Prepositions after "expressive"

expressive of, in, with, about or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases expressive of is used

The countenance then is expressive of the heart.

Poor Rousseau's face is to me expressive of him.

I will say that my dress sense is expressive of my self.

The whole is expressive of the life and the change and the growth of the universe.

The younger generation of Koreans, however, are very expressive of their feelings.

A will or bequest not expressive of any definite intention is void for uncertainty.

Calvin distinguishes the church's power over its worship into two parts expressive of the two kingdoms doctrine.

Not one of the above movements, so clearly expressive of affection, is of the least direct service to the animal.

The author tells us that? Nothing could be more expressive of attachment to them all than Willoughby? s behaviour.

Each one's architecture and design is thus expressive of the aims, strengths and frailties of those who built them.

In 10% of cases expressive in is used

This should be more expressive in 6 months or a year.

Glassy eyed, they're most expressive in their silence.

Encourage students to be expressive in their verbal performance.

He was shy and reserved socially, but he was passionate and expressive in his poems.

With so little, the people are able to make do and they are so expressive in their happiness.

He was alert, animated, precise in his responses and surprisingly expressive in his gestures.

Or maybe perhaps the Filipino is just boisterous, loud, and deeply expressive in the most creative ways possible.

I tend to build relationships with the artists that I represent and I insist that they be expressive in their creations.

Lipi on the other hand, has been more reflective, expressive in a quiet manner -- more the Apollonian to Mahbub's Bacchic.

It is expressive in the sense that a piece of clothing could, at a certain degree, increase self expression and individualism.

In 6% of cases expressive with is used

You are expressive with command on the English language.

Could be a little more expressive with her facial expressions.

I am never expressive with my own feelings, whenever I am home.

I am working on being kinder, being more expressive with my own encouraging words.

The nose is expressive with peach-pear, vanilla cream, lychee, grapefruit and nutmeg aromas.

Others may be very expressive with their hands or faces, perhaps talking loudly and aggressively.

It's art that uses the body; and I've always felt that I am much more expressive with my body than with my words.

Others can be very expressive with their faces and even their hands, perhaps talking very loudly and aggressively.

Elegant and expressive with a hint of humour and surprising maturity -- there is no doubt Biddau has a bright future ahead of him.

The script doesn't give SJ's character a lot to say, and Shun is naturally more expressive with his eyes than Minho, at least so far.

In 4% of cases expressive about is used

Mayank hugs her and is very expressive about his love.

Jamaicans for a LONG time have been expressive about their sexuality.

It started with people getting more conscious and expressive about their style.

Some cultures and families are more expressive about anger; others tend to suppress anger.

Its been years that i have read something as beautiful, as expressive about the girls of 50 -70's.

In fact, the writer is clearly expressive about his emotion, at times he even gets too personal in his conviction.

But as a character she is not very expressive about her emotions and she is in denial about whatever she is feeling.

I may not feel her disgust, but I certainly feel acutely embarrassed whenever anyone is too expressive about their faith.

She's brought up in a culture which is very restrained, whereas he is allowed to be open and expressive about his emotions.

The youngest participant was particularly expressive about her body image and shoes and wanted to maintain her age and sexuality through these factors.

In 2% of cases expressive as is used

The highly effective, expressive as well as beautiful applications are the result of liberal photography.

A good instructor can help your child enjoy the amazing class as well as be more expressive as an individual.

The third movement, which devlops thematically from the preceding movement was suitably expressive as a kind of lament.

Olga Korbut is exceptional, of course, but the way she dances through her entire routine in this clip makes it expressive as well as awesome.

WALL-E is particularly expressive as a robot, albeit a fictional computer-generated robot, and we, the audience, get a pretty good idea of his emotions throughout the film.

In 2% of cases expressive without is used

I am expressive without being self-conscious.

He was eloquent and expressive without ever being loquacious.

This movie does more to prove that film can be expressive without sound than Vertov.

Eventually he will settle and find the space that allows him to be expressive without being destructive.

Phoenix is one of few actors who can make every line on his face expressive without even speaking; in 70mm, the effect is amplified tenfold.

Gentle and expressive without ever feeling intrusive, it serves as a versatile companion to the changing emotional landscape of the film and our protagonist.

In 1% of cases expressive at is used

Its OK to be expressive at times and just let out some emotion.

BPEL4WS allows for a mixture of block structured and graph structured process models thus making the language expressive at the price of being complex.

In 1% of cases expressive for is used

It's always fun and expressive for us.

He took the heads of the characters from people he saw around him, but never found models that were sufficiently expressive for the two principal figures.

In 1% of cases expressive rather is used

Be more expressive rather than less.

In 1% of cases expressive to is used

The fact that virtually all graffiti is expressive to some degree tells you that this is a dubious theory.

Would only if she were as expressive to me! Here is another one that gets even closer to my thoughts and emotions.

The asanas were so expressive to me and showed humanity aspiring to touch something larger than ourselves and I was very moved by that.

Now the hubby has been wishing if there's something similar to put at the front of the car to be as expressive to those in front of us too.

Thank you for helping me process I dono but I find my face extremely expressive, it's something I've always felt confident with men about, knowing that in person it looks really expressive to me.

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