Prepositions after "fascinating"

fascinating to, about, in, for or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases fascinating to is used

This is very fascinating to me.

This is all so fascinating to me.

This was fascinating to listen to.

Pipe cleaners are fascinating to twist into different shapes and attach together.

I just saw this article the other day that was really crazy and fascinating to me.

This article was all the more fascinating to me because it happened in my lifetime.

You raised some very interesting points that would be really fascinating to most international relation experts.

Criminal behavior has always been fascinating to me, as have medical and books on the human body and physiology.

What was fascinating to me was how they held their position until curiosity and sheer confidence took them over.

Informative content?? the promotion will include an educational component that is fascinating to female runners.

In 20% of cases fascinating about is used

What do you find fascinating about UMama? 14.

There is something fascinating about science.

There is something fascinating about ex-something.

What's fascinating about these pieces is how close they come to being apologies.

There is something innately fascinating about a lost river beneath a major city.

But that is what is so fascinating about the McAllister Opinion Research survey.

There is something magical and fascinating about the discourse and attention manifested by the Wailing Wall.

The Technology What was fascinating about that panel was that not all the panel members were physically present.

What's utterly fascinating about it all is that Romney could very well be the Rudy Giuliani of this election cycle.

What is fascinating about your site is that the same localities keep coming up with your contacts across the world.

In 15% of cases fascinating in is used

He was fascinating in many ways.

It is fascinating in its own right.

We're fascinating in our differences.

Insect life is fascinating in itself and essential to all life here in the savannah.

I find the Sonnet fascinating in all its old and new, formal and less formal guises.

Bane is really a fearsome figure, fascinating in the physicality and blithely confident method of amoral anarchy.

Neither you nor your readers are actually, physically, involved, but the process is fascinating in its own right.

Recommend Personally I find it amusing and fascinating in equal measure as the preacher recreates the battlefield.

Brother Grimm (2006) The references to various fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm I found fascinating in this book.

In 13% of cases fascinating for is used

It has been fascinating for me.

Fascinating for steam engine buffs.

I find it fascinating for a few days.

It is fascinating for a young actor to be able to talk to your heroes like that.

Most fascinating for myself was the chapter on Conspiracy and the Paranoid Style.

But its fascinating for me, that those old characters can have an impact on so young.

It was fascinating for me personally because it incorporated elements of many of the languages I grew up with.

Often visited by medical students, it will prove fascinating for lovers of the macabre, horrifying for the rest.

It's fascinating for me to read all the comments on this post -- and your experiences are really interesting too.

It has been fascinating for me as a scientist and I feel it has been really empowering for me as a woman as well.

In 4% of cases fascinating as is used

Totally fascinating as to how they were accomplished.

On one level, it's fascinating as a piece of hagiography.

Instead of a face, a horrible wound, fascinating as a crime.

I found this very fascinating as an insight to how people in government tend to think.

He's always found religion fascinating as a social phenomenon and is drawn to comment on it.

The details of some of the early human experiments are both fascinating as well as disturbing.

You are able to rapidly assist your own red-colored ugg start to some fascinating as well as irreverent research.

Each storyteller told the stories a little differently, making them more interesting and fascinating as the ages passed.

It is rare for me to discover something on the cyberspace that is as entertaining and fascinating as what youve got here.

It's a capsule version of Moore's considerable skill and the epitome of everything that makes him fascinating as a writer.

In 4% of cases fascinating of is used

Trevor is by far the most fascinating of the male characters.

I personally think that jolie is the most fascinating of all three.

In the afternoon game drive in the biggest and more fascinating of Africa.

Kiwi are one of the most fascinating of the birds Birding Tours New Zealand seeks.

Now, your tax code may not be the most fascinating of issues, but it is important.

In a way, the most fascinating of Leicester's station was the smallest and least used.

The latest and most fascinating of these techniques makes use of binaural beats or brainwave entertainment technology.

This binary relationship between siblings is one of the most complex and fascinating of all human -- and mammal -- bonds.

New Hampshire may be the most fascinating of the gubernatorial races, as it remains as tight as the Presidential contest there.

One of the more fascinating of these is Charles Taylor's claim in A Secular Age that modern fashion has transformed public spaces.

In 3% of cases fascinating on is used

But it was fascinating on many levels.

This is fascinating on a number of levels.

It's fascinating on every level imaginable.

While fascinating on its own, you might question what this signifies for you inside a practical sense.

Taurus always wants to lead, so sex will be very fascinating on the bed, she can never be a log of wood.

Decide if an individual will want to go through the headline and ensure it truly is fascinating on your viewers.

The workshop was fascinating on many levels, starting with the people who teach and take cob oven building works.

Personally I find the entire thing fascinating on the basis of just how damaged many of the actors in this drama are.

Dawkins ' conception of memes is fascinating on a purely communicative level, as an explanation of how popular ideas spread.

In 3% of cases fascinating with is used

This region is fascinating with many highlights.

Rotorua was fascinating with its geothermal areas.

Meanwhile William Russell's doing something fascinating with Ian.

Geologically it is fascinating with the great canyon slicing through the earth.

The subsequent comments are also fascinating with a lot of insightful comments.

I might not like all the quotes in here, but I found it fascinating with the art.

I can not explain why I enjoyed Breathless but I found it to be fascinating with its ' themes of Pop Culture.

They are mainly covered with the best of verdant expanse and look fascinating with their broad leafed forests.

Even the DePuniet/Espargaro battle was fascinating with the two team mates constantly jostling at close range.

The wildlife was fascinating with numerous herons, grebes, cormorants, swans (43 in one colony) and one huge salmon.

In 2% of cases fascinating at is used

He is scary and fascinating at the same time.

This stuff is fascinating at every level of abstraction.

They've been enticing not to mention fascinating at the big eyes.

One of those jobs, in fact, that sound fascinating at dinner parties and school events.

And sure, they turn into kids, but I find it fascinating at how they learn and what they learn.

It's pure, unadulterated community audio and fascinating at its source--mainly through smartphone apps.

I found it to be fascinating at the same time a bit confounding as is to be expected with philosophical concepts.

Watching developments in Britain is like watching a train wreck in slow motion - horrible and fascinating at the same time.

Maasai culture may appear intricate to those who don't understand it, which is most of us but very fascinating at the same time.

It was horrifying and fascinating at the same time, primitive yet reverent, painful to watch but impossible to turn my eyes away from.

In 2% of cases fascinating from is used

It was fascinating from start to end.

It's fascinating from a stranger's point of view.

The results are varied and fascinating from a legal perspective.

Many of Gaudi's buildings are just as fascinating from the outside as they are on the inside.

The Occupy movement is fascinating from the standpoint of the separation of politics and power.

It's not something I understand historically, but it is fascinating from a purely dramatic level.

I remember the book as being really detailed on Egyptian history, and it was really fascinating from that perspective.

This is the evidence of the largest communal living experiment ever in Canada, and fascinating from that point of view.

Even if you're a pro at wearing perfume, I bet you'll learn something new and fascinating from my article on how to wear perfume! 1.

In 1% of cases fascinating because is used

The adult butterflies are fascinating because of the diverse patterns and colours they inherit.

They are fascinating because of the power they command and the interesting lives they have led.

The observers were fascinating because of their differences, but they were never presented as evil.

They are fascinating because of the availability of facilities on them and all modern day infrastructures.

This natural phenomenon looks fascinating because of the play of shadow and light, creating abstract images.

She finds him fascinating because of the power and the energy in his music -- it's the craziness contained within him that she recognises.

Diverse films such as the trick film and the actuality film are both types of cinema that present a series of views to audiences that are fascinating because of their illusionary power.

These sub stories which also include murder, treachery and purgery combine to create a nice story which is fascinating because of the way Ed becomes increasingly dangerous and conceited.

In 1% of cases fascinating by is used

The range of essays is fascinating by any standard.

Do it wrong, and even the most reductive, idiot-proof shooters seem fascinating by comparison.

Just a thought that struck me while watching the J K Rowling programme - which was fascinating by the way.

Not just are the solutions fascinating by themselves, however they may just help you in other ways as well.

I am also fascinating by his claim that a policeman showed him a photograph of his abuser and identified its subject as the Lord.

I find the relationships between men endlessly fascinating, and books are the only experience I have of what's going on under the surface, so they're endlessly fascinating by association.

In 1% of cases fascinating inside is used

Excellent article -- well researched and fascinating inside stats.

I especially appreciate that you publish your relatives ' personal remarks, since they do offer a fascinating inside look at Syrian opinion.

Together they bring you the fascinating inside story of the founding of a new Lakers dynasty and the triumph of Phil Jackson's hardwood metaphysics.

Get readers intrigued by placing anything fascinating inside the issue collection, like letting them know that you will offer the best, swiftest or cheapest ways to complete one thing.

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