Prepositions after "fight"

fight for, against, in, with or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases fight for is used

I fight for that social equity.

You will fight for your survival.

They had to fight for that right.

Now she has breast cancer, she continues to fight for awareness and for understanding.

It's like you feel you have to fight for survival no matter who you step on to get it.

Two moves earlier Gata Kamsky could have tried to fight for an advantage by playing 19.

But I am glad that I am fighting for Imam Husain and am going to be martyred by people who are on the wrong path.

The list of attendees was overflowed and there was a commotion at the reception fighting for seating arrangement.

THEN the politicians would have to get votes by fighting for the working people instead of the drains on society.

We had to fight for food, and when there were no internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, we had to rely on looting.

In 13% of cases fight against is used

I've seen us fight against cuts to the arts.

I don't want to fight against our own people.

Our fight against this DEBATE has been fulfilled.

World Neighbors believes that we can not afford not to fight against poverty abroad.

I view oppression and injustice in any form as wrong and something to fight against.

They fight against unarmed populations; most of their victims are women and children.

Fighting against all odds, they must free the land from the grasp of the evil tyrant Raven and save the world.

Because my songs were inspiration and motivation for South African people who were fighting against apartheid.

We trained bin Laden to fight against the USSR, we had boots on the ground there as well, CIA boots at the least.

In 13% of cases fight in is used

The civil war wasn't fought in 1870.

We fought in the court for 11 years.

The election is fought in your name.

Even with Sugardaddy fighting in their stead, they're not on this side of the Ocean.

If we're only showing up to fight in the election booth, we've already missed the battle.

The officer and Wudtee allegedly began fighting in the 3600 block of Gwynn Oak Avenue.

In the book it was Gimli that fought in there, but concept for the movie had Eowyn defending the women and childred.

With the intent to fight in opposition to this problem, anti-drug operations have been equally launched in full force.

But for the sake of argument, let's imagine the Turf Club has a cast-iron case and decides to fight in the High Court.

These learning materials reflect the history and personal experiences of Canadian Veterans who fought in this battle.

In 11% of cases fight with is used

I would enjoy to fight with him.

He would only fight with Arjuna.

We're fighting with one another.

My parents keeps on fighting with each other there is so much tension in our house.

His companions ran to his rescue and took his body away and started to fight with Habib.

Its members fight with each other (India vs Pakistan, Iran vs Iraq) and NAM does nothing.

Fight with a bite One of the most random things my friends and I have argued about is Taylor Swift versus Twilight.

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

There were hard-won battles, fought with demonstrations, sit-ins, court decrees, elections and scholarly articles.

We must wake up and see that while they cause us to fight with each other and divide us they are taking our freedom.

In 4% of cases fight on is used

Fighting on Gallipoli soon settled into a stalemate.

And suddenly, the survivors were fighting on a live show.

You may come across a couple of them fighting on a branch.

At the same time, the troops fighting on the city wall and entered the urban district.

But the brave soldiers began fighting on foot and the fight dragged until the afternoon.

Do people really fight on roofs? Why can't they give us a good mattress to fall on? But no,.

We have so many other far worse politicians and policies to criticize besides the people who are fighting on our side.

Chiefs like Mamponghene, Nsutahene and Agonahene, who were appointed by the British even fought on the side of the British.

The pre-Incan Uru people have lived in isolation on these reed islands for centuries to escape fighting on the main land.

In 2% of cases fight at is used

He is taken to fight at Balaclava.

Few who fought at Mons survived the war.

Not everyone can/will/wants to fight at the macro level.

My normal weight was 135 pounds, it would have been reasonable to have fought at 125 pounds.

So, if you allow no more than 8% loss of weight for athletes I should have fought at 125lbs.

And who do HRI want to avoid fighting at all costs? That's right -- the leading owners and trainers.

Of course, one could point to combats still raging around the world, but they seem to be fought at a more remote distance.

While the Free State fought at every turn to affirm her independence and sovereignty, she was still a dominion of the British Empire.

Certainly Mitchell goes back to the drawing board from here, but i wonder if it's just too late for him to learn to fight at the elite level.

In 2% of cases fight between is used

A fierce battle was fought between them.

There were also tourneys (fights between teams).

What is there to fight between ourselves as we are all malaysians.

Fighting between the Welsh tribes and the Romans continued for years.

The majority of these conflicts are fought between civilians using illicitly owned guns.

Days of fighting between the Rakhine and Rohingya ensued, bringing the official death toll to 78.

In Africa, war is usually fought between impoverished nations and people, and in any case rapidly impoverishes them.

The Wadi Sayeh area - inhabited by Christians and Sunni Muslims - is still at the center of fighting between the army and rebels.

The chieftains of Leinster came with their kings into the battle; and bloodily and heroically was the battle fought between them both.

Egypt has been leading international efforts to broker a truce to end five days of fighting between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza.

In 2% of cases fight by is used

There was a war being fought by many sides in Eastern Congo no doubt.

No white man fighting by the side of an Indian will be taken prisoner.

Um Umara was well known for having fought by the Prophet's side and shielded him from enemies.

We are not going to fight by carrying guns and weapons but the government needs the support of CAN.

The Crusades were thus more of a mass movement than a war fought by a trained army with a well thought out plan.

It was fought by Allied (United States and Australian) and Japanese aircraft against four different major groups of warships.

It was fought by people with deep Christian convictions about the dignity and freedom of every person made in the image of God.

Aside from the official backing of the families fight by Everton FC the fans have also been particularly vocal in their support.

He plans to be ready to fight by February's Super Bowl weekend show and believes a match up with Lyoto Machida is in the offing.

Kenyan Border Region Intertribal clashes, clan disputes and banditry are common in this region and are fought by both Ethiopian and Kenyan security forces.

In 2% of cases fight over is used

We have fought over many issues, Sandipan.

My brother and I fought over it it was so good.

We were punching and fighting over this knife.

That leaves New Orleans, Tampa, Minnesota and Seattle fighting over the last spot.

Even fights over gas cylinders are noiseless, with people clashing with their hands and eyes.

But I was in Selfridges and there were two kids and their mum fighting over the trading cards.

Before the crash, Hammett and the bass player had fought over the sleeping bunk, with Burton winning the argument.

Then American businesses spend their resources fighting over patent infringement and thievery by foreign businesses.

People are fighting over it -- in very deadly mode -- even before a drop of the stuff has reached the surface from down below.

In 2% of cases fight to is used

I opined that the nominees fought to a draw.

I am proud of the way we fought to the bitter end,? said Taylor.

The armies fought to a standstill, and Ali was forced into arbitration.

But Our spirit remains and we will fight to the death to save our Earth that you so despise.

I have a negative K/D spread by over 200, but I still fight to the finish with the best of the best.

Meanwhile, he made an order that recruiting all men who were older than 16 years old and prepared for fighting to death.

Just tese simple deals with money in bank would make all the difference to fighting for glory as against fighting to holding ground.

They had to fight to the death, and solve puzzles, to earn their freedom and get home, but there was one more thing that had to be done.

In 1% of cases fight about is used

Both sides will fight about everything.

People are funny when they start fighting about politics.

It may be that we weren't really fighting about the dinner dishes.

It costs more for sure, but it's worth every penny for every day we don't fight about the stupid GD laundry.

While he was doing that, Paul and Keith were now together outside fighting about Paul's Irish teaching to George.

We no longer fight about money, now that we're no longer in a situation where there just wasn't enough of it to go around.

Occasionally she balked about going to class, but that was mostly from fighting about the need for a nap earlier in the day.

Because we don't fight about one Thing-I just have meltdowns about the disaster that is my future home haha! Although, maybe my iPod is The Thing.

The problem, of course, is that it's a financial/class issue at some point -- we have a large house with a dishwasher so we don't fight about dishes or where to put things.

In 1% of cases fight alongside is used

It's an honor if you want to fight alongside the Sentinels, young elf.

His militia had first fought alongside al Qaeda in Abyan before siding with the government.

They became rather good at it and a later Lord Roger Clifford fought alongside Henry III at Battle of Evesham.

Members of brigades still come to take away people they believe to have fought alongside Gaddafi, Marwa added.

Those leaders, including Ahmed Abu Khattala and Mohammed Ali Zahawi, fought alongside other commanders against Col.

I'd playing as a Charr Ranger; that is, a cat-creature who can tame animals and turn them into pets who fight alongside me.

They fought alongside the Allies from the landing in Sicily in July 1943 to the invasion of Germany in 1945, with great loss of life.

Eating, drinking, talking and fighting alongside the soldiers, Steinbeck's empathy for the common man is always in evidence in these pieces,.

The Lib Dems support these initiatives (while complaining about the detail) and have fought alongside the Tories to keep Sheffield's City Airport.

Foreign jihadists For years, foreign jihadists have fought alongside local Somali militants to topple the internationally recognized government in Somalia.

In 1% of cases fight amongst is used

They don't want us to be fighting amongst ourselves.

It is in their interest to keep us fighting amongst ourselves.

So, friends, comrades, colleagues: yes, we can fight amongst ourselves, but that's letting these clowns win.

Many such days followed and there were times when we would even fight amongst ourselves after singing dischord.

They fight amongst themselves, and in the process trounce all over the basic tenants of faith that we all agree on.

Until then we can expect a number of politicians and organizations fighting amongst each other to help them get in power.

A nation of healthy people united for the same effort will leave the greedy individuals fighting amongst themselves in the dust.

My concern is that Pakatan Rakyat will instead fight amongst themselves over seat allocations, which will allow Barisan Nasional to retain Sabah.

Until then, the fighting amongst the Arabs has allowed the American and European companies to take over the oil reserves while the fighting has carried on.

In 1% of cases fight like is used

Come out and fight like a man you big girl's blouse.

Anasterian: Get back here you mindless one and fight like a man! Ughh.

At least Veniez fought like a champ and did so until the very last minute.

Boko Haram are a bunch of faceless cowards who can not even come out and fight like men.

They also fought like lions, in many cases going against bullets with their bare chests.

Even in the face of death, the policemen braced up to the challenge and fought like gallant men.

I will fight like hell at the expense of myself, but it's taken me a long time to realize that this quality is rare.

I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding! You fight like a younger man, with nothing held back.

If you fight like Floyd Mayweather, relying on timing and angles and reflexes, and spend a long time out of the ring, your timing becomes totally shot.

Sabre throw/taunt or force leap/sweep to get the party started then fight like hell to keep the party clean without class-custom bells &; whistles is a fun challenge for me.

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