Prepositions after "fearful"

fearful of, about, for, in or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 81% of cases fearful of is used

Our Indians are fearful of Pakistan.

We too are fearful of the upcoming days.

Terrorists are fearful of the counter moves.

Films portray the character of a woman in similar situations as fearful of the males.

However, they are fearful of the consequences as if they are doing something illegal.

On the other hand, she was worried and fearful of the aimless journey through forests.

Better yet, it is comforting to Taiwanese, who are as anxious and fearful of the mainland as they have always been.

Fearful of being mugged, fearful of foreign accents, fearful of their own people, fearful of mass immigration etc,.

Fearful of his life if he returned to his home, Das relocated to the home of a friend in Dhaka on Saturday (May 3).

So, aside from fretting over actual place procurement, expats are now understandably fearful of the overall expense.

In 6% of cases fearful about is used

People are fearful about losing their jobs.

Many Muslims are fearful about their safety.

I was equally as fearful about fostering one.

Although he was fearful about sharing his experiences, his wish to speak was strong.

Christianity teaches forgiveness and love and I don't see anything fearful about that.

In light of recent world events, people are incredibly fearful about their job security.

My earliest memory of feeling fearful about joining in with the group was as a three-year-old at a soft playgroup.

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful about the future and what is going to happen to us and our families.

Making a mistake during the presentation process is nothing to be fearful about, nor should it be a cause for stress.

As they neared the end of pregnancy, most women felt confident and a majority also felt fearful about their upcoming birth.

In 6% of cases fearful for is used

We are very fearful for America.

I am quite fearful for the future.

I'd fearful for the Church in America.

She was fearful for the baby-for the little creature that was coming into the world.

But some neighbors, likely fearful for their own health, weren't content with prayers.

The court elite was riddled with faction, and the king himself fearful for his security.

He had grimly observed the manner in which they treated his friends the Aborigines and was fearful for the future.

The disciples went from fearful for their lives to boldly proclaiming Jesus ' resurrection even under pang of death.

Fearful for their safety, New Zealand Embassy staff locked the gates of their beachfront property and cowered inside.

We are too fearful for our lives, too cynical of our principles, too lazy to do the reading and attempt to understand.

In 2% of cases fearful in is used

Dealing with cancer can be fearful in itself.

Being fearful in the presence of the Lord is wise.

If the dog is fearful in the car, don't comfort (i.

When this happens you may turn out to be fearful in dropping your current excellent locks.

And women should not be chided for being more cautious, creeped out and fearful in such a reality.

And, bad advice can send you downhill, either chasing wrong ideas or becoming fearful in your work.

Yet despite their incompetence many who were fearful in the past of ILPs push ILPs for the sake of the incentive trip.

This identification offer him a volume protection from some other inmates in gaol, made fearful in http: **30;7640;TOOLONG reprisals.

The fearful in Scotland don't seem to care about all the cuts to services etc being introduced by Westminster that are coming down the line.

This informs us that CEOs are becoming more fearful in the economy, and are less certain that growth will continue, or that growth will slow.

In 1% of cases fearful as is used

He will be fearful as well as hopeful of Allah.

Many people are fearful as to what is an oncologist going to do, when they are first given the diagnosis of cancer.

We were a bit fearful as to what to pick at first but then we just picked everything we saw and asked lots of questions later.

His angry expression morphed to fearful as both techs screamed instructions into the mic and the cyborg ignored them all, intent on its target.

The more rational statement is that we feel sorry because we strike, afraid because we tremble, and not that we cry, strike, or tremble because we are sorry, angry, or fearful as the case may be.

In 1% of cases fearful at is used

We all feel fearful at some point.

She was hopeful and fearful at the same time.

I know I must look very indecisive and fearful at times.

I was fearful at one time about my feelings for you too, but I decided to face my fears.

I'd a teacher and I know if a student is fearful at school he or she will not be able to learn.

The men who were so fearful at the time of Jesus ' death and immediately after now spoke out boldly.

A young man with long hair was among those fearful at the government-ordained harassment of teenagers with Western appearances.

One study found that girls who were highly fearful at 5 years old were likely to be fearful adults, and to be politically conservative.

The fear is that those with clearly defined medical concerns, such as his son Stephen, will feel threatened and fearful at the prospect of reapplying and being interviewed.

Most people can relate to feeling tense, uncertain and, perhaps, fearful at the thought of sitting an exam, going into hospital, attending an interview or starting a new job.

In 1% of cases fearful to is used

That fight from fearful to faithful is a long one.

The ego is fearful to you because you believe this.

Flushing the toilet may be fearful to a child, noisy pipes may startle a child, etc.

Some people have confusion, some have excitement, some very fearful to loss their amount.

However, fearful to postprandial to the neonate, they should dwindle adquieren near term.

Many authors are fearful to municipal a new judgment on a focus that others have jacketed.

Even the United States is too fearful to back Japan on the island issue, flat out stating they will not take sides.

Television violence can also make your kid less sensitive to pain, fearful to world around them and make aggressive towards others.

You do a yeoman's job John Ward, but methinks you wear blinders and perhaps, are fearful to the extent and horror with the scope of the truth.

This was possibly because death looks fearful to most of us only when we see a hope of escaping it, and seldom when there seems no hope at all.

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