Prepositions after "exposed"

exposed to, for, in, by or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases exposed to is used

But I'd more exposed to Jamaican girls.

No kidding they're so exposed to bush fires.

They are equally exposed to the same inconvenience.

Third -- Get as many people as possible exposed to your show using digital marketing.

It's a beach to be respected as it is fully exposed to the dominant south-east swell.

There is always some inherent risks for which a vehicle and the journey are exposed to.

Conversely, such a scenario would suffer more in the activities of BMO Financial Group, as it is more exposed to U.

Extension leads exposed to moisture at a point well away from the power socket can cause a fire back at the socket.

We need to protect the workers from getting exposed to locations which can make them easily contaminate infections.

A forex trader who is new in this market can gain more knowledge once he gets exposed to the live market conditions.

In 7% of cases exposed for is used

And he gets exposed for the charlatan he is.

Jay Triano's coaching got exposed for the second night in a row.

I don't think you'll be smiling if you get exposed for the phone hacking.

Another Iman posing as a moderate exposed for being a complete supporter of the Caliphate.

At one point the dancers were standing close by me and I felt a bit too exposed for comfort.

Akwesi Appiah is now getting exposed for who he is, collecting paychecks all these years as a tag along.

Three groups of each 8 rats were exposed for 2 hours to GSM mobile phone electromagnetic fields of different strengths.

Position the entire pan within a 375 degree cooker, and make exposed for quarter-hour or before the interior temp is 165 degrees.

When people started getting exposed for buying followers on Twitter, it was pure comedy watching all of the twitpics flow through my timeline.

LOL this is so funny, they may aswell not have the election because he is not going to win it, he blew it and got exposed for who he really is.

In 6% of cases exposed in is used

It lies exposed in an Ontario river.

Or wait until our midfield gets exposed in CL.

I knock on her door and wait, feeling exposed in the open hall.

He is entirely too exposed in light of the Savile affair and he is going down.

In case if it exists then it gets exposed in first two years of regular warranty.

Spills aren't the worst thing that can happen to toxic pig waste lying exposed in fields and lagoons.

Moreover sitting exposed in the middle of the restaurant with people walking behind him is improbable.

In fact, they were most exposed in the least experimental and least controversial parts of Di Matteo's starting XI.

List all of the issues and take a vote, but pay attention to the most exposed in your community and further beyond.

In 3% of cases exposed by is used

Am worried about our left flank and Santos getting exposed by the pace of Valencia and.

There are cracks showing recently in Donaire's boxing the most notable exposed by Vasquez Jr.

The shot here was over exposed by 3 stops to get the detail on the sillhouette (viewers ') side.

Sometimes we act differently in each circle of our life and that gets exposed by people who cross those circles.

What's that saying about geting exposed by an outgoing tide? Well, that entire political philosophy is lying stinked up on the mud flats with no togs.

Is he any good? I thought that his Long John Silver in Sky1's Treasure Island was left rather exposed by mixing with the likes of Donald Sutherland and Elijah Wood.

In 3% of cases exposed on is used

At the moment, that uranium ore is lying exposed on the ground.

He gets exposed on set pieces and is not that strong defensively.

This seemed to leave Assou-Ekotto very exposed on the left with literally no one else over there.

Granule loss only becomes a problem when the asphalt becomes exposed on the surface of the shingle.

This section from Steel Rigg is the most dramatic of the wall, but very exposed on a cold blustery day.

Reader Comments (1) I would like to see electric velomobiles but I guess they are too exposed on our roads to be realistic.

It improves your chances of getting exposed on searches for a particular thing and therefore eases your work and saves your time.

At this stage of his career for both club and country Heinze is still an effective centerback but his lack of speed gets exposed on the flank.

The interesting thing to notice is that the more the press remains exposed on their agenda, the more people are turning away from their propaganda.

In 2% of cases exposed as is used

Moonrise is so under exposed as to require grade 5 paper.

They are getting exposed as the science falls away, but can still rely on the green activists to provide them with justification.

As we compare, I felt that it's not only a target, but to become an exposed as a singer like him, so that one day I could exceed him.

Yet unless the people-smuggling trade experiences a serious business downturn before long, the government will be very exposed as the election nears.

Maybe this is why he decided to foul out last night instead battling Love and getting exposed as a fraud!!! That all being said, It is not only Amir or AB or.

In 2% of cases exposed at is used

Norwich game showed how team was too exposed at the back.

The problem is that everything gets over exposed at somepoint.

A tangle of copper wiring lays exposed at another damaged splice point.

We should never have started with Come On You Boys In Green, it left us far too exposed at the back.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, which is largely owned by the British taxpayer, is the most exposed at 54.

Cole very exposed at left back due to a lack of defensive cover, which would not happen were he left up front.

The TolA binding site of D1, while fully blocked by D2 at 37 o C, becomes exposed at temperatures as low as 45 o C.

That fish was most likely exposed at temperature above 4 degrees (40 degrees F) for more than two hours creating an hazardous product.

Overnight, there is a strong possibilities that they were exposed at temperature above 4 degrees C (40 degrees F) for longer than 2 hours.

Chalk -- such as exposed at the White Cliffs of Dover in England -- is composed of innumerable microscopic shells of coccolithophores, which are algae.

In 2% of cases exposed with is used

If there was any doubt of her moral standing, it lays exposed with this utterance.

However, when processed in HDR they were all under exposed with the sun overexposed.

Two of the photos were identical and completely over exposed with flash and sunlight taking away most of the picture.

I was skeptical at first that my radiographs could get exposed with the room light, but the tiny machine did its job pretty efficiently.

ER: In your performance art you literally put yourself centre stage but I wondered whether you felt more or less exposed with the paintings? BB: Very exposed.

In 1% of cases exposed from is used

You'll want to cut the ends perfectly straight, leaving about a half-inch exposed from the cable sheath.

The longer the material lays around exposed from a disaster, the higher the risk of an outbreak of a major disease to human life.

In 1% of cases exposed of is used

The friendly Opposition by a nutty PML of NS stood exposed of their follies and the frailties and the people are in no mood to align themselves with a toothless tiger.

In 1% of cases exposed without is used

There were just too many of them and the fleets were too exposed without their high tech systems.

Lying exposed without its blanket of snow, the ice on the river melts quickly under the warm March sun.

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