Prepositions after "extend"

extend to, from, beyond, into or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases extend to is used

The licence extends to copying.

This will extend to other roads.

Accommodation extends to 708 sq.

His influence also extended to Kogi state, as his party also won the election there.

All rape victims are socially ostracized and this usually extends to the family also.

Nixon's distrust was soon extended to his own foreign policy advisors and assistants.

Who is covere d under RTI? The Central RTI Act extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Educationists say that this adjustment is not only to do with the academics, but also extends to the social milieu.

This method can be extended to intersection in more than 2 dimensions as seen in CuboidJoin (SRM 191, Div 2 Hard).

The queue at the Lokoja end of the road has extended to Obajana village, about 15 kilometres to Lokoja city centre.

In 10% of cases extend from is used

The chrome wire fork extends from 16.

It had four ' arms ' extending from its sides.


My library extends from a hallway into the family and living room and the guest bedroom.

Billy jumped up and down on the wood plank extended from the shore as his dad readied the rods.

We'd need to review the source of funding to determine if credit was extended from where to whom.

An inline-area with inline-area children has a content-rectangle which extends from its dominant baseline (see 4.

Such responsibilities may extend from the individual patient, to the health care system, or to society as a whole.

It was also marked by a distinct wedge of black material extending from the right shoulder down to the left waist.

It extends from Sathkhira to Noakhali, all along the Bay of Bengal, and to adjacent areas like Jessore and Gopalganj.

In 8% of cases extend beyond is used

The rivalry extends beyond smartphones.

Cebu's jovial months extend beyond the Holidays.

The effect extended beyond 600 million light years away.

The countries that are already extending beyond the bare minimum EITI standard.

The perspective of the politician does not usually extend beyond the next election.

Shadow effects do not alter the size of a box, but may extend beyond its boundaries.

Thus, like all dogtoral candidates there are ways the reach of my knowledge extends beyond that of my supervisor.

Translation must extend beyond the exchange of a foreign language for its domestic counterpart into an exchange between media.

The traditional homelands of the Pashtuns and Baluchis extend beyond the modern political borders, both provincial and national.

In 6% of cases extend into is used

Apparently, that self-assurance extends into the offseason.

And that truthful reality curiously extended into my dream.

However, there is only one line which extends into southern Thailand.

When Lucire extends into print, I don? t think I? ll need to look far for an editor-in-chief.

Today, that weather extended into Eastern Britain, bringing the first snowfall of the winter.

It provides a bridgehead to Asia and its historical influence extends into the Syrian highlands.

Its main component is a ribbon-like cable (also called a tether) anchored to the surface and extending into space.

Key West's meteorologist, Bill South, said he is confident that the watch would not be extended into the Upper Keys.

Until then, the road to Tavern, called Warner LeRoy Place, extending into the park from West 67th Street, is surrounded by trees.

In 4% of cases extend by is used

DNO said the deadline has been extended by two weeks.

Recently, the night curfew in Jaffna was extended by one hour.

But you can solve the problem up-to a limited extend by implementing the following methods.

In our current case, this timeframe has been extended by a few years owing to better health.

His contract was extended by the club at the start of the 2009-10 season for the next 5 years.

Time for the completion of this recovery was extended by a bottleneck in our server booting process.

In the Central Park the jumps and the park exit have been extended by further terrain adjustments as well.

The interest in the method has also been extended by its reformulation from the standpoint of quantum information.

Abandonment was similarly illegal and little sympathy was extended by the courts to women who abandoned their children in those days.

In 4% of cases extend for is used

Beauty extended for the many possessions Caroline loved.

The park extends for some 50 miles North of the Seronera valley.

Tourist visas can be extended for a further three-month period.

A nicely defined ridge theat extends for a comfortable dive at twenty minutes at 80ft to 90ft.

It's worth knowing that your Child Benefit can often be extended for up to a further 20 weeks.

But then if you have been lonely for three years, it is likely to extend for a long period of time.

Contract extensions 2005 CBA: Players coming off their rookie scale contracts can extend for five additional seasons.

All other veterans can extend for four total seasons, which includes the seasons remaining on their current contract.

All other veterans can extend for five total seasons, which includes the seasons remaining on their current contracts.

On August 11, the following day was the summary hearing on whether or not, the TRO will be extended for another 20 days or not.

In 3% of cases extend in is used

The region extends in all directions to the first empty row or column.

Like many others, I assumed this tax break would be extended in perpetuity.

This roadway divides equally the beautiful lawn which extends in front of the building.

Ideally, at least one of Johnson or Dickey is extended in spring training if AA likes the price.

The deep blue part of the animal extends out around the edge when the animal is fully extended in the water.

South of Mediterranean Africa, extending in a broad swath is the Sahara, the largest and the harshest desert on planet earth.

Randolph?? s season was extended in a big way on Friday night after it defeated Tioga of Section IV, 7-6, in the Class D state semifinal.

As a part of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) in 1980 the park was renamed and extended in range by four million acres.

The family tree of life is being redrawn and extended in the light of much more accurate and intimate knowledge of the differences between species.

In 2% of cases extend across is used

And Burns's influence extends across the globe.

The available tickets extend across 634 of the 650 sessions.

Gang injunctions will be extended across the whole of the UK.

Intimate s leek dark timber booths extend across the translucent glass front wall.

Most of the marine and coastal ecosystems are transboundary in nature and the impacts from human activities often extend across national boundaries.

In the Western world and perhaps elsewhere, most community ties stretch across a metropolitan region, with many extending across the nation or to another continent.

In 1% of cases extend of is used

But since we do not know the extend of our earning potential, we just give it our best shot.

This does not mean by any extend of the creativeness that you should feed your ferret uncooked meat because this is something you should never do.

In 1% of cases extend with is used

The settlement extended with Boroguichempore becoming one end of the colony.

In 1% of cases extend up is used

If the value of the precedence trait is true, then the **28;12665;TOOLONG extends up to the start-edge and end-edge of the content-rectangle of the page-reference-area.

If the value of the precedence trait is true, then the **28;12813;TOOLONG extends up to the start-edge and end-edge of the content-rectangle of the page-reference-area.

It has a long slender bill extending up to a virtual point on the top of the head where the dorsal fin slants, resulting in a huge speed take off compared to other Marlin.

In 1% of cases extend throughout is used

It is a continuous process that extends throughout each of our lives, and indeed, for all of eternity.

For the years 1934 and 1935, the Daylight Saving Ordinance, 1932 was extended throughout both years by Gazette Notifications.

The system extends throughout Olongapo City and it is estimated to have covered or serviced around 92% of the entire population.

In 1% of cases extend through is used

The rainy season starts in June and extends through October with strong typhoons possible.

They continued southward, conquering all of the tribes in their path, extending through the Rift Valley and arriving in Tanzania at the end of 19th century.

In 1% of cases extend past is used

Personal loans given by way of SHGs that will private affiliates to not ever extend past Rs.

In 1% of cases extend over is used

The cathedral churchyard has been extended over the centuries.

Today, the cloud extends over servers and network infrastructure.

It can be defined as the universal collection of data that extends over the Internet in the form of resources.

The development of anticyclones extending over Ireland in these months can produce very pleasant weather by day.

The program would be implemented in a manner that uses the model already in place, just extended over a six-hour day.

In particular, the censorship apparatus that extends over the vast country taking in the media, the internet and in all forms of the arts.

The zone with the most intense sightings of Aurora Borealis extends over Lapland in northern Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Siberia.

He was probably writing from experience, for he knew that robbing Africa of priceless resources has extended over the past few centuries to the present day.

In 1% of cases extend on is used

Ensure the other leg is extended on the floor.

In 1% of cases extend along is used

A cluster of settlements extended along Kwan Tei periphery and became known as Kwan Tei North Village.

The Airbus A380? s upper floor extends along the entire length of the fuselage with a length equivalent to a broad-stiffed aircraft.

Because of the short distances between intersections along this route, the additional lanes have to be extended along most of Ruahine Street and Wellington Road.

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