Prepositions after "favorable"

"favorable to" or "favorable for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases favorable to is used

False testimony favorable to the defendants.

This can not be considered as favorable to you.

Metal produces Water, which is unfavorable to him.

But you also have to concentrate more on the topics that are less favorable to you.

In short, we have made many assumptions that are very favorable to the Romney plan.

The bankers ' goal is to ensure an undemocratic outcome favorable to their interests.

Your attorney can collect evidence favorable to your claim and secure a medical expert to testify on your behalf.

At the preliminary hearing, the judge was required to view evidence in a light most favorable to the prosecution.

The forum discussed the topic of special interest should be more favorable to the ' third sector ' tax treatment.

Indeed, doing any of these three options may be favorable to you, your neighbor, other people and the environment.

In 25% of cases favorable for is used

It's not favorable for injuries.

Not only is the record more favorable for S.

Over, the moment renter loans really are invaluable and favorable for that debtors.

A goose will instinctively avoid air currents which as favorable for heading south.

During the Arab Spring he sat on his behind doing nothing to shape events to have outcome favorable for America.

Buddhism is much more favorable for empire-building and expanding one's influence abroad, as was shown by Ashoka.

If such a time is not considered favorable for unity of the oppressed, there will never be a better period coming.

Emerald is also favorable for people who suffer from mental illness, nervous problems, blood related problems etc.

In 4% of cases favorable in is used

Former PM is indeed favorable in opinion polls.

Ron Paul was most favorable in this poll 42% Fav.

Patient satisfaction was favorable in two studies reviewed.

The trend, therefore, appears favorable in that fewer banks are closing every year.

But saturn continues to be retro!! This 7th angle is not favorable in prasana predictions.

It is illegal to give money with the understanding that you are getting something favorable in return.

And they are not wrong; sun and wind are not favorable in our civilized society to any demonstration of sex life.

It is very favorable in our part because it is utterly convenient that anything else that are up for grabs today.

Wyoming is very popular among non-US citizens as it is not as expensive as Nevada and more favorable in many ways.

In 2% of cases favorable toward is used

Full disclosure: I am generally favorable toward Gov.

I only count about 1 in 10 comments to be favorable toward OWS.

I have childhood experiences that are not favorable toward black people.

It is sometimes believed for getting favorable toward underdog within of a contract.

The word means to turn away wrath by sacrifice, and thus make God favorable toward us.

As I pointed out, Tasman's rare earth distribution is considerably more favorable toward the most critical and heavy elements.

Even with this model -- the most favorable toward mammography -- the authors estimated overdiagnosis of slightly more than 1 million women.

Although most Jamaicans were favorable toward tourism, certain sectors of society frowned on it for its perceived negative moral influences.

In 2% of cases favorable towards is used

But Fate was not at all favorable towards the bell.

Fountains or ponds are very favorable towards the North-East.

I do believe Stevens knew things that would not be favorable towards Obama.

Just what in my post did you find favorable towards BHO? Try reading it again.

It is favorable towards the church and does tend to gloss over the controversial.

The regulator for the oil and gas industry is perceived to be favorable towards the industry.

Yet, it is not copyright violation provided the copied material is favorable towards finding a ' fair use '.

It's fairly clear that no matter what method is utilized, the national polls were too favorable towards Romney.

At the very least, a person will be favorable towards her own views (otherwise she would probably not hold them).

In 1% of cases favorable as is used

The rest of the schedule is very favorable as the last six opponents have a combined record of 8-23 and 3-3 in conference play.

Major credit cards are acceptable in larger hotels; however the exchange rate is less favorable as for cash and Traveller's Cheques.

Basically, I would simply view an evaluation from the ABA as one grade less favorable as to liberal nominees, and one grade more favorable.

Deep waters surround Hong Kong, and with its wide harbors protected by mountains in the north and south, the region is favorable as a passing point for ships.

In 1% of cases favorable at is used

Websites are more favorable at 11-13%.

I am concerned my cervix is not that favorable at this point.

In the Politico poll, both candidates are ranked evenly favorable at 50 percent.

Interest rates, exchange rates and inflation can not be kept favorable at the same time.

He style is the one favorable at this point in time, despite fake opinion polls that cant stand any shred of scrutiny.

Conditions are likely to be less favorable at counters in airports, train stations and tourist centers than in larger city centers.

Create a favorable at first impression by making sure all faucets as well as fixtures are really clean, polished, plus fully functional.

They eventually chose to go another route (Brazilians and this was absolutely favorable at the time for help was urgently wanted) and we wished them the very best.

Assembling: When all the parameters of starting a company are found favorable at detailed investigation stage, the promoter goes for giving a concrete shape to the business.

If trader thinks that the situation is favorable at the moment of the entering the market, for example, for buying transaction, this situation can change sharply in a few minutes.

In 1% of cases favorable by is used

Your will look at your meals more favorable by using this article's advice.

It has applied many things which are favorable by the customer in worldwide.

Author Cybo Tainment The fete of lights, Diwali, is conceived favorable by Bollywood thunderbolt Veena Malik.

Ending loop holes and lowering the corporate tax rate seems to be favorable by both, but Romney isn't saying what loop holes he will end.

Occasionally, a figure will come along that may or may not be someone viewed favorable by history, yet their impact on history can not be denied.

In 1% of cases favorable of is used

The most favorable of these materials is high-grade, heavy-gauge steel.

What you have even in the most favorable of scenarios is a case of personal racism.

UnenlightenedOne 04-04-02, 12:52 AM Bilal, I am less than favorable of USA foreign policy.

One thing is certain though, and that is as these new, superior technologies emerge, and develop, their costs are going to make it less favorable of an option.

I'd rather not wait until he's in a great amount of pain to put him down -- when the chances are favorable of finding him in a bad way, I'll put him down before he has to endure that pain.

To an objective observer, one whose perception of both players ' health conditions was not skewed by his vested interest in the most favorable of outcomes, Manuel was clearly thinking wishfully.

Among the most favorable of recent developments is the commitment of a Kentucky-based company to transform the long-dormant Hill -- or SunTrust -- Building into a boutique hotel and art gallery.

In 1% of cases favorable on is used

Each poll is more favorable on all these issues than the last.

This custom is indeed favorable on the part of the bridesmaid.

Worshipping of goddess Lakshmi is considered favorable on this day.

In this way, I'd getting something which is very favorable on my part.

And of course, results were bound to be less favorable on past races not in our package, and still less on future cases.

This does not imply that international events have followed an American blueprint or have even been favorable on the whole to American interests or desires.

The takeaway is that NAVB is favorable on the long side for both value investors (based on estimated sales of Lymphoseek after approval) and traders who want to bet against the 15.

But of course you can't expect all publicity to be favorable on your end; many times you will encounter complaints, harsh words and rants from the people who check on your page regularly.

In 1% of cases favorable with is used

The tropics are the least favorable with much lower numbers.

Reach to the good product which very favorable with your skin.

Results: The outcome was favorable with mean systematic oxygen saturation increased form 68.

Although, it may seem a bit difficult to gain recognition among online visitors but the things can be made favorable with ZenCart.

Most Valuable Attributes of Online Video: In terms of all of these sorts of attributes, brand-safe content delivery was the most favorable with 65% agreeing it was most valuable.

Hamilton's performance during the whole weekend was admirable to follow, when taking into account that the conditions inside the team are not favorable with the Brit leaving the team.

The teacher-pupil ratios are all favorable with the planning standards as revealed in the above table and this implies that more attention will be given to the pupils or students in the district.

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