Prepositions after "flat"

flat on, with, for, in or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases flat on is used

Tyler was now flat on the ground.

Munsell falls flat on their face.

Feet should be flat on the ground.

ALLISON: A lot of the really big, ballyhooed superPACs kind of fell flat on their faces.

The result looks as follows (again, this is flat on the grid and only appears to be 3D).

Seeing me, he whipped his left arm behind his back and threw himself flat on the ground.

Myth If caught outside during a thunderstorm lie as flat on the ground as possible to avoid being struck by lightning.

The attempt to push for states against the background of the nation's current economic profile falls flat on its face.

Let's now suppose that frequency response is perfectly flat on your hi-end speakers when measured in an anechoic room.

If this generation falls flat on its face and suffers for decades due to their stupidity then I see it as a good thing.

In 16% of cases flat with is used

Got a flat with garden downstairs.

It is flat with a pressed in nature.

ASP remained flat with a 2% increase.

He also shares a flat with work colleague, Alec, who is more world-wise and extrovert.

First half, we conceded two in 20 minutes and started very, very flat with no impetus.

I booked my flat with them in one of their projects (Oceanus Ebony) in September 2004.

I could not understand why I would want to live in a flat with only one window or why the flat below had no windows.

The roof is flat with no slope at all as is the bootlid and the rear window is almost vertical with no curve at all.

If you are buying a flat with your extended family, your gross monthly household income must not be more than $12,000.

He offered to share his flat with me because he was due to leave soon and suggested I could take it over when he goes.

In 14% of cases flat for is used

We are almost flat for the year.

September was also flat for Ford.

The revelation fell flat for some.

Christy I believe it would be near impossible to find a flat for a short period of time.

The same can be said about his smashing, it goes down for a week, and flat for 2 months.

It's the human intuition and common sense that told us that Earth was flat for centuries.

And at other times it looks flat for three days and suddenly ball starts turning and keeping low on the last two days.

Some of your assertions are really spot on, but your overall post falls flat for me, as it seems extremely judgemental.

For this to be true, the proxy CO2 records that show it almost perfectly flat for the last 1000 years have to be wrong.

It is sized to fit at the head of your mat in a coiled binding so the pages open flat for easy visibility and reference.

In 13% of cases flat in is used

USA is almost dead flat in USHCN.

Film is held truly flat in the EL.

I sold the flat in 2011-12 for Rs.

Ajay had made a mistake thinking that he can assign the flat in Pune to anyone he wants.

When we are sad our voices become very low in pitch, very quiet and very flat in melody.

HNB?? s first core banking system ICAPS 2 implemented in 1989?? went flat in two years??

Lakehead came out extremely flat in this one, allowing two power-play goals by Steve Reese in the first three minutes.

All in all I really enjoyed Fourze but because it fell flat in places I'd gon na rank it below Kabuto but above Hibiki.

Also is it applicable for an apartment having 6 houses? I have booked a flat in April 2011, registered it in March 2012.

Citing a Labor Department report, Sparshott noted that: hours worked were flat in October for the fourth straight month.

In 6% of cases flat at is used

The 10-year yield is flat at 3.

US crude was flat at around $86.

BSL shares ended flat at 46 cents.

Confidence in Europe rose one point to 72 and Latin America remained flat at 98 index points.

The proportion of a single after tax pay needed to buy a first quartile house was flat at 54.

A piece of the Berlin Wall lays flat at the base of the centre freedom arch on the south side.

I will tell you my dim memories of what he said about the hierarchy of laws on this planet, which was flat at the time.

If they were flat at 5% as in 2007, then banks and investors could extend maturities with the possibility of capital gains.

I still had notions of getting back out on it for the summer but that dream went flat at the same time as the bikes battery.

Finance doesn't create jobs: in fact, the number of people directly employed by banks and others has remained almost flat at 1m.

In 3% of cases flat to is used

The world looks flat to our eyes.

The character just fell flat to me.

In my view, the OCR is flat to falling.

It's sensibility in the specific case is, like the novel's quality, somewhat flat to me.

That part appears flat, just as a small piece of the surface of the Earth appears flat to us.

Thus the universe was known to be flat to within about 15% accuracy prior to the WMAP results.

The fairy characters felt flat to me, because we only knew them in relation to the few things that Tara said about them.

The two most important releases for October, durable goods and income and spending, we're flat to negative in real terms.

Indian equity benchmarks were flat to positive in early trade on Monday, helped by FMCG, pharma and capital goods stocks.

Lower it gently flat to the floor, and then up end it so the heavy bit is at the bottom; it will then be relatively stable.

In 2% of cases flat against is used

Clacton fell flat against such armor.

The dollar was flat against the yen at 79.

Sterling was flat against the dollar at $1.

Too Small? The centre of the bra, between the cups, should lie flat against your body.

It came fast into the open with its nose up and its long horns held flat against its back.

Your baby's right arm needs to be slightly bent at the elbow and must be flat against their body.

They lay fairly flat against the head and don't have the necessary muscles for significant movement, mulberry outlet.

You can try to gently rap the baking sheet on your kitchen counter to make sure the batter is flat against the paper.

Currencies and commodities: The dollar gained against the euro and the Japanese yen but was flat against the British pound.

Scapula winging describes the position of the shoulder blade sticking outwards as opposed to being flat against the ribcage.

In 2% of cases flat as is used

My stomach went flat as soon as both my baby's came out.

In the same vein, the characters were flat as a pancake.

His shot was flat as a freshman in the Keno Davis system.

So your attempt at playing the oppressed, marginalised Christian card falls flat as a crepe.

The light rare earth elements (LREEs) are especially likely to fall flatter as Lynas Corp.

However this theory falls flat as the Kharod inscription mentions Indrabala as reigning monarch.

Usually, it will start going down within a matter of hours, and within 24, will be flat as a pancake and totally cover-up-able.

I don't blame them: he would have squashed them flat as a pancake if he fell off! Finally he stopped in the middle of the stage.

The FTSE 250 trading software group cautioned investors that full-year revenue would be flat as the tough stock market conditions continued unabated.

There's some nice harmonies, particularly at the end when Kurt joins in, but in what seems to be a trend this episode, the song falls flat as a whole.

In 2% of cases flat from is used

Output was flat from a year ago.

The team was flat from the get go.

They were flat from beginning to end.

The much-cited Piketty and Saez data show inequality relatively flat from the late 1940s.

Other faces have flat areas, but this one is flat from south to north and from top to bottom.

Imports from Southeast Asia the second top economic bloc were nearly flat from a year earlier.

Where was wengers leadership motivation tactical awareness the game was flat from us for 90 mins we didn't even have a good spell.

So, not only does the World appear to be flat from a phenomenological perspective, it is also flat from an Einsteinian perspective.

S &P; 500 earnings for the third quarter are flat from a year ago, even though a majority of companies have missed revenue expectations.

Last week Clearwire posted an operating loss of $333 million for the third quarter, on revenue that was roughly flat from a year earlier.

In 2% of cases flat over is used

But the site's traffic looks flat over the past year.

The market has been very flat over the past three sessions.

I can not leave it connected, cause it goes flat over night.

Both nominal and real effective exchange rates have been pretty flat over recent years.

Furthermore, employment growth looks as though it has been flat over the past nine years.

Even so, Treasury officials are expecting the economy to be flat over this year as a whole.

Roughly half of businesses expect it to be flat over the next year, while 10 percent of respondents expect it to fall.

Since Agriculture is the dominant sector in rural areas, then rural economy's growth rate has been flat over the last decade.

Corporate earnings, while positive, were not robust in Q3 and are expected to remain relatively flat over the next 12 to 18 months.

GDP is at about the same level as it was in the middle of 2010, so growth has been broadly flat over the last two years, the ONS said.

In 1% of cases flat without is used

She also complained of dyspnoea on lying down flat without a pillow.

DRIcore panels must lay perfectly flat without bounce or deflection.

It is a balanced, smooth, stable structure that lies flat without curl.

I think APS-c sensors can remain quite flat without much trouble versus film.

I hope I'd wrong about that, but Moore's adaptations are flat without the nuance.

You can even add the desired amount of medicine and lay it flat without spilling a drop.

A tubeless tyre of a car is flat without air, but on being filled in with air, it assumes its functional shape.

What we do notice is that we think we like the taste of salted food and consider that food tastes flat without it.

If you have a 100k you could outright buy a small house or flat without getting a mortgage in some parts of the country.

In 1% of cases flat across is used

In other words, the curve is flat across time.

SWR is flat across the 20m band, and is around 1.

Perhaps the key usage is generally flat across the data.

Seatbelt --- ensure that the strap is flat across the chest.

The route should basically be very straight and very flat across 1 highway, so pretty boring.

If they are brittle or tend to split, keep them flat across the top with smooth, rounded edges.

The exchange rates are fairly flat across all the banks but the hotel rates are considerably poorer.

A brick or other masonry unit laid flat across a wall with end surface exposed, to bond two wythes (Fig.

It was large, almost as high as his waist, with shaggy fur, and pointed ears pressed flat across its back.

A soleplate usually refers to the first piece of wood in a wall that lays flat across the foundation wall.

In 1% of cases flat since is used

Oil production has been flat since 2005.

The average global temperature trend has been flat since 2001.

Consequently, the stock market has been mostly flat since 2000.

China accounts for only 4% of global demand - and its imports have been flat since April.

Research based on Met Office figures pointed to temperatures having been flat since 1997.

Construction employment cratered in 2007 through 2009 and has been more or less flat since then.

Overall consumption was increasing until around 2000 and has been flat since then I will only eat organic sweet corn.

According to GISSTemp there hasn't been much movement either way in global surface temps (basically flat since 2003).

The trend in skilled vacancies has been flat since June 2012, although there has been some variation from month to month.

Until June 2010, the value has remained essentially flat since July 2008 despite the upheavals that have roiled the global economy.

In 1% of cases flat of is used

If you used enough pipe, it should be flat of the note you want.

Their system of income tax is one of the flattest of any country.

That is a contradiction in terms; and even implies the flattest of all contradictions, viz.

With only the bare essentials on wheels, the bikes can topple on even the flattest of surfaces.

It is tough even on the flattest of flat wicket and things are even tougher when a team stays under pressure.

SN, just like Gayle, Bravo, and Samuels in the innings gone past threw his wicket away on the flattest of tracks.

Is there muc Bear in mind, those years where during a period where normal cycles should have been flat of slight cooler.

Only Haryana, which was involved in the third and final tour game, had leg-spinner Amit Mishra as captain on the flattest of tracks.

The unit believes mental skills are imperative to help a bowler succeed in the flattest of all wickets which may provide no assistance whatsoever.

Pianosa The crossing from Marina di Campo to Pianosa takes about forty-five minutes, and as the name suggests, this is the flattest of the Tuscan Archipelago islands.

In 1% of cases flat like is used

It's flat like a table, hasn't got lakes, or stunning landscapes.

The weather is very calm, humid and the ocean is flat like a mirror.

I can see the moon, pressed flat like a coin against the map of the sky.

It's hard to know what to say to girls who are completely flat like what I was.

My tab has fallen face first on a number of times it has never fallen completely flat like the the video.

I rather it not be there and just leave the overall to be flat like the K-Swiss Blade-Foot Run or Blade-Light Run.

Johnson must be imagining Guam to be flat like Manhattan Island (NYC, NY) where I have lived for the past 53 years.

However, no matter how hard I try, my stomach will never be flat like someone with a similar build who had never been obese.

If the earth had been really flat like a pancake, the rise of the sun at one end of the world would have illumined the entire world in one instant.

But the tick, which had not been long in possession, was flat like a lentil not plump like a grape pip, and when it came to the lift slightly and twist, it simply slipped through the gap.

In 1% of cases flat during is used

Electricity production, which economists use as a proxy for growth, has been flat during 2012.

Second, Suppose there was no Fed, and the gold stock and monetary base had stayed flat during the 1920s.

There were no serious scholars (secular or religious) that believed the earth was flat during the Middle Ages.

In general, after commercialization, oil prices remained relatively flat during the early stages of production history.

If the Board of Regents or the State Legislature tells them to teach that the World is flat, the World is flat during school hours.

Strutt, Powerball's executive director, said sales largely stayed flat during the peak of the recession in 2008 and 2009, but picked up since.

Also, in general people's elec usage stays pretty flat during the year, but gas obviously increases during the winter and tails off during summer.

Tablets and smartphones dented worldwide PC shipments, which remained flat during the second quarter, according to research released by Gartner and IDC earlier this month.

How has the fund performed since we last talked in August 2010? Joe Foster: Gold stocks have had a tough time in the last couple of years and the fund was essentially flat during that period.

In 1% of cases flat by is used

Ayn Rand's characters are flat by comparison.

As a final note, the universe is thought to be flat by cosmologists.

The content of the show is becoming very flat by allowing this phenomena.

Don't want to see Minority Report Spielberg; that movie was mediocre and rather flat by Spielberg's standards.

The rout continued at the opening of trading Thursday morning, although it crept up to roughly flat by midday.

Starting with a drawing of a clown rolled flat by a steamroller, he turned to playing with perspective in the 1960s.

Despite all that craving for food before the trip, I was feeling rather flat by the end of it of all with the running and driving.

Martin revealed himself to have read widely -- quoting from the hot economics book of the moment, The World is Flat by Tom Friedman.

At the moment Im testing it flat because it has done so well in live play that I am curious and want to hand test about 50 of my live shoes flat before getting flat by a program.

Karl Maftoum wins the best use of online advertising, and Alistair Coe and Amanda Bresnan get honourable mentions for being in many places without seeming to be flat by the end of the day.

In 1% of cases flat between is used

Russ: Then it's flat between 1979 and 2007.

The price of bulk ice cream was broadly flat between the March 1990 and March 2007 quarters.

As regards the post industrial period, temperatures were fairly flat between 1850 and 1875 notwithstanding rising CO2 levels.

Google's market value was flat between 2006 to 2009, but hit the good times again once the US economy emerged from recession.

Although the fastest rate of growth needs to be taken in the context of UK retail sales being virtually flat between 2007 (August 2007 99.

For example, the rejection rate for good-faith editors was essentially flat between 2006 and 2010, but the survival rate fell from around.

Open interest for NYMEX October crude puts in the $80-$96/b range was flat between September 7 and September 17, when the contract expired.

Some hope: this is not even a toe-curling Brit feelgooder, but falls flat between comedy, domestic drama and even, heaven help us, serious issues.

Some cars are more efficient at 55 and some are more efficient at 25 and overall the average is pretty flat between the two, and certainly falling off above 55 and below 25.

What is your favourite food? Bean: Syrup! Or doughnut holes! I love doughnut holes! I can stick four of them in my mouth at once and then I smash them flat between my tongue and the top of my mouth.

In 1% of cases flat after is used

We were all flat after the game.

On most charts I see a spike upward then pretty flat after that.

By 2005, profits were flat after three years of double-digit growth.

Digital Camera- Battery becomes flat after 3-4 day switched off Hi I have a weird issue.

Breasts that seem flat after weaning usually regain firmness after several menstrual cycles.

But Ziaur (13) fell flat after hitting a six to bring in the Bangladeshi tail into the action.

In Australia, production is expected to remain fairly flat after the sharp rise last year, with just a small fall back.

In the 2009 Air France disaster, the whole plane was at risk because the aircraft fell flat after stalling, Mr Burfoot said.

I am still confused, however, about Mike's explanation for the Briffa and Osborne paper's curve appearing flat after 1950 AD.

That expense, however, comes at a time when the county's property tax base is flat after falling from a period of sustained growth.

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