Prepositions after "export"

export to, from, in, by or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases export to is used

Data can also be exported to the Windows clipboard.

The coal has to go somewhere, so it's exported to Europe.

Aba-made goods are exported to other countries of the world.

Mexican turkeys were exported to Europe soon after the Conquest, and spread rapidly.

The UK's top exports to Emerging Europe in the first half of 2012 were Machinery (733.

I mean C'm on you are representing the sole entry point to import / export to Pakistan.

These commodities have little intrinsic worth within the state but when exported to the global markets value is added.

For instance, Kenyan exports to Uganda would attract taxes while Ugandan exports would be subjected to a much lower tax system.

Aside from the India-Sri Lanka migrations, during 1999-2003, India became a hub for virus export to Saudi Arabia, Africa and China.

These arrangements/ agreements prescribe Rules of Origin that have to be fulfilled for exports to be eligible for tariff preference.

In 11% of cases export from is used

Trunks of cash are not exported from the UK back to Lima.

They also liked oysters, which were exported from Britain.

Data can be exported from folders of all types, such as: Contacts, Calendar, E-mail, Post, Tasks, Journal, Notes.

According to the Chamber of Mines, the Philippines could increase its mineral exports from the present $500 million annually to $2.

Thanks to increased global travel connecting endemic countries, different genotypes and serotypes tend to get imported into and exported from India.

Some village birds are also kept in India, Egypt, and other areas, but these are descended from semi-improved strains exported from North America and Europe in earlier times.

Exchange policies regarding exports cover all goods exported from Pakistan irrespective of whether they are subject to licence under the Export Trade Control Regulations or not.

Antigua &; Barbuda: Antigua and Barbuda customs authorities may enforce strict regulations concerning temporary importation into or export from Antigua and Barbuda of items such as firearms.

Washington fears such a strike could provoke retaliation against US interests, and disrupt oil exports from the Persian Gulf, which could in turn plunge already fragile Western economies into crisis.

In 6% of cases export in is used

In that year, textile material exports increased 39.

Then simply resize, and export in jpeg format for the web.

Iran's decision to cease pricing its oil exports in the dollar is political.

Getting those exported in something like OpenCL is a lot more difficult I reckon.

According to KOFOTI, the country's textile and apparel exports in 2010 totaled US$13.

But then why is it that exports in 2011-12 have halved compared to 2010-11? Look at the other main argument.

This will remove whatever legal justification there may be for imposition of tariffs on Cariforum exports in the EU market.

What if your brother can not surmount his balance of payments difficulties and simply defaults on paying you back? Purely accounting numbers?! Germany's total exports in 2011 were 1.

In 5% of cases export by is used

Export by Country Craft, Motor Launch or Truck.

The Euro would thus be shored up, stabilising the demand for UK exports by keeping the Euro relatively high.

Challenges in farming abound, especially with the Government's economic growth agenda calling for a near trebling of the real value of agrifood exports by 2025.

This exemption does not apply to motor vehicles or boats Goods exported by diplomatic missions Films and video tapes exported for overseas use and returned to New Zealand.

In 4% of cases export for is used

Waste paper from Corrpak's packaging productions are baled and ready to be exported for recycling.

If a machine can not be resold, it is stripped of its components, which are resold or exported for recycling.

It has suspended flour exports for six months, and the country plans to import grain from Kazakhstan and Russia.

While Android developers are debugging and compiling the designs, important information can be exported for help.

That is 7 times the amount of Amazon rainforest destroyed in Brazil in one year, largely for cattle grazing and soy production to export for livestock feed.

Niger Republic -- from where Nigeria imports large amounts of the beans we consume has also suffered flooding; Russia had to suspend wheat exports for a while.

This exemption does not apply to motor vehicles or boats Goods exported by diplomatic missions Films and video tapes exported for overseas use and returned to New Zealand.

We CAN be self-sufficient- we can use clean coal technology and nuclear energy- and by leaving the European Union regain our large fishing stock to be exported for great profit.

This complements Barclays research that show that businesses generate an average growth of 30% after exporting for just two years - proof that trading abroad can really help boost business.

In 2% of cases export at is used

It stays vector and can be exported at any resolution (bitmap).

Quite a few export consignments got rejected and most of the stocks were exported at below BPL prices.

Last week the semi-autonomous region of Iraq said it would resume oil exports at a rate of 100,000 barrels a day.

In 2% of cases export outside is used

Meanwhile, both Trudeau and Locke stressed the need for Canada to diversify its energy exports outside of the United States.

In 2% of cases export through is used

Much of this wool was exported through Southampton.

The total ghee exported through the major customs points located in Bhairahawa, Nepalganj and Dhangadi areas amounted to NRs 44.

Under the agreement, South Sudan will resume oil exports through northern pipelines and pay a transit fee of around $10 a barrel.

In 2% of cases export under is used

Export under the scheme is not eligible for the purpose of Export Refinance Scheme.

The Ministry of Commerce will prescribe, from time to time, a negative list of commodities which can not be exported under this scheme.

In 2% of cases export with is used

I mean the extreme freakish desire for individualism over a sense of community and social consciousness is now being exported with mobile phone technology.

In 1% of cases export into is used

I have a company in my state that has exported into China for many years.

In 1% of cases export on is used

The value of tuna exports on the other hand dropped to 8.

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