Prepositions after "favor"

favor by, in, for, from or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases favor by is used

It is favored by the old and new customers.

The phone is favored by kids and young adults.

This way, they leave behind shorter grass which is favored by the wildebeests.

If a team is favored by three points, they must win by more than three points to win a point spread bet.

On the next day the force had another chance at the type of operation favored by Admirals Joy and Struble.

In other words, the problem is the long-standing practice, favored by both parties, of administering social programs through the tax code.

In Malaysia, the traditional pancakes served with Peking Duck are often omitted, rice being favored by diners in local Chinese restaurants.

This is why Abraham felt sure of his own safety, and indeed of being favored by Pharaoh or anyone else who might be in a position to desire Sarai.

Therefore, Linux is favored by web server administrators around the Globe and the majority of hosting suppliers utilize it on their hosting servers.

In 10% of cases favor in is used

It was cool to see with someone if they have not seen it, but it rarely has any re-watchability favors in my opinion.

With a banged-up Marc Gasol, I think France should be favored in this game by a couple of points, so the fact France is +6 is a rare gift from the gambling gods.

The role of the Church is, instead, a pillar of Russian statehood and of a conservative order, professing many of the same virtues of quiescence favored in the Soviet era.

In 6% of cases favor for is used

Caucasians are favored for jobs -- often unconsciously -- over blacks and Asians.

It is a leading Enterprise Content Management System favored for its ease-of-use and availability under an Open Source license.

Cotton is breathable fabric, allows air to circulate by way of skin and remains cool in summers and warm in winters thus they are favored for all seasons.

Cotton is breathable fabric, allows air to circulate by way of skin and remains awesome in summers and warm in winters hence they are favored for all seasons.

In 2% of cases favor of is used

Most likely will in favor of leaving the EU.

Or we were communing over the latest fairy escapade-for the Donegal hills are, perhaps more than any other part of Ireland, favored of the Gentle Folk.

In 1% of cases favor among is used

Among families, kins can have rifts for simple matters like who's going to have what, or who is being favored among the rest, etc.

In 1% of cases favor because is used

Islam rejects certain individuals or nations being favored because of their wealth, power, and/or race.

In 1% of cases favor except is used

No one has gave me favors except God providing, when I could not! I have worked extremely hard &; sometimes for less than minimum wage to put food on mytable.

In 1% of cases favor to is used

General etiquette rule, if someone does any favor to you, you just thank them.

In 1% of cases favor towards is used

And in the event of disparity or mixed level of living, the maintenance will of an average standard suitable and agreeable to both, with some concession or favor towards the woman.

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