Prepositions after "fear"

"fear for", "fear in" or "fear of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases fear for is used

They feared for their safety, it added.

I fear for ANY good rider going to Ducati.

I genuinly fear for the International game.

Car salesmen announced bargains with such enthusiasm, I feared for their undershorts.

We fear for the immediate health and safety of the apes at Bonobo Hope/Great Ape Trust.

But for some reason the only times I've ever feared for my life have been in Thailand.

Nanda, unlike Kamsa, was a fair king and the people under his reign didn't fear for intruders or thieves in the night.

His family waited in Quetta in Pakistan, where many Hazaras have taken refuge, but they still feared for their lives.

Why? Because he fears for the effectiveness of the fastball, which for him is harder (more effort) to throw and locate.

Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or feared for your life while travelling? Sponsored links Yep.

In 12% of cases fear of is used

But I fear of our future at short term.

No person should live in fear of another person.

The ones who have made American culture a hostage to fear of Terrorism.

She could not talk much for fear of being overheard complaining about anything in her life.

Whatever little work noora league is doing in punjab is basically due to fear of IMran khan.

They can't go outside the camp to work to support their family for fear of arrest by police, Bangladesh Rifles and local people.

The only dangerous questions are those we refuse to address whether due to fear of embarrassment or lack of diligence (John 4:27,33).

The world is full of predators and we are required to face them disarmed and as much in fear of the law as the criminal who attack us.

When it comes to fear of heights, I'd the worst -- even escalators scare me and I'd rather take the stairs than risk getting caught in a lift.

In 11% of cases fear in is used

This is what they look for, fear in the faces of Israelis.

They should have fear in their heart and eyes, when they see me or meet me.

When children use force to win in a conflict it creates resentment and fear in others.

Fear in the workplace today has made companies who need to grow and change do the same over and over again.

One thing is certain: Samsung has nothing to fear in terms of future legal escalation from Apple now or any point in the future.

To read such twisted interpretation used to support the extreme conservative view brought tears to my eyes, then fear in my heart, then anger.

Few days back A lady judge was in the view of giving such a punishment that every man who even have thought of doing something will fear in his dreams.

However she insists that though this fairy instils fear in innocent mortals, she is at heart a good fairy who ultimately wishes to make this world a better place.

VERMONT Winds knocked down trees and power lines, and schools were closed, but damage was not as severe as feared in a state still recovering from Tropical Storm Irene.

The tragedy of his treatment at the hands of his countrymen is unparalleled and there is still visible uneasiness and perhaps even fear in accepting him as a national hero.

In 9% of cases fear by is used

The power of a woman is feared by men.

Rulers are not to be feared by those who do good, but by those who do evil.

This is the home of the labang or the horrible creatures and evil spirits greatly feared by the Hanunoo.

The new Somali State of Khaatumo is actually meant to preserve Somali Unity and not to weaken it as feared by some.

As a man I am fed up with members of my species being feared by women and every guy who rapes a woman increases this fear.

What makes Avian Flu so feared by the medical community is the lack of exposure the human body has had to the various subtypes of the virus.

Suppose there is a steep and bad road, Remote and teeming with venomous beasts, Lacking, as well as, water or grass - A place feared by all.

The SSC or Dhulbahante tribe has build new state called Khaatumo State of Somali is actually meant to preserve Somali Unity and not to weaken it as feared by some.

He may not be a household name, but in the world of Hobies, Damrongsak Vongtim has won consecutive Hobie Asian Championships for the last three years and is feared by many and admired by many more.

In 9% of cases fear from is used

There was nothing to fear from this room.

Writers who do not fear from facing criticism.

There's nothing to fear from him, now that Morley's arrived.

In general, they have a lot more to fear from us than the other way round.

Whites have more to fear from one another than they have to fear from non-whites.

Oh, wait, that was that Papa Roach lot, wasn't it? I don't think you had anything to fear from that opponent.

Sadly, Che Guevara died and the influence he feared from the Soviet model lingered in the vulnerable society.

As a species, the fish has much more to fear from 4-wheel-drive vehicles (and the forces they represent) than from crocodiles.

And into all of this Wades a lone figure, Greig, in flippers attempting to take a swim to show the world we have nothing to fear from radiation.

The Obama campaign pounced on that pronouncement, claiming that Wall Street had nothing to fear from Romney, but Sesame Street better watch out.

In 4% of cases fear about is used

We have nothing to fear about green furry monsters.

You did mention something that I feared about starting young.

Chelsea fans have nothing to fear about Roman running away any time soon, though.

If you become aware of what you fear about intimacy, you'll have a better sense of why you're fighting -- and likely will fight far less.

Investor fears about the value of the cedi resulting from excessive election year domestic spending had shifted the balance against holding the cedi.

In 2% of cases fear with is used

To be ashamed of, or fear with me.

The study of human psychology suggests that humans respond to fear with a ' fight-or-flight-or freeze ' response.

Other Articles about Child Custody Common Child Custody Concerns -- Perhaps the biggest thing that parents fear with regard to the issue of child.

In 1% of cases fear among is used

There are too many factors leading to fear among investors right now, which will continue to hinder the prospects for equities in the near term.

A few years back, we had read news about an astrologer from Gujarat, who was arrested by Police on the charges of creating panic and fear among general public.

In these societies, it was crucial that the elite could exercise the state's power without significant constraints, making its agents feared among the general populace.

In 1% of cases fear at is used

When you hear it you hear what I fear at night.

When the night has seemed to be, Just fear at the free, it's intertwined.

In 1% of cases fear on is used

No, I fear on this one Lord Tebbit, you Sir, may have got it wrong.

These are pack animals and by definition prone to fear on their own.

In 1% of cases fear to is used

For some, the very idea of involving volunteers with special needs may push strong prejudices based on ignorance and fear to the fore.

In 1% of cases fear without is used

Or rather, the main roads are bad enough that they are contributors to fear without helmets having anything to do with it.

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