Prepositions after "exploit"

"exploit by" or "exploit for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases exploit by is used

But this was exploited by opportunistic thugs.

Its ambiguities were fully exploited by its opponents.

It is a collective failure, exploited by the class best equipped to do so.

Of course there is a danger that this information could also be exploited by terrorists.

On the contrary it was exploited by many Sinhala politicians for their political advantage.

ACTA is a mechanism to facilitate that ' oil ' being privately owned and exploited by the rich.

That widespread collective insecurity is palpable and was exploited by some of Applebaum's rivals inside of Union.

Singaporeans should support the cause of the PRC drivers because they are not the only ones being exploited by PAP.

This influx is exploited by pan-Islamic jihadi organizations and trans-national crime groups to spread terror and crime.

Under an efficient coding hypothesis 9, these statistical redundancies may be exploited by the brain during sensory processing.

In 17% of cases exploit for is used

There are innate pathways I can exploit for this end too.

Even his Indian connections are something he thinks we could exploit for the country.

So far, it has hardly been exploited for decorative purposes and has great potential.

Corporations have no built-in limits on what, who, or how much they can exploit for profit.

As a matter of fact it is an Islamic Achilles heel that could be exploited for misinformation.

We can never feel comfortable with identifying a group of our brothers and sisters who can be exploited for the good of the whole.

At the core of many of the conflicts the world is facing today, are religious, ethnic and cultural differences often exploited for reasons of economic advantage.

As a result, the United States is seeking to make common cause with China's nervous neighbors including Burma and this is where the Burmese regime will try to exploit for its survival.

In 17% of cases exploit in is used

It was a talent that Jobs exploited in the creation of Apple Computer.

The Ihalmiut were exploited in much the same way as any other tribal band found wandering by the early explorers.

What the blog talks about are places taken over by European powers that were exploited in the interest of the imperialists.

An interesting proposal that they are exploiting in some Scandinavian countries is use it or lose it parental leave for men.

Boys and girls, often those living on the streets, were exploited in illicit activities, including smuggling and trading arms and drugs.

Without effective protection this huge area, which is equivalent to 64% of the ocean's surface, will continue to be heavily exploited in the next few years.

XSS is a type of exploit in which an attacker tampers with a website, injecting scripts that could capture personal information from users visiting the website.

Or else they will only be embolden after having gotten away with the chaotic disturbances that they sirred up in Mombasa, and lately unscrupulously exploited in the Tana River Delta.

In 6% of cases exploit to is used

This is a strenght that we need to exploit to the maximum.

Anything that can show Jews as hateful is exploited to the very maximum.

In 1% of cases exploit at is used

Some are are frauds, very numerous, that exploit at their will and in a various way the respect that the whole people are bringing to yoga, a science of spiritual asceticism and holiness.

In 1% of cases exploit from is used

It's about integrity and compassion, baby -- not about what we can exploit from people because we're all fancypants.

In 1% of cases exploit over is used

The integrated tourism potential of the next generation on some of these lands is to be exploited over the next decade.

In 1% of cases exploit through is used

This vulnerability is most likely to be exploited through removable drives.

In 1% of cases exploit under is used

Some Bangladeshi men who were recruited for work overseas with fraudulent employment offers were subsequently exploited under conditions of forced labor or debt bondage abroad.

In 1% of cases exploit with is used

It is also extraordinarily useful, he could easily have added, a point that scientists have been recently exploiting with some striking new uses for light, both in the home and in industry.

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