Prepositions after "find"

find in, on, at, by or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases find in is used

Bian Yi Fang was found in 1855.

This is found in Psalm 32:1-11.

It can be found in the section.

One of the earliest illustrations of a harp was on a vase found in a Babylonian temple.

Avoid passwords such as family or pet names, birthdays, or words found in dictionaries.

This article highlights most of the challenges found in a bloated, over worked process.

Their craving for peanut butter and chocolate suggests that they are low in magnesium, which is found in these foods.

Placentas are a translating manifestation of mammals, but you are moreover found in numerous snakes and then lizards.

The layout and facilities found in a medieval monastery would not have been found anywhere else in England and Wales.

Vitamin K is abundant in kale but also found in parsley, spinach, collard greens, and animal products such as cheese.

In 15% of cases find on is used

This was found on blueprint-adl.

Cervus alfredi is not found on Bohol.

No suicide note was found on the man.

More details on how to return your item can be found on the back of your delivery note.

Extracts from it (some attributed, some not) can be found on hundreds of other websites.

Note that the Paperwhite no longer offers the audio support found on the Touch -- but we doubt anyone will miss that.

A good example is the PenTile display found on the Galaxy S III and the upgrade the screen got in the Galaxy Note II.

It was opened to the public in 1994 and visitors can now view one of the most spectacular plants found on the planet.

Civets - and rumour has it, the elusive Zanzibar leopard! Various species of mongoose can also be found on the island.

In 7% of cases find at is used

Information can be found at www.

Paper can be found at http: //www.

Any anomalies found at delivery (e.

Pages Follow my Buzz at tlainevool A feed could not be found at http: **35;6984;TOOLONG.

Pages Follow my Buzz at tlainevool A feed could not be found at http: **35;7021;TOOLONG.

If you like what you read then my personal blog can be found at http: **35;3597;TOOLONG.

Sensations are to be found at the boundary between the organism and the world and at the boundary of past and future.

The blessedness applies equally to those who are faithful unto death and those who are so found at the Lord's coming.

Free range chickens can be found at many stores, farmers markets, and most definitely at Whole Foods where I buy them.

Moving further along the BTS line away from Siam square are condos found at another centralized area of Bangkok, Asoke.

In 3% of cases find by is used

The crater was found by local residences.

He was found by German troops and taken prisoner.

I promise you I will NEVER be found by the system.

Previous shows are archived at YouTube and can be found by searching for Ellis by name.

I have scanned their business card and their contact details can be found by clicking here.

My university site (which contains syllabi and the like) can be found by following this link.

His cult received a boost when what was believed to be his grave was found by a priest, Lucian, at Kafr Gamala in 415.

A mobile website is an inexpensive way to make sure you are found by prospects and is a great retention tool for members.

There are 100 paragon levels to acquire, meaning that you can get up to 300% gold find and 300% magic find by the end of it.

This anomalously cold eastern North Pacific is in agreement with a semi-permanent La Nina-type condition found by Mann et al.

In 3% of cases find for is used

Blackman was not found for months.

Ms Recorder Moulder found for the claimants.

Many other uses have been found for the cerassee.

Information should never be kept? just in case? a use can be found for it in the future.

The snorkeling I did on May 28, 2009 was OK but I had to go out wide to find for nice spots.

Enough is enough; it's high time realistic solutions were found for London's airports mess.

We dunked every waterproof camera we could find for our roundup this past spring, and one camera rose above the rest.

Which search phrases ' do you want to be found for? We'll automatically weave these into the fabric of your website.

There should be absolutely no government posts at home nor overseas found for any individual from this putrid slurry of pus.

In 2% of cases find with is used

This code is found with all of your.

He was found with the book still in his lap.

He found with the Netherlands and Sweden allies determined.

In fact, in the real sense, only a few people you will find with the right information.

Clay Pot Rice can now be found with a variety of meats or seafood, from beef to ostrich.

I find with spotify that I never listen to something twice, just move on to the next thing.

I find with the window (only slightly) open I can relax and drift off, however he's somewhat convinced it makes him ill.

Team for the womb, form or fuel, is a boric secret charter that consists in plague strategies that are found with turn.

It can be created from chess pieces that very rarely drop from monsters or that can be found with bosses in the Derelict House.

So far, no star has been found with activity with periods matching planets outside of the sonic point: http: **35;5239;TOOLONG.

In 1% of cases find within is used

It is an innate power that can be found within us.

There is an amazing power found within one's spirit.

More than 60% of flowering plants can be found within them.

With a good map you will find within all these tiny streets and footpath the market area.

This is when the green coloured pigments or chlorophyll found within the leaves begin to fade.

Great - now I've got an older version that's easier to find within the tool than the current master.

Prior to Malaysia Day, the Borneo States exercised powers over petroleum found within its extended boundaries, i.

Initially, if oil was found within the boundaries of a State in the Federation of Malaysia, it is owned by the State.

There are a series of over 18 Quick Guides available in French that summarize the main strategies found within the book.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All rights to the pages found within this site are retained by the original submitter of the information.

In 1% of cases find about is used

I wish he would be more interested in finding about it.

I also found about GetJar, which runs on the Fire as well.

To get more good fitness boot camp exercise data find about a real boot camp.

The most interesting thing I've found about test coach camp is it's structure.

Before reaching a chocolate bar remember that there are much to find about food and our body.

But one thing i found about ga people is that its ga way and are not really open to hearing about alternatives.

One of the hardest things I find about working for yes men is that what they want changes on the **29;4689;TOOLONG etc.

WHEN his personal background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing could be found about him, people said it didn't matter.

Click here to find about KLICE's Public Leadership Programme for students and for professionals in Law, Healthcare, Politics and Business.

A casual survey of my graduate students, teachers and librarians will show that they find about new books from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

In 1% of cases find under is used

In general, they can be found under Settings.

Small change can often be found under seat cushions.

Additional notes will be found under Churches history.

They range from tiny ones found under rocks to larger ones that roam out in the open.

Please read the Care and Maintenance Guide in detail found under the Support and Warranties section.

My nephew stopped believing when he got the presents he had found under his mother's bed weeks before.

Tropical and temperate reefs are home to a huge diversity and abundance of species, but are found under very different conditions.

Another problem seems to be that oil deposits are found under the engine, and nothing seems to be leaking, no oil or gearbox oil, etc.

These judgments will be reported in their entirety with short introductory notes, and can be found under the country name, in alphabetical order.

In 1% of cases find to is used

Although several different species of Babesia have been found to infect humans, B.

This is the closest app we can find to Mountain Lion's changes and is virtually identical.

He came out slowly to find to his utter surprise that all the guards were in a state of hypnotic sleep.

Patients found to have coinfection should be treated with additional antimicrobial therapy, as described above.

Report back to your boss with the solutions you found to the problems that were identified before you went to A4U.

Woodlands are found in the central area of the park, while perennial grasses and acacia woodlands are found to the south.

Other species of Babesia have been found to cause disease in California and Washington State (WA-1) and Missouri (MO-1) 373, 374.

The combination of pentamidine and **29;6316;TOOLONG was found to be moderately effective in clearing parasitemia and symptoms due to B.

It is with this in mind that We hope a solution will soon be found to the Vietnam war which has caused untold suffering to the Vietnamese people.

In 1% of cases find throughout is used

They are found throughout the city and suburbs.

Hand C is found throughout the majority of the text.

His writing can be found throughout the internet, and is.

Gravity is one of the four types of forces that are found throughout the universe.

Small exclusive tables decked out in similar fashion can be found throughout the room.

Although most common in music, examples of collaboration are found throughout the art world.

Common as cabbage The hardy Cordyline australis, found throughout New Zealand, was known to M? ori as t? k? uka.

The Rabbit: The Rabbit was introduced into Ireland by the Normans in the 13th Century and is found throughout the country.

Now, the majority of Haunted Houses found throughout the Province aren't exactly the best for anyone with heart conditions.

Not to mention the easier integration potential for Skype on the plethora of media devices found throughout the modern home.

In 1% of cases find through is used

Almost all jobs these days are found through networking.

Additional fire information can be found through Inciweb.

The expected result of different judgements can be found through calculation of the geometric mean.

I read an interview by Vivek (found through google search ), which was given for (I think) Osho Times.

Our vision is to deliver best value that business can find through partnering in Strategy, Organization and People.

However, these files can't be found through search engines, only users with the exact URL have access to the files.

Her college has provided some of those days: others she found through sources such as the British Library and Vitae.

Yet, even a very small leak can be found through trying a few simple techniques and can save you from a nasty surprise from your local utility company.

Kittredge found through his own research and experimentation that nutrient-rich soil results in better tasting, healthier produce and fewer pests as well.

In 1% of cases find of is used

Then states No assignments found of record.

What examples from each can you find of this intensely ironic treatment? Having located these examples, are they similar in tone and spirit (i.

In small island states in the Pacific, many successful examples can be found of local level management of small-scale fisheries drawing on customary rights and traditions.

Normally, a prospect will start with what gangs consider the small stuff: breaking into people's homes, stealing anything they can find of value, and often damaging people's homes.

The first use in English that I have found of the term ' sacred cow ' as a description of the recipient of that long-standing Hindu veneration is in an American newspaper from the 1850s.

In 1% of cases find from is used

The money had to be found from government sources.

Other reports may also be found from the Committee's homepage.

What I have found from your site, it is actually highly content.

Your finding pretty much agree with what I've found from working on Wikipedia for a year or so.

If you need more motivation, here are ten reasons I've found from my all time favorite Glamour Magazine.

What I find from the record is that the suit property has been properly described by Dag number as Dag No.

The circle number c1, can then be found from So which which is the same result derived using the approach in Task 10.

To see some of their discoveries (and find out how you can own them ), visit the Abandoned Finds From Oil City gallery.

Step 4 Now ' divide ' the shapes using the option in the ' Pathfinder ' palette (found from the ' Windows > Pathfinder ' menu).

In 1% of cases find between is used

However, very close relationship was found between 0.

Soft corns are painful scaly plaques found between the toes.

No differences were found between men and women, pain, or income.

It is found between the two bones of the lower arm and about two fingers width above the wrist.

But if there are few books to be found between the sofas, today's youngsters will never even read.

A strong correlation was found between decreasing gestation and increasing risk of poor health outcomes.

Conversely, we would expect Mars to be relatively inactive if a settlement could be found between the two sides.

Adding to this unease are strong links found between the shipments, implying the smuggling operation is highly organized.

Interestingly, no significant difference was found between the groups in relation to education levels or employment status.

However, very close relationship was found between this extractant and conventional soil testing method for P with (p<0.

In 1% of cases find around is used

The answers can be found around my blog.

I also need a better idea of where they can be found around Australia.

Food can be found around the world, in breakable objects or by killing enemies.

You can stop along the way to read exhibit panels about wildlife found around the river.

I was most anxious to see what kind of young man with a car had been found around these parts.

By September of 1923, hundreds of sushi carts or yatai could be found around Edo, now known as Tokyo.

There really is a significant problem with the amount of dog mess that can be found around the streets of Gorseinon.

A number of different versions of the Gilgamesh Epic have been found around the ancient Near East, most dating to the seventh century BC.

The real foundation in diversity is to be found around a personal financial plan and determining how much an investment return is required.

Spa complexes can be found around the border crossings with Hong Kong, so as to cater to the relatively rich Hong Kong population looking to unwind.

In 1% of cases find among is used

Inadequate intakes were found among 15.

It is also found among the tribals in Bangladesh and Nepal.

By far the highest rates are found among the elderly population: 2.

The tall poppy syndrome is something rarely found among many other cultures.

There is the Rainbow Serpent, an archetypal Creator Being found among tribes inheriting the Central Desert.

She exudes a deadpan civility that would be hard to find among the aggressive, impatient, prosecuting QCs of the British system.

Another characteristic we find among them is that they were more concerned with their own shortcomings than with the shortcomings of others.

The set of three medals or at least the British War Medal and the Victory Medal are the most likely medals to be found among family heirlooms.

People suffering from bipolar disorder also exhibited similar high risks, and there was no difference found among people from different races.

The first clay tablets naming him were found among the ruins of the temple library of the god Nabu (Biblical Nebo) and the palace library of Ashurbanipal in Nineveh.

In 1% of cases find along is used

Low clouds are found along the top portion of the notch.

There's a giant maize maze with clues to find along the way.

Some eateries and shops can be found along Upper Aljunied Road.

Oceanic crust is made of younger rocks like the ones found along the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

Fishing filament, or line, is threaded thru the ferrules (eyes) found along the flexible rod.

Details of toilet facilities can also be found along major travel routes and for shorter journeys as well.

This type of prickly pear is still found along coastal areas of New South Wales, and is classified as a noxious weed.

When I start a project I am open to what the subject might suggest or what I might find along the way to inform the outcome.

A: Mineral sand deposits are found along the eastern coastal belt from Mulaitivu to Pulmoddai and from there to Kotuwakambi.

Ancient site at Kantalai: (Tract 13 of Kantalai sugar farm) At this site two broken Buddha statues were found along with guard stones.

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