Prepositions after "finance"

finance by, for, from, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases finance by is used

It is financed by a designated tax.

It has to be financed by taking on more debt.

This was financed by net foreign loans of 100.

Many of the mega projects, like flyovers, are also financed by the Sindh government.

The construction is partially financed by China who has loaned Transeft 10 billion USD.

Just because it was financed by American tax payers doesn't make it an American product.

Sesan in response revealed that the whole project is being financed by the Ekiti state Government and would gulp 1.

One possibility is that its original construction was financed by British capital, which influenced the track plans.

Today, Ipsos Reid issued the results of a survey of 1,038 adults financed by Canwest News Service and Global National.

They were egged on across the Palk Strait by selfish leaders in Tamil Nadu, many of whom were being financed by the LTTE.

In 12% of cases finance for is used

HBO doesn't require legislation to provide financing for its existence i.

Financing Before getting started, you will need to secure financing for your business.

Increase access to financing for small businesses and thus expand entrepreneurial opportunities.

These loans are quick and easy cause of financing for that needy people who are owning some sort of funds disaster.

The US had far too much productive capacity devoted to houses and cars, because consumers could obtain financing for them easily.

Businesses faced with rising orders will want to build inventories or even expand capacity, and would seek bank financing for that.

It was the highest sales total since late 2007, as the lending markets strengthened, supplying the needed debt financing for deals.

Oh and her uncle wanted my brothers finance for his son and she rejected so they are doing all they can to hate or even break them up.

It is the largest multilateral sources of loan and equity financing for private sector projects in the developing countries and world.

Established in 1956, IFC is the largest multilateral source of loan and equity financing for private sector projects in the developing world.

In 12% of cases finance from is used

Her name is Faith, a graduate of Banking and Finance from the University of Benin.

In August 2008, Mercury's parent company, Mercury Energy, secured financing from Oppenheimer &; Co.

The Fund will be financed from the cash contributions, of up to 110 million, offered by the religious congregations.

AAR Health Services is another MIP expected to convert into an insurance firm, with financing from a private equity firm.

He holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and finance from Dublin City University and is based with his family in Kingston, Jamaica.

In some cases imports are also financed from Pakistan's cash foreign exchange resources pending signing of the relevant loan agreement.

These groups were financed from the beginning by the west and its closst ally, Saudi Arabia to fight secularism in the Arab world and they did so successfully.

In the US, there is not a lot of demand for bank financing from businesses, which already have a great deal of cash, have underutilized capacity and are facing weak demand.

In 10% of cases finance in is used

Lyn Cacho-dela Cruz is our Administration and Finance in Manila.

Households continue to be the major source of health financing in Nigeria.

Home equity loans have become a popular source of car financing in recent years.

The success of microfinance in Pakistan is widely acknowledged by the international community.

Then we liberalized our bond and sukuk market to allow foreign businesses to raise financing in our market.

Here lies the story of how communism and socialism are financed in the United States, where they get their money.

The just released World Bank report on health financing in Ghana exposes the NPP's deceit about the NHIS even more.

To help private companies in the developing countries of the world mobilize financing in international financial markets.

The United States Experience Leasing is the most widely used method of personal property financing in the United States today.

Earlier, he held several senior positions in district administration and Departments of Health and Labour and Finance in the State Government of West Bengal in India.

In 4% of cases finance to is used

It was former President Premadasa and his armed forces provided arms and finance to Terrorists.

In this capacity he was directly responsible for implementing a wide range of initiatives to attract foreign direct investment and provide financing to Iraqi companies.

In 3% of cases finance through is used

All this building was financed through bank lending.

All this extravagance was financed through borrowing.

The activities of the foundation are financed through the publication and sale of Pope Benedict's works.

Dutch company BelCash is focused on mobile banking, working in partnership with banks to provide easier access to finance through bank accounts.

However, if you are financing through FHA you have to pay the PMI for the first few years (this has changed recently, so check) no matter how much you put down.

NUBS Malaysia has had more than a decade's experience in providing international quality teaching and scholarship in various areas of business, management and finance through its.

For this reason, the small number of programs for supported volunteerism that have been created in Canada have tended to be financed through special grants, usually from government.

In 3% of cases finance with is used

I remember discussing film financing with a guy in the City of London.

Usually taking the rebate and financing with your credit union is really the better deal.

As part of the government agreement, the Kotokuraba market will be financed with the loan provided by China EXIM Bank.

It is financed with funding secured by the Ghana Government from the French Government, through Agence Francaise de Development (AFD).

This was helped by adding 20 half bursaries to the 40 full bursaries that we had originally planned to finance with donor funds this year.

Also, ford dealers wouldn't have to be financed with Ford Credit, and in addition, many dealers are multi brand and multi franchise sites.

The global financial crisis has given more credence to alternative forms of financing with new models like online shopping site Float Money or even more futuristic concepts like Bitcoins.

In 2% of cases finance at is used

Alexandra Gardiner is Vice President, Finance at Perseus.

He was a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Business Studies and Finance at the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka and holds a B.

The course is integrated and structured so that students will study the fundamentals of management, accounting, and finance at HND level (which is equivalent to stage 1 &; 2).

In 2% of cases finance on is used

We need financing on a simular scale.

A great example is using seller financing on a property you want to sell.

In 2% of cases finance via is used

Church finances and upkeep of all old buildings can be financed via taxes, since everyone is a member anyway.

A last minute reprieve came in the form of additional logistical support and finance via international actors, but even with that support, the outcome of this process still lies in the balance.

In 1% of cases finance instead is used

If you are really good at rehabbing properties, you may decide to sell one every now and then using seller financing instead of selling it for cash.

In 1% of cases finance out is used

At present, it is financed out of annual bengoshi practising fees, but this will not allow it to develop educational programmes of sufficient scale.

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