Prepositions after "flipping"

flipping through, over, between, to or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases flipping through is used

Kept flipping through the book.

I love flipping through the travel mags.

Now Hajrabai sat flipping through its pages.

Use two monitors so that you aren't flipping through papers during the webinar.

Back in the room, Eun Gyeol's got his foot up, and he's flipping through a book.

Her face showed she was searching her files, flipping through things one by one.

At this point I made a mental note to keep an eye open for his signature when flipping through my collection.

Stunned, you start flipping through the pages and discover that the pages FEEL like, but are n't, dead trees.

Lugburz, do you remember where those detailed breakdown posts were? I'll keep flipping through KS posts, but.

The smell of printed books is ecstatic; caressing its cover magical; flipping through its pages inspirational.

In 6% of cases flipping over is used

Ting said while flipping over my medical record.

She opened the first box and began flipping over the pages.

Both great for flipping over a new view of a story I'd very familiar with.

But it's my view that flipping over the work piece is a cardinal sin of precision.

Some of these problems could also be avoided by simply flipping over the work piece.

The car went out of control and after flipping over several times, landed upside down.

Today, flipping over one more time to see whether we have anything more to shift and alter the things around us.

He is also capable of flipping over the right side of the field which he did on occasion, typically late in games.

If you stir the air in a column (eg by flipping over Graeff's tube ), the air will gain some organized, bulk motion.

When I was 15, I was dating a girl and her father was flipping over the fact that I was a boy from a Muslim filmy family.

In 5% of cases flipping between is used

I have to to keep flipping between them.

Flipping between personalized and global results takes one click.

Try to avoid frequent flipping between day time and night shift work.

Flipping between the rugged 4x4 bassline style to the smoother 2-step style, the swing is key.

I never did come up with a satisfactory answer, always flipping between the two possibilities.

I close email &; twitter to write, or else I find myself flipping between screens instead of writing.

The new interface will allow quick flipping between different features like notes, tags, locations and notebooks.

It did get a bit confusing when they were flipping between the three dreams, but it was still pretty easy to reset.

Flipping between yellow and blue, often between outside and inside, the tones add emotional depth to various scenes.

Flipping between them, my impression was that SCR looks like IC with the letters squashed to leave more whitespace between lines.

In 5% of cases flipping to is used

Would not think of flipping to BSNBC or CNN, or the other cables.

I kept flipping to CNN and the US networks and they didn't have it.

Cook the asparagus until browned - keep flipping to brown each side.

I remember flipping to the class survey results when the yearbooks were handed out in Grade 12.

It has become almost like a habit for me over the past year, flipping to this blog site every time I go online.

First and foremost, I'd always on the computer, so it's easy to take a break by just flipping to an on-line text.

He was in the process of rotating out and flipping to the private sector after pulling his twenty-six years in uniform.

Flipping to Comcast cable service is an extremely cost effective solution for every one of the families in the Sacramento.

Once oil is heated, place your chicken and keep on heat until fully cooked (flipping to other side once one side is cooked).

But mostly, this ends the problem of CBS not flipping to a more exciting finish because it wants to stay with its national game.

In 4% of cases flipping from is used

Flipping from content marketing to journalism.

Instead of flipping from one state to the other, the change happens gradually.

After flipping from channel to channel, I finally settled for Entertainment Tonight.

Their movement is lightening quick, flipping from the floor to standing and whipping across the stage.

Lloyd has a great mixed voice and glides through difficult lines, flipping from chest to head voice with remarkable ease.

One evening, Patti had paid Shona a visit whilst I was at work and spent the entire night flipping from one personality to another.

Alan pulled the ultimate ninja move in flipping from being railed over a barrol by the unions to railing the gov't over the same barrol.

And for the marker? s sake remember that continually flipping from main text to appendix and back can detract from concentration on the argument.

Thus I peacefully passed the time, watching the little sand crab carry out his business, periodically flipping from my stomach to my back, and dozing.

Still, the bearded bloke in a bikini in the video below manages to prise some unlikely reactions from the CR observers flipping from webcam to webcam.

In 4% of cases flipping of is used

Randomisation was achieved by the flipping of a 1 euro coin.

We are dealing with a single party with the flipping of a coin.

Shun high society areas since flipping of house at these places will be tricky.

Sit on top kayaks: a very neat idea if one is uncomfortable with the flipping of the kayak.

The other notable moment is of course the flipping of an ugly hatchback across a broken bridge.

What do we know is the trigger to an Ice Age? Suns activity change? The flipping of the magnetic poles? No.

The less said about the flipping of Beats Audio the better - consumers don't buy phones for a decent sound system.

In water they cause 180 degree flipping of water molecules in synchronisation with the wave motion of the radiation.

This flipping of the proton from one magnetic alignment to the other by the radio waves is known as the resonance condition.

Part 4: The Muppet Show Again, flipping of pages to identify the codes of the cartoons, and then solving the Irregular Sudokus.

In 4% of cases flipping off is used

He says he remembers segments like flipping off cars and running around a lemon tree.

He's a bit off-balance, and Prior waits before flipping off the bails for a stumping inquiry.

You guys are basically flipping off all of us users who are trying to help you to fix these bugs we've found.

Most Colts fans were fairly well behaved, but there was an abundance of drunk girls cussing and flipping off Dol-phans.

Oh, I'd sure you interventionists thought you'd be greeted by flowers and sweets, instead of the thumbs up, flipping off you actually got.

Cary Elwes gets one in The Chase, as a smarmy newscaster who has to apologize to his viewers due to Charlie Sheen's flipping off the camera.

LU is a very excellent College but Because its Christian and conservative, Bill feels obliged to take is shots and in turn is flipping off all thise Liberty U.

When officers found the fellow, he was wearing pants but lying on the ground with his arms and hands extended upward, flipping off an invisible bird in the sky.

I mean, the population is hardly rising up against asset sales, and lets be honest, it's not like National is flipping off 100% ownership like those other pricks did.

In 3% of cases flipping on is used

Backflipping on this issue will achieve nothing.

Simply by not flipping on the air conditioner except if.

Romney of flipping on the taxpayer bailout out of the auto industry.

Backflipping on the issue is politically disasterous, but environmentally insignificant.

Perhaps the talk story would even include a cigarette flipping on the tongue demonstration.

We start the morning by flipping on the coffee maker and turning on the lights to read the paper.

Flipping on the hall lights, George began to move toward the Fairchild 71C, CF-AKT, which was closest to the door in the display area.

Those who find themselves keen on flipping on this your favorite songs a excellent sum are susceptible to the risk of decrease of reading.

The crucial element to make sure you flipping on this mystical abilities stored in the other eyesight is almost always to open it up upward in some.

I agree with the majority of the people in comments about Romney he seriously is lying and flipping on his policies when in reality he does not believe in that.

In 2% of cases flipping in is used

Flipping in the air lasted an age, so there was lots of thinking time.

If I will comment Homeshop18 is ' bad ' you guys will unnecessarily start flipping in the kart.

ET's review of the iPhone shows the advantage of scrolling over flipping in low bandwidth media.

The answer-situation itself is so superficial, that they even may not be aware of their flipping in a new position.

This is more necessary when fishing vertical over a small target such as a brush pile or flipping in close quarters.

Keeps your net secure and out of the way No more getting tangled in trees, trailing in the current, or flipping in your face when you bend over.

She'll need a lot more backflips before the next election though if she wants to mount a credible challange, but she's flipping in the right direction.

And he's here with a bang this Diwali - singing, dancing, flipping in the air - all in the mustard fields of Phagwara (that's in Punjab, FYI ), classic Bollywood ishtyle.

There would have been so much better brother tension achieved if they would have kept with PTSD Dean and Sam recognizing it and becoming more frantic about Dean's flipping in and out.

In 1% of cases flipping around is used

I think of McCain and his flipping around bad behavior to suddenly be ethics champion.

I only caught snippets of the show, usually while flipping around looking for something else.

Otherwise, you'll spend the whole night flipping around trying to locate the paragraph or quote under discussion.

The exceptions are in action movies, but even there women are taking over, flipping around big men twice their size (like that is realistic).

I've certainly seen enough chunks of the FANTASTIC FOURs and ELEKTRA and DAREDEVIL flipping around cable to know we made the right choice on those.

I normally have very low energy, but I just feel so rejuvenated after an hour and a half of flipping around -- not only from the exercise, but the amazing feeling of doing something I love.

In 1% of cases flipping for is used

Therefore, house flipping for cash makes for a sound investment.

It leads you through the entire process of site flipping for an absolute beginner to understand.

If you are going to try flipping for an algebra or prealgebra class, I would suggest using kahn academy and mathops.

Plenty of investors were/are buying distressed homes from MBS, flipping for a profit to new buyers via FHA financing.

In 1% of cases flipping into is used

There are many people who have decided to turn website flipping into a full time business.

There were 5 of them, right in the middle of the sea and they were flipping into the air in sequence.

The centre tip-toed down the touchline at searing pace before leaping and flipping into the corner to avoid going into touch.

The moment the boat impacts the dock, it goes flipping into the air in glorious slow-mo with Archer and Troy flying through the air in front of.

But if I was going to a ' Five Years ' moment it would be about the prospect of us flipping into another ice age (the next one is 1,000 years overdue).

In that particular scene, I was people-watching during the brief 10-second interlude in that awkward moment of flipping into another chapter of the book.

Quite out of character for each of us, my friend and I wordlessly created our own 2-person mosh pit, slamming one another, flipping into the air, no quarter given.

In 1% of cases flipping past is used

Minutes after flipping past the last page, my mind is still buzzing at how incredible it is.

But I did the same sorting digitally and now my skipping has more to do with what I am in the mood for rather than just flipping past the cruft.

To give Hennessy credit through, is the fact that the story buildup is so smooth and the pace so intense that flipping past the page become natural.

No need for months of prior election interest or doing anything other than catching bits of news by flipping past CNN or watching 15 min of The Colbert Report.

No need for months of prior election interest or doing anything other than catching bits of news by flipping past CNN or watching 15 min of the Colbert Report.

Americans used to flipping past the droning on in empty chambers that passes for legislative debate in this country are always taken in by the rowdiness of parliamentary skirmish.

In 1% of cases flipping thru is used

I just happened to be flipping thru the channels yesterday and watchged the Chris Matthews program.

The cover art flip browser (brought to you by CoverFlow ), that allows you to flip through the cover around as if you are flipping thru the photo album.

In 1% of cases flipping with is used

Allow to cook for 4 -- 5 minutes before gently lifting and flipping with a spatula.

Only once you have mastered the flipping with knife can you move onto pan flipping.

A job interview after ages of waiting, stomach flipping with nervous energy, feels this way.

The trend is changing on a day to day basis so hairstyles also keep flipping with the trend.

You don't have to type in the text or options; it's just the game of flipping with your fingers.

Small enterprises who need cash infusions within their corporations are flipping with ease to this very 120 month classic marketplace.

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