Prepositions after "flash"

flash across, on, in, before or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 16% of cases flash across is used

Or when a notice flashes across the TV and you are to report immediately.

The word LIAR keeps flashing across my mind in rhythmic subliminal fashion.

YangYi slightly a grind, eyes flash across a fierce mans, heart beating fast, powerful force in ferment.

Once or twice during the night it was starkly silhouetted against the sky as burning meteors - the detritus of its descent - flashed across the sky.

Bom's sister starts out the performance with her cello piece, as pictures of the 2 sisters flash across the screen, and then breaks out into the tune of You &; I.

This finds expression in the unique combination of responsibility and pride that flashes across Yolanda's face as she prominently displays her high-scoring tests in the living areas of her home.

Pakistan based Jaish-e Muhammad's commander Masud Azhar's name flashed across the newspaper headlines in the sub-continent in December of 1999, when Indian Airlines flight number IC 414 was hijacked.

In 15% of cases flash on is used

All of a sudden sets of amber lights flash on the front and rear of the appropriate sleeve.

Rows of tiny but very bright white LED lights flash on the front and some red ones at the back.

Since then, I have not installed (or have immediately uninstalled) Flash on all computers I use for more than one hour per year.

These images were flashed on a screen, and the scan results suggest Alex may be able to recognize the faces of his family and his girlfriend, Jess.

With two huge screens up front cycling among the regional cable news and various TV news stations, the screams got louder every time the numbers flashed on screen.

Poldrack, then psychologists at the University of California, Los Angeles, showed 14 people various shapes flashing on a computer screen while playing them low and high tones.

He'd seen the images published by the science teams, but they were flat little representations that flashed on a datapad, no more threatening than an image of a lion or a supernova.

In 14% of cases flash in is used

I want them to flash in 10 different patterns.

Just as he turned, the number flashed in change.

Lal was about to console him when something flashed in his mind.

A) ' s sword flashed in such frenzy that he alone accounted for the death of many of the Quraish.

The Pistons selected Drummond, 19, ninth overall in the 2012 NBA Draft, based largely on the potential he flashed in his one year at UConn.

Glimpses of things I had just experienced at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital a few weeks earlier with my own daughter flashed in my brain in a horrible contrast to this place I was now seated.

In 11% of cases flash before is used

Beyonc's disappointed face flashes before his eyes.

As my back set itself down the rugged bedding, a portion of my past flashed before me.

I still get scared that my life is flashing before my eyes and i will not be able to enjoy it.

I am supposedly at the end of the line, yet I do not see any memories flashing before me, only regrets of an uncompleted dream hanging in the balance.

In 7% of cases flash at is used

The yellow was flashed at him by mistake during his first lap and he slowed to 160.

That Saturday the local hurling switchboard went into overdrive, lights flashing at venues throughout the county.

The flimsy material lets a lot of light through, and so as you pass through stations and built-up areas you get lights flashing at you.

A second later the bright light flashed at the mouth of the tunnel to deposit another passenger before returning to its normal, dormant state.

In 5% of cases flash through is used

A train of horrifying scenes started to flash through my mind.

That sheer grit and determination flashed through his eyes and throughout the trek, he never showed he was unhappy as he was smiling each time we looked at him.

In 4% of cases flash upon is used

Then they hurried through the little town and it all flashed upon his consciousness to a mighty pan of emotion.

In his choice of costume design, red and green, Swan dresses Beef in the same colors that flashed upon Winslow's stage in the first act of the film.

In 4% of cases flash for is used

Flash for cash, flash as in expectation of standard or even just flash with gadgets at hand (iPhone, laptop, etc).

Maybe there will be more memory flashes for the Julia here (hide spoiler) The end didn't leave me needing to read the sequel right away, but I definitely will once it comes out.

In 4% of cases flash to is used

Within minutes, accounts of the behaviour of a Muslim group in one part of the world can be flashed to another.

We past his crumpled vehicle as the lights of emergency vehicles flashed to the beat of the Beegees pumping in my trusty Subaru Loyale of the ' 92 vintage.

In 3% of cases flash around is used

And the images of the fallen hero that will flash around the globe will be sure to haunt the midnight nightmares of Henry Kissinger.

In 3% of cases flash with is used

Flash for cash, flash as in expectation of standard or even just flash with gadgets at hand (iPhone, laptop, etc).

In 2% of cases flash of is used

We look out of the window and all we can see are just flashes of scenery as we go past.

In 2% of cases flash over is used

Again a car lights flashed over us and we dropped to the ground.

In 2% of cases flash from is used

A lot of companies are moving to flash from java for their management interfaces.

You might think that the same should happen to light: Light flashed from a train should travel faster.

In 2% of cases flash by is used

I have been flashed by people even when only my low beams are on.

Just as the entrance flashed by I caught a glimpse of a warning notice about carbon monoxide.

In 1% of cases flash like is used

Cameras flashed like firecrackers.

In 1% of cases flash into is used

Tens of thousands of men, most of them economically very valuable, must keep watch day and night, prepared at any moment to flash into warfare again.

In 1% of cases flash under is used

Run the hot water taps, vacuum the floor, charge all those flat batteries, Let every light shine and blast the stereo to draw attention with Arc welding flashes under flood lights to boot.

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