Prepositions after "far"

far from, in, to, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases far from is used

This seems to be far from correct.

Lewisbenzie Its far from a straw man.

Armstrong's students could have fallen so far from the understanding that he gave them.

If there's a bright center to the universe, this is the planet it's farthest from.

The Vedas state that the moon is 800,000 miles farther from the earth than the sun.

With all that success, it would be easy for Stalley to get arrogant, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Nothing could be further from the truth, other than saying nothing ever goes wrong on any building site anywhere.

Ho Chi Minh of course once appealed for US help, but it is far from clear we would be able to forge a real friendship.

NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! The following 5 guidelines will help you achieve more success as a coach.

In 5% of cases far to is used

Don't climb any farther to the left.

Further to my last post, I applaud Dr.

They do come in that far to where you were.

Seventy-five percent of Iowa's Republican voters wanted someone further to the right.

In actual fact the southern most point is Cape Agulhas, which is further to the East.

Quite the opposite, these problems are the direct result of us moving to far to the left.

He obviously didn't want to hog the limelight, which will only endear him further to his new legion of Twitter fans.

There is no nation called North Africa but the name is used for the parts of Africa that are farthest to the north.

IMO the next government will be further to the right than the current government whether Labour or National leads it.

In 5% of cases far in is used

I've never been further in Kenya.

I can provide some further instances.

Yes I can't see that far into the future.

Agree that the L/C is irrevocable before you go any further in your L/C negotiations.

I feel that you highlight (stress) the theory of ' Tribalism ' much to far in your points.

It is a good idea to bring binoculars to see animals that are further in the distance.

I was actually further in front than that each lap but he was understating the margin just to keep me pushing hard.

The point is, that this time was further in the past than Needham, PC apologists, and Sino-Asian nationalists claim.

There are several people who don't know what a blog is so I will explain it before I go any further in this article.

Here, we are referring to two past events, with ' had been ' referring to the event that is further in the past! There.

In 4% of cases far with is used

Now, Classic has gone to far with this.

I've never gone really far with it at all.

Morgan went to far with Christine Odonnell.

If you just sit back and be shy you will not go any farther with the interview process.

Still, I believe Roberto and the wrecking crew can be pleased thus far with what's on offer.

We could follow the tracks till a crossroad but couldn't get any further with the tracks.

Hugh decides to travel to the Netherlands to find out if he can go any further with the Dutch side of his family.

These can be significant so it is important to add them up before going any further with the purchase of a house.

Do not go any further with this guy until you figure out what YOU want in life and you realize what love truly is.

If you do not wish to have your fingerprints taken we will not be able to proceed any further with your application.

In 4% of cases far for is used

Look no further for the reason.

It's a quiet day thus far for Omega.

It's gone to far for that to happen.

I did also have him during the week but my ex moved to far for me to take him to school.

Here are some upcoming book release events thus far for David Kirby's Death at SeaWorld.

Newfoundland is just about as far for the average Canadian as it is for the average Brit.

Our knowledge has not advanced sufficiently far for any theory to be put forward which accounts for all the phenomena.

One of the stories of the NFL season thus far for the New England Patriots has been their inability to remain healthy.

My biggest reservations are that most Windows users are dinosaurs and this may just be a step to far for most of them.

Extend the line no farther than a quarter inch past your eye (or just a tad bit farther for a more dramatic look).

In 4% of cases far down is used

Germans ' further down the line.

So they wait farther down the route.

The hospital is further down the road.

My long exposures and photos from farther down the road were sadly lacking however.

However, he then realized that they had landed farther down the runway than intended.

It's like they're playing telephone and they're much further down the receiving line.

They dragged him further down the hill, until there wasn't a hill any more and then they left him to stand alone.

Atanu Bhuyan resigned his post, but others who've kept their seats aren't much further down the moral grandstand.

Then comes the ultimate indignity: they're further down the bill than Celine Dion at the Royal Variety Performance.

The Irish Rovers put it on The Irish Rovers ' Gems, and The Chieftains placed it on Further Down the Old Plank Road.

In 3% of cases far along is used

Some are further along than others.

Some are just further along than others.

Even the NEA is much further along than WEA.

The Dalai Lama eats meat, and i think he is further along the spiritual path than I.

Sometimes I look back over this period of my life and wish that I was further along.

Penguin encounters Further along the Caleta, there's an even closer penguin encounter.

She went for her first scan a week before I did, even though I was further along than her, because of doing IVF.

I really am afraid that it's number 2, but I tend to believe that they are farther along than they are admitting.

I couldn't believe it! I was further along when I got to hospital and gave birth really well with the help of gas.

Facebook is further along than Google was in terms of revenue, having brought in nearly $4 billion last year, or $5.

In 3% of cases far of is used

Delhi currently has an FAR of 1.

Now I'd older this fell hugely far of the mark.

With Jessie up on GC, and Mel not too far of the.

Certainly one MiG written-off and another damaged are quite far of 10 claimed by the USAF.

The finest material was obtained even from far of lands for the construction of Taj Mahal.

The American John Worrel Keely, the farther of sympathetic vibratory physics, stated this in the late 19 th century.

But their optimistic predictions rest in part on the response thus far of government officials and the larger community.

It is customary amongst the Arabs that the farthest of relatives of one's tribe as called as nephews (sister's son).

In 3% of cases far into is used

Lawrence would be navigable far into Ohio.

I would say your reading way to far into this.

It may push her further into her addictions.

I really don't feel like going to far into detail about the goings on at the orphanage.

There is no need, Sagredo, to probe any farther into their fruitless exaggerations.

Any further into his room and I'd be failing in the programme to get mammy downstairs.

We were given a very small handful of tickets as an incentive to gain new business as we are further into the season.

We lost a couple ourselves, but they're further into our forest so we don't have to do anything with them, thankfully.

You'll note that I made a point of talking about the film's look and feel without getting to far into the story or scares.

Figure 10-38a shows a world model with regulating policies to produce an equilibrium state sustainable far into the future.

In 3% of cases far away is used

Were! Your lucky ur far away from me.

We re far away from each other though.

Were! Your lucky your far away from me.

By the time we had walked down the three flights of stairs, the motorcade was far away.

The longer the bat, the further away from the hands the weight / sweet spot becomes.

You can get no farther away from your everyday life than at Great Huts in Boston Bay.

I had no time but my time was getting wasted and then I was like standing one kilometer far away from the petrol pump.

If you subsist afar away from Cincinnati then the next most qualified option would be to purchase a nfl jersey online.

If you want to ride a bike, you will not be able to use it for moving around the city because suburbs are too far away.

If you dynamic far away from Cincinnati then the next most outstanding alternative would be to gain a nfl jersey online.

In 2% of cases far beyond is used

Here to far beyond the horizon, the TAR slept.

They are power hungry far beyond normal belief.

His love for you goes far beyond the highest star.

So a lot of the history here comes from a tradition that goes far beyond just multi-touch.

He still favors enormous tax cuts for the rich far beyond those passed into law by George W.

I'd just not that into fighting games, and Ninty's brawling games are even further beyond me.

With Latin under the belt, a student had access to explore fresh areas of learning from far beyond their specific field.

This would involve a level of political articulation of the body politic far beyond voting in elections every two years.

During our short time in the RNZN, the opportunities and experiences we have had, our far beyond what any of us expected.

The loss of Muslim Spain was the loss of a vital Islamic cultural area, one that had been influential far beyond its shores.

In 2% of cases far on is used

No need to speak any further on Thwaites.

We might have been farther on the road then.

We will discuss this development further on.

A mile farther on they had to stop to mend with some string the traces that had broken.

We have been told that it is impossible to develop any further on the existing location.

But we're further on than most teams in the country, and that's not a bad spot to be in.

I don't think I have the inclination to comment any further on Milliband - that's all too depressing a thought too.

That is why we will continue to put a lot more money into research and push ever further on the research into vaccines.

Unless you have read these pages recently, you should spend some time on them now before you go any further on this page.

In 2% of cases far up is used

Goshen's ten mile further up the river.

Robin's best position is furthest up the pitch.

I found out later it was several blocks further up.

Even EC-Council has other Certifications that are further up the totem pole than CEH.

However, some of the kicking when we were further up the field was odd to say the least.

As much of a passenger as any striker would be playing fifteen yards further up the pitch.

Note: Further up the page I mentioned two ways in which these diagrams are distorted to make them easier to follow.

I'll also mention Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan as I totally think WoT definitely should be further up the list.

There have been numerous occasions when Lampard was further up the pitch than Mata, and Mata was forced to come deep.

This is not corroborated by the illustration on the opposite page, where the pinnace is further up the Turanganui River.

In 1% of cases far by is used

And when you can't get any further by public transport, go by foot.

Intrestingly, we can discuss these further by trying to see the practical bit of it all.

It was his corner on 72 minutes that was flicked from the near post to the far by Jamie Carragher.

Boehner and the more moderate republicans have been pushed to far by the Young Guns and the Tea Party.

We can try to pretend we can't see her, or enrage her further by fighting her with more of the same.

He already hates the car so I do nt want to distress him further by putting him in there when it seems like he does nt have as much room.

The limit is the end of the Helicoid of a lens because you can not move any further by twist focus control via the distance ring on the lens.

He has welcomed Foodbank opening in Berri and said it would stretch the welfare dollar further by reducing the need to purchase food vouchers.

Nevertheless, if someone chooses to stay between the Pharaoh of scepticism and the sea of faith, they can not be pushed any further by the historian.

Unless of course you feel it wise to patronise her further by taking charge of her accounts and having the nerve to suggest a grad scientist can't manage their own expenses.

In 1% of cases far below is used

PTA is still stuck on a level far below that, I'd afraid.

It is made available to us at far below the operating costs.

There the tone scale starts, on utter, dead null far below death itself.

Especially Muslims are forced to sell land and property at far below the market value.

The bottom of the trench is farther below sea level than Mount Everest is above it (8,850m/29,035ft).

To the extent that my costs are further below the other guy, I have thrown a couple of sharks into the moat.

Given the increase risk the dot is even farther below the market line and is an even worse investment than at point 0.

Not only were its grasslands degenerating rapidly, forest coverage was also decreasing to a level far below the national average.

London is ringed by airports: in addition to Heathrow, there are Gatwick and Stansted, both of which operate at far below capacity.

At the global level, maternal mortality has decreased at an average of less than 1% annually between 1990 and 2005 -- far below the 5.

In 1% of cases far behind is used

They told us we were no far behind so we kept driving.

It can be seen from far behind the reason is the same that it is very unique.

It turned out that I really wasn't much further behind schedule than anyone else.

Hardware is getting very cheap to make as well so that should be to far behind either.

The Sun is furthest behind GMT around 12th February, when it is about 14 minutes 20 seconds slow.

The light from the left is for my taste to harsh for a hair light and to far behind him for a rim light.

But capping things by day just puts them farther behind even if they invest more time during the week.

Bray Wanderers could have been further behind just three minutes later but North fired wide from Cretaro's pass.

Nunavut, which is estimated to hold a quarter of Canada's conventional oil reserves, is much further behind the N.

Nokia Lumia 920 has already made a place in the people's heart with it's terrific features, but this Lumia 820 no far behind it.

In 1% of cases far as is used

A far as the companies are concerned, we are meat.

As we know awards mean little to us a far as the work is concerned.

But so far as the payment in silver (dirham, a coin) is concerned, he did not forbid.

The story need not be followed any farther as a story, but now for the interpretation.

Therefore, it is useless to consider him further as a leader of the Tamil political struggle.

Is this correct? Because that does not SEEM to be the case in practice, at least as far as I understand it.

Microsoft itself has been pushing the upgrade, even going to far as to tell businesses on XP not to wait for Windows 8.

If you can not make this drop off with some confidence then please don't go any further as the rest is worse/better.

Wind energy is much further as the solar energy systems though they have the same disadvantage when there is no wind.

Kirubaharan in France A s far as the UN Human Rights Council-HRC and Sri Lanka are concerned, the 18th session is historic.

In 1% of cases far above is used

I have reasons to place Ramal far above tarrot cards.

It can also raise the individual far above the status in which he was born.

Dramas unfold at every level, from far above the atmosphere to the microscopic.

Thus the temperature rises to a level far above what would be expected, making it the hottest planet.

The laws and regulations governing lawyers ' behavior require a standard far above that of the average citizen.

The article in question is further above that, but the arrow would have been left out if he meant the article.

Simultaneously the water of Lake Ontario receded forty to a hundred feet, later returning to far above the ordinary.

I think muna is allowing the little fame she has got into her head, musically and age wise mode9 is her far above her.

I heard several reports on Wednesday that redfish have also made a major push from just below to far above the Causeway.

Within the series however are certain dates and primarily condition that easily leads to finding a coin worth far above metal value.

In 1% of cases far without is used

I can't go any further without mentioning Autolog.

Photos taken from a far without consent or common courtesy? Check.

It's hard to believe how we had been managing thus far without it.

We can't go any further without noting that this is one beautiful piece of machinery.

I couldn't go any further without becoming an optician, which held no interest for me.

In fact, there's no hope of going any further without getting a quick rant out of the way.

Innocent Observer on 21 Sep 2012 06:20 PM I would like to know how 37% have got by thus far without putting a foot wrong.

I had succeeded thus far without post-secondary education, so I figured I could make it to where I wanted to be without it.

Both women called it an unfortunate incident that has been blown out of proportion, but neither would elaborate any further without speaking to a lawyer.

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