Prepositions after "feed"

"feed on" or "feed into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases feed on is used

I'll feed on you for some days.

Orcas feed on a huge range of prey.

Both feeding on their host countries.

The photo on the left shows young cochineal insects feeding on a pad of prickly pear.

Here's an interesting point, too, is that the circle is definitely feeding on itself.

These readings are gradually training my teenage son to feed on the Word of God regularly.

The diet implies that the Mink is an opportunistic predator feeding on duck, pheasant, fish, crab, rodents, eels etc.

This strange and beautiful nudibranch spends its whole life floating upside down in the ocean, feeding on Bluebottles.

It is easy to protect a bird-table in this way, and to feed on the ground inside a movable ' ark ' (as used for poultry).

He told the other intem that he would be crucified for his deeds, and birds of prey would feed on his corp after his death.

In 17% of cases feed into is used

Many factors feed into this Islamic revivalism.

This article feeds into fear mongering -- an Us vs.

It feeds into the widely watched and more detailed U.

Indeed, this reality feeds into the experts ' promotions of their books and seminars.

It also goes some way to explaining why risk assessments feed into contingency planning.

We can develop biogas from excreta to produce electricity to feed into the national grid.

Child labour is whats coming down the road do nt feed into this lie by our Government that is seriously out of its dept.

It presents many different marketing opportunities but many of them feed into one another, giving firms a marketing edge.

This reaction, when fed into the existing stereotypes about the minority, creates a sense of contempt and revulsion against it.

Tied to Hawaiian's New York launch is a new partnership with JetBlue to feed into the JFK-based carrier's US East Coast network.

In 10% of cases feed to is used

The rest is fed to our kids 3 times a day.

Almost half end up being fed to livestock.

Probably from info feeds to the press from the CIA/WH.

I am afraid for Nigerians with the way we eat up all kinds of things fed to us by these people.

Some foods really should in no way be fed to dogs as they pose direct risks to your dog's health.

The trouble is that the masses and uneducated believe all the dribble that is fed to them about Israel.

Other parts of the branches had their own uses: the under-bark could be used to make rope and the leaves were fed to animals.

Cows were raised in deteriorating conditions and had to eat grain which was fed to them as a byproduct from alcohol production.

Its all happening out there only the dummies and uninterested not doing it and still won't do it even with NBN tube fed to them.

In 10% of cases feed by is used

It can then also be fed by hand.

Angels of God had just been fed by Abraham and Sarah.

This pig is fed by a speical medicine and becomes fat.

All this election rubbish is being fed by Brown and the question people should be asking is why.

There are no megalomaniacs in The Church fed by the notion of superiority over others because of this tenet.

Trying not to stare, I avert my eyes to the corner table where a wheelchair-bound octogenarian is being fed by her nursemaid.

Get your head out of your butt and start questioning the propaganda you're fed by shills for our parasitic health insurance industry.

I was loved, accommodated and well fed by my relatives not only in Roses Valley but also in two major environs, Oxford and Balaclava.

Opposition to Mr Kuchma grew, further fed by discontent at controls on media freedom, manipulation of the political system and cronyism.

In 6% of cases feed with is used

The young are fed with milk, (mammary glands).

Prior to Tirad Pass, I was fed with Disney and Spielberg and I was satisfied.

Next nurse (I didn't tell her my secret about feeding with the spoon) knowing that S.

It was kind of the wild west, everyone was adding and adding to their SM feeds with abandon.

Feeding with fish and teaching fishing SSoP is aimed at making volunteerism and patriotism fun.

Overly Large, Saggy Crop It is possible, when feeding with a syringe, to feed a baby until its crop is overly tight.

But it is also a fact that many populations around the globe have been eating and are fed with transgenic foods for decades.

Furthermore, youth unemployment in the region made things worse: households had more stomachs to feed with less money and no guarantees.

It has operated its twitter account since September 2009 and has over 13,000 followers it feeds with road accident updates and driving tips.

By using the loader, one operator easily keeps two saws fed with stock and has time to also balance parts and load/unload deburring machines at Kirsan.

In 6% of cases feed in is used

RSS Allows for News Feeds in your website.

Several said that the baby just slept and fed in the early days.

They should be fed in small amounts only, and introduced gradually.

Their hard feed is fed in rubber bowls on the mats, and hay is fed directly on the mats 24/7.

Feed in tariff policy is expressed in sudden changes in the average size of installed systems.

Del Potro's victory at the WTF was his second consecutive win over Fed, after defeating Fed in Basel.

Sea stars feed in a very distinctive way which involves digesting food outside their bodies (extra-corporeal digestion).

They have a dream, a passion, a purpose that they have let fall quiet because that power within them hasn't been fed in a very long time.

The Fed in all likelihood doesn't want to risk increased volatility and will likely keep the possibility of another stimulus package on the table.

Actually, it was at the Parents Room at Melbourne Central, a place where parents may change nappies and feed in peace (and also go to the toilet).

In 6% of cases feed from is used

The water is gravity fed from the mountain and is in short supply.

Unable to feed off humans, he survived by feeding from animals.

The low pressure and the high pressure are feeding from each other.

If fed from a socket remember to fuse the plug with a low value fuse, 3 amps will be plenty.

Make sure your baby finishes feeding from one breast before your offer her your other one.

Feed from both breasts at every feed in the first week or two if you can, then follow baby's lead.

The fact is that data admission set-up has been intricate by situational apps that feed from a database or data storeroom.

Grab posts from your WordPress blog, import feeds from external sites, or create new content directly within Anthologize.

A horse which habitually tipped his bucket over would be better fed from a wall mounted manager as then he can't flip the bucket.

As she continue to feed from the word through the first step our follow- up program she really want to attend doesn't matter what the cost.

In 5% of cases feed for is used

Folks can get RSS feeds for new content when added.

For example, feed for layers should have at least 18 per cent crude protein.

This shows that the crude protein percentage in the above feed formulation is 19.

He stored enough feed for all the animals on the ark to feed them for a little over one year.

And of course, consult your vet before your decide to embark on variety feeding for your pets.

She said that expressing bottles and feeding formulas were both good ways to get my life back.

Pls sir from your experience sir, am a student of OAU in nig nd will love to knw more of the advance feed formulations.

Young children with Type I diabetes were predominantly breast fed for less than six months and exclusively breast fed for less than three months.

Con Houlihan's passing leaves a crater in the earth, a great hunger in the lives of those of us who fed for decades at the trough of his erudition.

The World Health Organisation's guidelines are that we should exclusively breastfeed for six months and then continue feeding for up to two years.

In 4% of cases feed off is used

We're feeding off of each other, and I'd tired of watching it.

They need each other; they feed off each other; they sustain each other.

Natalie -- Yes! Bats can have bat bugs feeding off them where they nest.

They feed off each other and yes, Dalziel sure does have a way of getting to Pascoe.

Gradually, Louis becomes influenced by Lestat and he also began feeding off humans.

It's the dishonesty that politicians feed off of in order to avoid having to be accountable.

I've just really been feeding off of that and this year I think I'd planning to do a solo project.

Lestat spent his spare time feeding off the local plantation slaves whilst Louis on the other hand fed off animals.

Bernal's version had a sinister refrigerator charged with sexual frustrations, feeding off the heat-drenched lustful repressions of its new victims.

Bach is feeding off the contradiction, between this and this Notice how after the melody completes its dangerous self, the left hand tries to bring everything in line with a nice triadic tag:.

In 2% of cases feed at is used

That's why interest rates are set by the Fed at next to zero.

But then, life has to go on, and there are mouths to feed at home, he added.

Worse still, intimacy from your children is not enough to properly feed at an adult.

The trumpets of war shall sound at his footsteps, the ravens feed at his voice, and he shall wear a crown of swords.

Embarassing spectacle for all concerned -- did their part, were recognised amply for it, but still want to feed at the trough in the guise of ' Caribbean Elder Statesmen '.

This fish is a highly migratory deep-water species feeding at or near the surface on medium-sized fish, including Dorado, Flying Fish and Pilot Fish, Squid and Crustaceans.

In 2% of cases feed upon is used

Evil must have good to feed upon.

Henry Morris talks about the scarlet worm that fed upon this tree.

In this, the mainstream green movement is only reflecting and feeding upon wider societal trends.

The chalk-forming amebas being animals, they had to feed upon green and other algae, and the algae had to have light for photosynthesis.

These mega-corporations have no national loyalty they've become global Frankensteins that began by feeding upon the weak, but now no one is safe.

In this sacrament man feeds upon God -- the Creator of heaven and earth -- as on material food; by the act of eating and drinking he declares God to be a mere means of life to man.

In 1% of cases feed Ex is used

Why wasn't the dog arrested? He attacked the man who was just out for a walk in a Fed Ex costume.

About the Author Using a Parcel2Go City Link or Fed Ex courier service will ensure that every consignment is handled with the appropriate level of urgency, and travel by the most direct.

In 1% of cases feed during is used

Adult males have one pair of membranous wings, move about actively in search of females and do not feed during the adult stage.

In 1% of cases feed like is used

In essence, this was a rhinoceros that fed like a giraffe, but grew larger than an elephant.

China are now dead because of those who suck this country's blood and feed like carrion on its meat and sustenance.

In 1% of cases feed through is used

Mr Sharon, 81, is fed through a tube.

I fed through it, and felt better within a few days.

He could communicate only by blinking and had to be fed through a tube into his stomach.

After an operation that removed much of her frontal lobes, she had frequent seizures, was barely conversant, and had to be fed through a tube because she stopped eating.

In 1% of cases feed as is used

Bunged into a baby sling and fed as the need arose while we ate deep fried karela parathas.

Although I probably shouldn't be too hard on him, I arrived home to a happy boy who was clean, safe, warm and well fed as well as a tidy home and dinner pre-prepared.

Also, maybe a working group solely based on the workings of the fed as well as treasury and the representatives involved with these two major organizations in the government.

In 1% of cases feed along is used

The filter is inserted via a thin tube, which is put into a large vein and then fed along the vein into the correct position.

Tarangire National Park Tarangire National Park is famous for its giant baobab trees as well as the thousands of elephants and giraffes feeding along the banks of the Tarangire River.

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