floor Rockaway apartment -- even after seeing cars float by his front door during Sandy.

In 3% of cases float toward is used

If neither, it shall be floated toward the end-edge of the reference area.

If neither, it shall be floated toward the start-edge of the reference area.

If the binding is the end-edge, it shall be floated toward the end-edge of the reference area.

If the binding is the end-edge, it shall be floated toward the start-edge of the reference area.

If the page binding edge is on the start-edge, it shall be floated toward the end-edge of the reference area.

I thought my heart would burst when I was when I realized that I was set loose and was floating toward the falls.

In 3% of cases float through is used

The smell of pancakes and bacon and maple syrup floated through the air.

But today above the ground and floating through a surreal landscape, I knew without a shadow of doubt that it was in Turkey.

It seemed the melodies of invisible spirits, such as the shepherd might have heard in the golden age, floating through the vales of Thessaly, or in the noontide glades of Paphos.

In 2% of cases float above is used

You float above a rotating spherical world.

You feel like you're floating above the action, but still connected to it.

A magnet can be made to float above a piece of superconducting material, as shown in the diagram below.

Also, parts of my Astral body started to move out of the physical body; thus I perceived arms and legs slowly floating above their physical counterparts.

In 2% of cases float upon is used

She spends hours floating upon the ocean, ears immersed, blocking out the sounds of the world around her.

In 2% of cases float like is used

Tunes are phrased and float like arias.

The Chinese workers have been floating like quicksand year by year.

In 2% of cases float into is used

No chatter or junk floating into my thoughts.

In this case, the region-end acts like a float into areas generated by the region-before (respectively, the region-after).

In this case, the region-start acts like a float into areas generated by the region-before (respectively, the region-after).

In this case, the region-after region-viewport-area acts like a float into areas generated by the region-start and region-end.

In 2% of cases float from is used

Wineglass in hand, I floated from one group of commiserating activists to another.

How far have we fallen? Or how far have we floated from the reality? Mykhe if you can do better than maybe you should be governor or president.

In 2% of cases float down is used

The logs were floated down the river, and the town was the main port from which they were shipped abroad.

Percy was wearing a life preserver and was able to floated down river the remaining distance to Lewiston, New York.

He and his partners built a boat at the headwaters of the Yukon, then spent the summer floating down the river, panning the sandbars at the mouths of the creeks that fed the river.

In 2% of cases float at is used

One other interesting thing about these slugs is that they lay short egg strings of 10-20 eggs which float at the surface until the larvae hatch.

Other animals your Aunt &; Uncle could try feeding their Glaucus with are Porpita and Velella, two little blue animals which also float at the surface.

When released, the barrel floated at an angle of 45, but everybody was afraid that an anvil fastened to the bottom would cause it to stick on the rocky ledges.

Animals such as these which spend their whole life floating at the surface of the water would not be able to attach their egg masses to the bottom or some hard surface like most nudibranchs.

In 1% of cases float away is used

That's why the ' sand ' is not floating away from the moon.

I can see in his eyes that he's floated away from the conversation, up up up in his dream.

In 1% of cases float off is used

He didn't try to steal her thunder, playing a tiny bit and floating off the stage after his little joke.

He transfers these to a glass separating funnel, filled with a concentrated solution of sea salt to float off the plastic particles.

In 1% of cases float out is used

I felt like I was floating out of my body.

In 1% of cases float over is used

This video shows the craft floating over the skyscrapers of Manhattan: On board, this floating palace was kitted out with the latest in design standards.

In 1% of cases float as is used

I realise that this particular topic is difficult to float as a theme for casual conversation, but still.

In 1% of cases float along is used

A well put together Maltese looks as if he is floating along the ground under a great cloud of white hair.

In 1% of cases float across is used

Eighty thousand balloons filled with Scriptures are floated across the North Korean border.

In 1% of cases float about is used

The Simpsons ' show-runner/writer David Cohen (He's usually the one with the mathematical symbols for his name in the opening credits) placed well know formulas floating about the third dimension.

In 1% of cases float with is used

I think this is optimistic and suspect $2k is more likely so I'd letting my holding float with a tight, trailing stop loss on it.

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