Prepositions after "extinct"

extinct in, by, for, within or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases extinct in is used

Or went extinct in some places.

The dodo became extinct in 1681.

We humans could go EXTINCT in 2051.

The WWF has said the porpoise could become extinct in 15 years if no action is taken.

Kew Gardens, London has a seed bank in case plant species become extinct in the wild.

These are only some of the causes why they might soon be extinct in the world? s seas.

Apple almost extinct in the 90? s turned around and caught on like with wildfire with I-tunes, I-phones and I-pads.

Forty years ago, for instance, the oriental white stork went extinct in Japan, killed by the mercury in pesticides.

A 2010 Government of Alberta study found that the tar sands could make local caribou extinct in less than 40 years.

Constant cut backs have made endeavours beyond press release copy-typing near nigh extinct in our modern newsrooms.

In 8% of cases extinct by is used

The platypus frog became extinct by 1991.

As a result, dodos became extinct by 1681.

They will probably have become extinct by then.

Creative destruction is when a product is made to extinct by introducing a new product.

Without such empathy, we may become extinct by overpopulating and overheating our world.

The Buddha Many Jewels Although long extinct By means of his great vow Utters the lion's roar.

The Western African Black Rhino was declared extinct by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2007.

The trade collapsed following the industrial production of cotton in Great Britain, and was virtually extinct by 1837.

Now they are extinct by reasons of provisions of the English and Indian Companies Acts regarding compulsory registration.

These animals would either have been hunted directly or driven extinct by environmental destruction as early humans lit brush fires.

In 6% of cases extinct for is used

Maybe mammoths became extinct for a reason.

Like the jedi, they are all but extinct for it.

In many cases, species become extinct for purely natural reasons.

O'MALLEY is the memory of the last sherlock bear, now extinct for almost thirty years.

Dinosaurs were awesome, fearsome creatures in their day, but they're extinct for a reason.

Thought to be extinct for over 4,000 years this woolly mammoth seems to be alive and well.

Assumed extinct for much of the last century, the Jamaican Iguana (Cyclura collei) was rediscovered in 1990 by Mr.

Animals have also been going extinct for millennia; we as a selfish rapidly growing race have just speed things up.

But any fool knows the beasts have been extinct for more than a century, and the price of failing the Sh? gun is death.

As far as I know the full Mujtahid known as Mujtahid Mutlaq or Mujtahidin fil Shar'a has been extinct for over a millenium.

In 5% of cases extinct at is used

Many groups of organisms went extinct at that time.

If the soul became extinct at his death, this would be impossible.

Except for birds, dinosaurs became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous.

Species become extinct at an increasing rate and billions are hungry and marginalised.

A number of predators also became extinct at this time, due primarily to the faunal changes.

Except for their ancestors the birds, dinosaurs became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous.

Global economic consumption is shooting off the charts and species at every level are going extinct at breakneck speed.

The reader immediately realizes that 600 years later, 10 tribes are now extinct at the hands of the Assyrians in 722 BC.

And the mother of them all, ska? All but extinct at home, it is alive and kicking everywhere else, especially in Germany.

The sense may be true or false, the false sense becomes extinct at Stream-winning, but the true sense only at Arahantship.

In 5% of cases extinct within is used

The human race will go extinct within months.

Without food, we're doomed to become extinct within days.

Many would like to see them become extinct within the CofE.

Some reports predict certain species of ape could be extinct within a generation.

At current trends, the Asian elephant could be extinct within the next thirty years.

The euro currency will be extinct within a decade, economists have claimed at Kilkenomics.

Almost all species that have existed are estimated to have gone extinct within an average of a few million years.

Now modern scientists are saying and fearing that as many as half of all living species will become extinct within this century.

If current trends continue without radical change, collective bargaining in the private-sector will be extinct within a generation.

My kids are too young to understand that perhaps half the animals they see in the zoo today will be extinct within their lifetimes.

In 4% of cases extinct as is used

Anonymous Man is becoming extinct as a race.

The traditional barber is as extinct as the dodo.

Today sati is extinct as a practice and universally abhorred by Hindus.

Some animal species, such as the dinosaurs, became extinct as a result of natural causes.

It was believed to be pollinated by the sunbirds which themselves have been extinct as of now.

As early as 1917, this cactus was on the edge of being extinct as a result of habitat destruction.

But even if he is less dead or extinct as the dodo, who is Pas to dictate where or how we want to have our hair cut or done or styled.

Even now it is considered the world? s rarest rabbit and is sorely endangered of becoming completely extinct as the population is so low.

While some animals &; plants were able to adapt to slow changes over time, many will become extinct as a result of faster climate changes.

Throughout history there have been cases of animals becoming extinct as the world changed, such as sabre-toothed cats and woolly mammoths.

In 4% of cases extinct due is used

Locust go extinct due to the fugly, homicidal chicks they have to mate with.

The flower fed Buffaloes are now extinct due to the development of civilization.

Dinosaurs may have been extinct due to the same cause about 65 million years ago.

Many animals have gone extinct due to the change in the ecosystems and no god feed them.

Sadly, this kind of showmanship is now extinct due to others dictating their morals to us.

American horse became extinct due to an environmental change of grasses to which it could not adapt.

Such species would likely become extinct due to the mining project, even without having yet been identified or described.

If, however the species went extinct due to DIRECT human actions, such as with the Thylacine, then it's a different story.

It even beat historical records during an era when vultures were much more common and now rare or extinct due to poisoning.

Its a shame so many of our native species are threatened with extinction or are extinct due to the impacts of human settlement.

In 3% of cases extinct because is used

Our kobo has gone extinct because of the creation of high denomination notes.

The tribe was apparently now extinct because of confrontations with Europeans.

More animals have gone extinct because of disease rather than any other reason.

Gaelic is virtually extinct because of school systems that rewarded English speakers.

For many centuries animals have been made extinct because of human over hunting or other reasons.

As a scientist working in the field, I couldn't find evidence of a single species going extinct because of forestry.

I'd surprised this fairly large blue-black-brown bird is not extinct because of the infuriating hours lost to human sleep.

Many plant and animal species on planet earth have become extinct BECAUSE of the unethical and immoral behavior of humans.

A lot of animals will also probably go extinct because of the changes, and it might also effect some of Earth's natural features.

In 3% of cases extinct from is used

They were almost extinct from the Serengeti.

Many species have gone extinct from the Earth.

Thirteen species of vertebrates are so far extinct from Bangladesh.

The yak? llama? banteng? None are exactly likely to become extinct from a mere rise in temperature.

The species is reported extinct from wild source in Tugela river in South Africa (Crouch et al 1998).

Leatherback and Olive Ridleys turtles are already extinct from Tioman, as is the case in much of Malaysia.

In certain cases, these successes even involve animals that had gone entirely extinct from their natural habitats.

It has been reported that 13 species are already extinct from Sri Lanka mainly because of various threats faced by Pteridophytes.

Until I remember the victorious Sinhala generation, Until the Royal blood does not extinct from my body, I shed no tears till I lose.

That we should think it okay for them to go locally extinct from the North Island's West coast then I think that would be a very sad day.

In 3% of cases extinct on is used

In due course, men too became extinct on Easter Island.

Some people used to take the ashes from the fire then extinct on St.

The Thylacine became extinct on the Australian mainland not less than 2000 years ago.

Let's say that you happen to win this war and do make the Tamils extinct on that island.

It serves as a habitat for a wide variety of animals, including those many extinct on the surface.

It is the first translocation to re-establish the species since they became extinct on the mainland over a century ago.

He hands out pamphlets about a charity working to save a rare breed of sparrows that are going extinct on Georgia farms.

The Mahoenui giant weta, long considered extinct on the mainland, was rediscovered in a patch of King Country gorse in 1962.

Large as they are, modern capybaras are dwarfed by various giant South American rodents what went extinct only quite recently.

In 2% of cases extinct before is used

Fortunately, we will all be long extinct before that big day.

If (1) is true, then we will almost certainly go extinct before reaching posthumanity.

There are many ways in which humanity could become extinct before reaching posthumanity.

Had the obscure organism known as penicillin become extinct before its discovery, millions of human lives would have been lost.

Nearly 100% of all species that have ever existed have gone extinct BEFORE the evolution of man, much less the industrial revolution.

About this article Asian frogs becoming extinct before they can be identified, biologists warn This article was published on guardian.

Does anyone from Adelaide know if she is still there? aunty felicia, how am i going to say anything about those old stuff when it extinct before my time.

In 2% of cases extinct during is used

Regardless many species did go extinct during the ice ages.

Mammals (that's us, too) did not become extinct during the big PETM warm-up.

True or false? Most dinosaurs became extinct during an event that occurred 500 years ago.

Fossil evidence shows that species are most likely to become extinct during rapid climate change.

The islands of Bali and Java also used to have tigers, but both went extinct during the 20th century.

Over 72 species have been known to have become extinct during the last 200 years due to loss of habitat.

Some of these are already extinct, and probably most of the ones I've named will become extinct during your lifetime.

Please note that a great number of species of the Pleistocene megafauna went extinct during a time of enormous climate upheaval.

The conodont-bearing organism clearly survived the Permo-Triassic boundary extinctions but became extinct during the late Triassic.

Many animals became extinct during this 175,000-year period, known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, some 56 million years ago.

In 2% of cases extinct with is used

The earthly throne of David became extinct with Coniah.

It diminishes and finally gets extinct with the lapse of time.

MB -- I think TPTB have miscalculated and will become extinct with the rest of us.

Its external shell first developed into a cone, still worn by belemnites that became extinct with the dinosaurs.

If coral reefs become extinct, the money and jobs created from the coral reef tourism will become extinct with it.

They will pretty much make themselves extinct with their demands when more and more companies move production overseas.

Read long paragraphs in things called chapters (something that seems to be going extinct with our micro-blogging culture).

Apparently, the wild dogs are near extinct with only about 2,500 in the whole of Africa, and we saw nearly a dozen in their den in MalaMala Game Reserve.

God had performed a number of creations over the billions of years of earth history, replacing animals that had gone extinct with newer forms (MacPherson 1998).

Species usually do not actually die out and become extinct with no descendents they change / mutate into new sub species that replace the original parent species.

In 1% of cases extinct without is used

There are probably many more which become extinct without anyone knowing.

Many asexual creatures go extinct without the benefit of traditional genetic evolution.

In another fifty years time, the entire Tamil Diaspora will go extinct without much of a trace.

Today, just 125 of the birds exist, and scientists say they will go extinct without serious intervention.

Ninety-nine out of 100 newly arising species probably became extinct without giving rise to descendant taxa.

Movements lose sight of objectives like this and become extinct without the influx of new and young converts.

Note that humanity can go extinct without instantiating this category if humanity achieves its capability potential and then goes extinct.

Research by ecologists indicate that over 100,000 species of plants would die out and become extinct without the pollinating work of bees.

Fox conservation The opposite of the control argument; some hunters maintain that the fox would be extremely rare or extinct without hunting.

In 1% of cases extinct after is used

It too went extinct after its weak spot continued past the plume.

The baiji was declared functionally extinct after 20 million years on earth.

I think it would be an utter shame if the EB content is extinct after the 10th.

It was thought to be extinct after European settlers brought rats to New Zealand.

Madagascar Serpent Eagle This eagle had been believed to be extinct after going sixty years without being seen.

In the beginning, it was established that the all the Forerunners went extinct after activating the Halo Array.

No sightings of it have been made since 1967 and it probably became extinct after rats became established there.

The mother tongue of Goans, Konkani will slowly but surely become extinct after a century or so, if not protected now.

The Aldabra brush warbler (Nesillas aldabrana) is a species presumed extinct after the last confirmed sighting in 1983.

The so-called Jamaican monkey, for example, was native to the Caribbean but went extinct after Europeans colonized the area.

In 1% of cases extinct through is used

Animals may also become extinct through direct destruction.

Science = Earth will ultimately be extinct through any one of various ways (at least we have options).

Mark Collins at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, not even one butterfly species has become extinct through collecting.

I don't think many extinct species will be viable to reintroduce in the wild, because most of them went extinct through loss of habitat, but zoo displays would be interesting.

In 1% of cases extinct since is used

The Ethnologue lists 6,909 living languages + 421 that are dormant or extinct since 1950.

Nigeria has been extinct since then but we did not know or we are still living in denial.

The reserve was created to reintroduce rhinos to the country, which have been extinct since 1982.

Extinctions are continuing: 19 species were lost in the last quarter of the 20th century, and three species are known or suspected to have gone extinct since 2000.

In 1% of cases extinct over is used

Only a few species have become extinct over the last 100,000 years.

Ninety percent of vegetable varieties have gone extinct over the last 100 years in the UK.

Some 80,000 species on the planet at some risk of going extinct over the next 50-100 years.

About a quarter of a billion years ago, 95% of marine species and 75% of land species became extinct over a period lasting thousands, if not millions of years.

We are approaching a major crossroads as a religion which will either see Sikhism become truly a major world religion as the Gurus wished or we will see it wither away and become extinct over time.

In 1% of cases extinct like is used

About time he went extinct like the rest of them.

If they become static for too long, they can become extinct like the dinosaurs.

Let us not end up extinct like Dodo's as we follow the lemmings over the cliff.

Blackberry will not stay in business for long and i wouldn't be surprise it will one day be extinct like a prehistoric creature.

Will there be any paper left or will it become extinct like the leaf scrolls our ancestors used to write on with the feather pens.

There are sufficient people in the world that really want to birth their own kids so no worries about the human race going extinct like dinosaurs.

Big Labor is the boogey man, an easy scape-goat to blame things on even though it has been vilified so badly in the last 20 years it's almost extinct like the big bad wolf.

Will the paper fall into disrepair and become extinct like Eye Weekly? Can we avert a civic disaster that happened at Eye Weekly? The most ridiculous comparison in this article is to St.

In 1% of cases extinct along is used

As they say, enjoying the decline, soon marriage will be as extinct along with the gentlemen.

If we humans go extinct along with most if not all of the life on the planet, there goes beauty -- no beholders left.

When and why did the ammonites disappear? They became extinct along with the dinosaurs and marine reptiles 65 million years ago.

The great storyteller, Hibbert portrays the survivalist instinct of a few individuals that did not allow the Medici name to become extinct along with its people.

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