Prepositions after "famous"

famous for, in, of, by or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases famous for is used

Famous for their mass migrations.

Famous for its S Pen, the Note 10.

Or famous for who they are dating.

The Seronera Valley in the Serengeti is famous for the abundance of lion and leopard.

And I think that scream he was famous for was just the sound he made on the way down.

Famous For: Bluefields Beach Park is one of the most popular beaches among Jamaicans.

Ellora is also world famous for the largest single monolithic excavation in the world, the great Kailasa (Cave 16).

Famous for the Disney copy - it is romantic and lovely and all that - but it has really become just a tourist trap.

Along its 20km coastline, it's famous for its grassland interspersed with acacia trees and knotted coastal thicket.

He became very famous for his role in Babylon 5, a science fiction television series as Commander Jeffrey Sinclair.

In 9% of cases famous in is used

Q: Are you more famous in the U.

Yasmin is very famous in the market.

Become famous in the world of Ninja+.

Famous In The Last Century was recorded at Arsis Studios and Astoria Studios in London.

Nice place to enjoy the yummy flavor of hot and cold coffee Famous in the area enjoyed.

Who were the famous persons 50 years ago and who will be famous in the next 50 years? 4.

The harbour, a pedestrian zone, provides a pleasant stroll and is famous in the South for its many fish restaurants.

I read that it was about a black Cajun singer who was famous in the South, but it wasn't anyone I had ever heard of.

Regardless of where Danny Tanner and the gang actually lived, those six houses are by far the most famous in the city.

The Skyline Linked to both the neon and the skyscrapers, Hong Kong's skyline is possibly the most famous in the world.

In 6% of cases famous of is used

The rich and famous of the day.

This is the most famous of the lakes.

Most famous of which is Corazon Aquino.

The most famous of the area's white wines is Bandol, celebrated since the middle ages.

The most famous of his statements is the one jossing the theory that Misato shot Kaji.

Envious of their exalted state, Narada wished to become the most famous of the Rishis.

Barker also features nice wines, and perhaps most famous of all, it is the home of the world's best free-range eggs.

Among the world's most famous of the US presidents ' is William Jefferson Clinton, more fondly know as Bill Clinton.

The most famous of the islands in the bay are Koh Ping Kan (more commonly known as James Bond Island) and Koh Pannyi.

In 5% of cases famous by is used

They sang Nobody Knows, made famous by JLS.

Made famous by the film; genetic genius Dr.

Robbo, was made famous by banksy in the film.

But as he ages he gets better and better at recording songs made famous by other people.

In my opinion, Charice became famous by working hard at her craft and through sheer luck.

Huaqing Hot Spring is made famous by her love story with Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty.

He was famous by then, as Chengdu television reported on the first foreigner ever to serve as a TCM doctor in China.

The first course being xaxu - a traditional cake with almond and yolk originally made famous by a local pastry chef.

Harry Power was made famous by being credited with tutoring a young Ned Kelly in the ways of bushranging during 1870.

He got constructed the temple of lord Shiva on the bank of Mahanadi, This temple is famous by the name of Rudreshwar.

In 3% of cases famous as is used

He was famous as the king of pandits.

Assisi is famous as the birthplace of St.

Yeats was, above all, famous as a great poet.

A neighborhood famous as a place where whites and blacks alike unite against the poor.

A wide array of exciting activities has made Scottsdale famous as a resort destination.

Template:Fact Lahore is famous as the hub of handmade carpet manufacturing in Pakistan.

She made high-waisted denim flares famous as well as tons of other looks, but her trademark was her long, big locks.

The composer of the film was Jonny Greenwood, primarily famous as the guitarist for the British rock band Radiohead.

Brit Insurance, famous as the sponsors of the England Test team, was quoted on the London Stock Exchange until 2011.

Jermaine became famous as a member of The Jackson 5 in 1968, before leaving the band to strike out on his own in 1975.

In 1% of cases famous among is used

Jeep tours are very famous among people.

Pushkar Fair is the most famous among them.

Las Vegas is also famous among golf lovers.

Exact Software is famous among young people as it is now claimed that clothe the U.

The Esjehi Art Gallery is definitely the most famous among Maldivian art galleries.

Except for a small percentage in urban areas, Mahin da is famous among people in SL.

The site is famous among archaeologists for something that is hardly a monument, but merely a hole in the ground.

There was one exception -- famous among City Hall reporters -- and that was the Public Health department, where Dr.

He can be described as the warmth crystals? He was the most famous among the staff and actors and always being nice.

I believe that Dr Owuor is either deceived by Satan, or he is making these stories up to be famous among the people.

In 1% of cases famous around is used

It is so famous around the world.

And she was famous around the world.

This group became famous around the world.

Night Life: Bangkok is famous around the world for its entertainment and night life.

The event is famous around the world and attracts around six million visitors every year.

Ngorongoro Crater Reservation Area Ngorongoro is famous around the globe as an echo of Eden.

Because Wang Jinwu after the famous around the country, the reporter saw a -- a Zhejiang nationality truck driving in.

Ceylon Tea is famous around the world and continues to be one of the biggest foreign exchange earners for the country.

The Temple is famous around the country for its magical and spiritual power that highlights different beliefs and stories.

Famous around the world, Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwlder Kirschtorte) is a revelation when you eat it in the Black Forest.

In 1% of cases famous at is used

Matt Gigg I'd famous at MOI for.

Khoka was so famous at that time.

Daisy Payne I'd famous at MOI for.

MacRae was rather famous at the time, but I ended up studying to be a diocesan priest.

The Mid-day meals for the children a scheme introduced by MGR was famous at that time.

But today's newlyweds were probably even more famous at the time, and generated more gossip.

Surprisingly, his international football career decided to take off before he could make his name famous at club level.

I chose the casino in Hobart because it was famous at the time for being new and for being the first legal casino in Australia.

Famous at Kermadec Fine for his amazing desserts, I've always by intrigued by how Juan made his balloon desserts (click for review).

Bands such as U2 and Westlife are famous at home and abroad, as are individual singers such as Van Morrison, Sinad O'Connor and Enya.

In 1% of cases famous because is used

Virginia is famous because of tobacco.

It's famous because of its elegance and fineness.

Paul lost an arm, but became famous because of it.

This island is absolutely famous because of various things that it is presenting.

But they're famous for being famous and will continue to be famous because of that.

Shopping Malls Dubai got famous because of worldwide popular shopping malls in the city.

Yes, he is currently more famous because of those songs, but when it comes to qawwali 's, he just simply shines.

The New Typography is famous because of its statistical symmetry of balance of the dynamics and elementary forms.

This Hindu kovil is famous because of its effigy of god Brahma who is known as Phra Phrom among the Thai community.

Cierume, narrated by Grace Wanjeru Cierume was a woman who was very famous because of her perseverance and bravery.

In 1% of cases famous from is used

Laine was also already famous from The Moody Blues.

Anna in Kar? w near Milicz, which was famous from them.

The jaunty song of Herod is one of the most famous from the show.

People got famous from him, he would give them fame and they sell their soul to him.

I think what banksy did was wrong and robbo was kinda just trying to get famous from it.

This area was famous from the time of the Dutch occupation, when the main crop was tobacco.

Contour an exceptional, this shoulder blades make can easily again method is totally the most famous from Nike Free 5.

Ustaz Ahmad workers gather 20,000 people consisting of a mason, goldsmith and engraver who famous from around the world.

Rio Chico's guest list includes many diplomats, industrialists, celebrities, the rich and the famous from around the world.

At nearly every corner someone famous from history pops up - Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Adams to name just two such cameos.

In 1% of cases famous on is used

Famous on the internet since 1999.

These games are also famous on the internet as well.

He is now becoming famous on the international scene.

Today at Daraja Academy Lisayo is famous on campus for exceptional athletic abilities.

Coco became famous on television for a road safety campaign for children in the 1960s.

He is perhaps most famous on this side of the pond for directing The Aristocrats movie.

Actually this Poppy is famous on Facebook, bet you didn't know that! Her site is HERE and it tells of her escapades.

I hope someday I'll became famous on YouTube and if I make videos for money, I'll give some of it to local libraries.

In the UK, brazilians and vajazzles have risen in popularity after being made famous on TV show The Only Way Is Essex.

Diablo 3 is the most famous on the website parts using pastime, financial firms applicable at different types of mmog.

In 1% of cases famous throughout is used

Her beauty was famous throughout the world.

May he become famous throughout Israel! ' (4:14).

The scholars of Panchala were famous throughout India.

The boat building on both these islands is justly famous throughout East Africa.

His music was written for this talented group, which was famous throughout Europe.

The Serengeti is a 60,000 square kilometer game reserve that is famous throughout the world for its safaris.

The island is famous throughout the country and internationally for the exceptional beauty of its dive sites.

His search was so radical, charismatic and counterintuitive that he become famous throughout the Mediterranean.

In 1% of cases famous to is used

Apple is very famous to suing other.

Their sneakers generally famous to trainers.

I'd not famous to me - Bob Marley I have a BMW.

Although we are not famous to everyone in the world, we are famous to everyone we know.

Reggae became famous to the world during the ' 70s and ' 80s with Bob Marley and the Wailers.

However it is made famous to the world by Xian Incident which happened here seventy years ago.

If you can remember the powerful trio, that were out for the ' placenta movement ' went from being famous to chaotic.

So tha such a rings with the very bes contour conceivable Your product could turn out to b famous to it determinatio.

Anyways, Drew Linzer, Sam Wang, Nate Silver and Andrew Tanenbaum (famous to me, if not most D 's) -- I like all of them.

Nicco, happy with his final playlist, began his set with hits famous to Jamaica and blended in the sounds native to Chicago.

In 1% of cases famous with is used

Volkswagen became famous with them.

Satay is de only thing it famous with.

Matt became very famous with the video.

We are well aware that Buddhist monks are famous with their discipline and calmness.

Ransom Seymour, the Duke of Ainsley, is famous with the ladies for his seductive ways.

Malaysian famous with??? this post from Tsem Rinpoche is tremendously understand more.

Also, today, Cuba is not only famous with the cigarillos, but with the specific sounds, recognized all over the world.

Cat &; Kitten are thinking to go (very tempted as Sabah is famous with her beautiful islands ), but haven't decide yet.

This state is famous with the Yellowstone National Park since the vast majority of the park lies on the area of Wyoming.

My enlarged internet poke has right away been famous with great strategies to go over with my friends as well as family.

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