Prepositions after "feel"

feel like, about, for, at or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases feel like is used

I feel like weighing in myself.

I feel like an indomitable lion.

This felt like being an insider.

I feel like I should say something more positive, but this is how I've experienced it.

We really don't want it to feel like a game made about America by American developers.

Don't ever feel like you need to be with some person no matter how bad they treat you.

When I hold her arms, she kicks me in the shins so hard it feels like someone is smashing a baseball bat into them.

I feel like they deserve very slight favouritism, but that potential ' playing not to lose ' mindset has me worried.

I feel like she's just someone who randomly came home from the bar and decided to parade around looking like my mom.

I am so confident about the success of this idea that I feel like selling my house and investing in this technology.

In 10% of cases feel about is used

It's exactly how I feel about it.

I don't know how to feel about it.

Not quite sure how I feel about it.

We met with Kim and asked how he feels about his appearance on the historical series.

Are you serious right now? You have NO idea how I feel about Liberty and her children.

You would need to talk to your neighbours and see how they feel about it as I plan to.

Yet the survey reveals a gap between how Americans feel about their food and what they really know about their food.

After the identification with confusion, ego begins to explore how it feels about the formation of this experience.

And she's finally realised how she feels about Kevin, just as it's too late! I feel for her, even if you lot don't.

Q: 10 years on, how do you feel about the situation in Bali today? 10 years on after the bomb, normalcy has returned.

In 6% of cases feel for is used

I feel for all of you out there.

I so felt for these individuals.

I do really feel for you, I really do.

I will have to confront the animosity that many people feel for the term ' spiritual '.

We empathize, feel for each other, yes, that is finally what we have learned how to do.

Make noises and let your body language give her an indication of how it feels for you.

Something about their lost quality, and their intimations of mortality, demand that we feel for them, that we connect.

I have also contacted the manawatu police and will be talking to them again on monday to get better feel for the area.

I also asked you to write down your word and look at it and live with it for a week to determine how it feels for you.

Both options will give you a good feel for the ecommerce world while you build up your stock of products and customers.

In 5% of cases feel at is used

We'd finally feel at home in the woods.

I feel at the moment it is all very ad-hoc.

After rebalancing yourself you feel at ease.

All this will make your employees more relaxed and feel at ease around you as their boss.

If they do shorter sits they should be flexible and able to feel at home wherever they go.

Everybody is so warm and friendly with international students that it makes one feel at home.

This should not just be how you feel at the time, but how the side effects change when you are not seeing your doctor.

As I'd standing here as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, you may imagine what I'd feeling at this time.

This was read to mean that Sauvignon only felt at home in cold climates (have you been up the Loire without a jersey?).

It is our desire to open and operate a night shelter where the homeless can come and feel at home when evening draws near.

In 5% of cases feel in is used

That amount of pain I feel in my heart.

That you feel in your bones, in your soul.

Or maybe he just needs to feel in control.

I knew how we felt in the dressing room, but I also realised how England must have felt.

Keeping things because of a sense of duty, or guilt, is no way to feel in your own home.

The happiness felt in the everyday lives of ordinary people is one meaning of happiness.

Bela Lugosi's presence is barely felt in the film, though his name was no doubt used to draw people in to the cinemas.

The quake was not felt in the larger cities of Victoria or Vancouver in the south, a resident in each city told Reuters.

She reminded him of the mother who bore him, and dwelt forcibly on the happiness she must feel in possessing such a son.

This has been perpetuated over the decades and attracted the type of managers who feel in control in such an environment.

In 3% of cases feel to is used

Kinda has a Garbage feel to it.

Sir I want to express my heart felt to you.

There's such a lovely warm feel to the video.

I don't know about you, but this feels to me like something you could buy in Warehouse.

The Ultravox version is worth checking out as well, it certainly has a moody feel to it.

There really is a Leonard Cohen feel to it, and she covers his clever ' Hallelujah ' here.

However, talking about how you feel to your GP or family is a positive first step in learning how to manage Depression.

His figures seem to surface from a -- biomechanical -- dream world -- with a sort of science fiction feeling to them.

They feel to me like an art version of a time-machine, able to shunt you, the viewer, back and forth along time's highway.

I've always been a little doubtful of the actual period but I do love your comment that there is a certain feel to a Regency.

In 2% of cases feel by is used

And the strain on the economy is felt by all.

Suddenly a strange cold breeze is felt by Ahmad.

This is felt by many Muslims in the subcontinent.

Please do not be deceived by my name, I am well aware of the grievances felt by the Irish.

This is acutely felt by those who ' suffer ' from a near-universal condition, procrastination.

Despite the disappointment felt by some fans, they may not have long to wait for the iPhone 5.

Eventually inspite of putting the brave face and pretending everything was hunky dory, the tremors were felt by Singhvi.

And as it turns out, I had experienced the same feelings felt by the ladies sitting in front of me and listening intently.

They also do not experience the emotional detachment felt by grandchildren growing up in another country or foreign culture.

May we also make God's presence felt by others, especially the poor, the sick, the needy and the marginalized this Christmas.

In 2% of cases feel of is used

So glad you like the look and feel of the books.

The figure looks like stacked stone, or feel of a totem.

Reveal how you feel of anxiety having a sympathetic listener.

In most cases (not all) he eventually came up with the look and feel of the shot that he wanted.

They also appear on websites, and their quality can make or break the design and feel of the site.

They give the really feel of the real test and aid to prepare for the CPSM exam in a thorough manner.

It may be well coded and structured, but the look and feel of the site is so naff, I'd hesitate to use such a product.

You will have to acquire some understanding and feel of the overall world-view, literary style and idiom of the Qur'an.

May we all look at each other as children of God, all precious and all needing to feel of His love and be changed by Him.

In 1% of cases feel after is used

Sadly, some of the unity we felt after 9/11 has dissipated.

So all I can do is give a rough sense of how I felt after watching.

I have never met Judy but feel after reading the book that I know her.

I felt that his article captured how many feel after a vacation to Jamaica, and wanted to share.

I leave Pare with many of the same emotions I have felt after previous visits to developing nations.

Robert Oppenheimer felt after having invented the atomic bomb: If I'd only known this plague that I've visited upon the world.

Favorite sport What is the name of the sport? When do you play it? How do you feel after playing it? My favorite sport is cricket.

As I'd sitting down to write this review, I can't pinpoint the exact words to express the feelings I am feeling after reading this book.

Apart from the desperation that everyone's feeling after some disappointing results, there are other reasons why South Africa need to win.

In 1% of cases feel as is used

Someone else apparently felt as I did.

And you would be right to feel as such.

Fonseka, we understand how you feel as a doughter.

It literally felt as of something tried to jump into my body and hold me down this time.

When they learn how to deal with it, they can turn what is often felt as a curse into a gift.

I tried cicking and yelling but the presence was too strong, my body felt as if it was zorbing.

September came, and with it the feeling of aloneness I always felt as the last of the summer boarders and friends left.

Self-destructive behaviour - this can result from the low self-esteem a child or young person feels as a result of the abuse.

Think about a thumbs up in Facebook, a smiley in a chat, or a quick video cam to show how we feel as well as TELLING how we feel.

But interestingly, participants who expected alcohol, but actually received no alcohol, also felt things they expected to feel as a result of drinking.

In 1% of cases feel from is used

Because of the pain I felt from infertility, I wish I could do that for anyone.

Huizenga says he had a gut feeling from the start that the story didn't ring true.

You might grieve, as I do, for the distance that you feel from this experience of the deep hearts core.

There is absolutely no synergy between the players, you can feel from looking at them that they are lost.

Add to that how antsy I was feeling from sitting all day, plus the mere fact that it was a Friday, and.

I love that my paintings could elicit that kind of feeling from complete strangers -- that was just awesome.

We never got that off-the-back feel from the bike, and didn't feel like we were reaching for the pedals on long climbs.

It was more common for mothers to talk about the lack of support that they felt from husbands than to talk about receiving support.

Seeing more of the ball, lifted by the goal and fuelled by the injustice they felt from the first half, Derby were right back in it.

When I met him at his office on Tuesday, 1 June, he was warm and more communicative, and I felt from the very nature of his talk that my references meanwhile had been checked.

In 1% of cases feel on is used

I have mixed feeling on this one.

As long as love is felt on both sides.

Very similar how I felt on election night 2008.

In fact we need the freedom of assembly to impress upon government our strength of feeling on issues.

There are some Feng Shui schools which felt on the contrary that not much use of the pakua and do not use it.

Particularly, Britain is worried that the impact may be felt on its streets as it hosts large Somali diaspora.

The trick is to keep your nerves in check and look confident on the outside, no matter how you are feeling on the inside.

Instead, just give them permission -- permission to feel whatever they are feeling on any given day; be it positive or not.

Confinement is the last feeling that I think anyone felt on this entire movie whatever location we happened to be shooting in.

The pressure I feel on my mind and tongue tells me that the best way I can pay tribute to Bob at 60 is to speak from the heart.

In 1% of cases feel out is used

It's natural to have doubt, to feel out of place when excluded, to feel slighted.

For the most part I felt out of control around food and used it as reward and punishment.

She explains that she felt out of sorts, and that her neck wasn't properly supporting her head.

Unlike Buenos Aires, I don't feel out of place here, probably due to the fact that many people in Ushuaia are tourists.

At his stage some may feel out of place and fashion when their peers are engaged in certain activities as drug use, unsafe sex.

Whether you are going to Asia, Africa or Latin America you are bound to feel out of your depth at some point, but it's all part of the experience.

But if you listen hard enough and there is no sound, does that mean there is no transmitter? I feel out of my depth on the very broad topic of this post.

I sometimes notice panic coming on at the strangest of times without any warning, but for me, usually when I feel out of control in some way, shape or form.

The best speakers compliment their audiences by talking on an educated level without using jargon or other terms that leave people feeling out of the loop.

In 1% of cases feel with is used

The logo needs a slight 3D feel with a reflection.

This is how I feel with the idea that thought can not exist without world.

This place still gave a cozy, homelike feel with the brick walls and low lights.

The Old World Inn has an updated B &B; feel with tasteful decor, high quality and modern.

We sat on the couch and watched TV last weekend and I felt a comfort I rarely felt with Brian.

This is exactly some of the pain we're feeling with Responsive Web Design workflow right now.

But don't take my word on this try this medation and do your own reseach on what you see and feel with this medation.

Has anyone asked male officers how they feel with regards to quitting? I would suggest you might find a similar figure.

Plus I don't think it would read at all in the audience and I am not sure how I'd feel with 50 dancers in that costume.

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