Prepositions after "explicit"

"explicit in" or "explicit about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases explicit in is used

I wasn't explicit in my comment.

It's explicit in the Lisbon treaty.

I was pretty explicit in my response.

Concepts such as ' Fixed level ' structures are no longer explicit in the interface.

Never said Zemen played long ball, infact I was quite explicit in saying he did not.

I'd a bit surprised the LEA haven't been more explicit in the information they need.

It has been explicit in some sense that there ought to be real progress from Sri Lanka in examining what happened.

The report is explicit in not endorsing any particular policy recommendation, although others are not so reticent.

While it is not explicit in her text, usefulness seems to be defined as the ability to benefit society as a whole.

Some prominent educational researchers were explicit in their opposition to the teaching of algorithms to children.

In 29% of cases explicit about is used

We need to be explicit about this.

We tried to be more explicit about it.

Always be explicit about the unit of measure.

I can only remember one time where I was taught anything explicit about themeing.

Be explicit about what level of participation and discussion you expect in class.

This is an important point in Webkit animation: be explicit about your keyframes.

I think while the book wasn't explicit about this, the movies might be, making District 11 folks largely colored.

What I mean by this is you'll need to be explicit about your ideal customer by creating a picture of this person.

Otherwise, could you be more explicit about what you are trying to do? You need to upload the theme to your host.

We can be explicit about the representation of a duration: Atomics Sorry, I have not had time to write this entry.

In 7% of cases explicit on is used

He was explicit on what happened.

Haydon was explicit on this point.

He was absolutely explicit on this.

And Quran is explicit on the prohibition of the marriage of a Muslim woman to a pagan.

The Traditions are equally explicit on this score -- see Sahihu Muslim, Sahihu Bukhari.

However, the guidance at CG78332 is not wholly explicit on this point and has given rise to possible misinterpretation.

Martin Cortes who published his famous sailing manual, at Seville, in 1551, is explicit on this aspect (see Parry 1963:98).

Section 1, sub-section (1) of Education (Private Schools) Law in the Laws of Rivers State of Nigeria 1999 is explicit on that.

So that is a little different than saying for the entire FY ' 15 that we're at 30% plus, and we try to be very explicit on that.

In 5% of cases explicit by is used

Their objective was made explicit by Rep.

Add brown eye shadow and eye shape more explicit by using a black eye liner.

Now they are even more explicit by singling out the IT industry amongst others.

These annotations make data meaning explicit by situating it in a conceptual framework.

The ideas and people that you refer to need to made explicit by a system of referencing.

The ideas and people that you refer to need to be made explicit by a system of referencing.

Rhythm is implicit in nature, made explicit by the regular performance of rituals and the annual production of crops.

This connection is made explicit by Neville Garrick's use of a drawing of a slave ship's human cargo on the cover of Survival.

Fbri makes this merry-go-round theme explicit by cutting back to the original merry-go-round scene at the beginning of the film.

In 3% of cases explicit to is used

That seems rather explicit to me.

And then John said something sexually explicit to me.

To do that those rules have to be made explicit to us.

The kind of cloud computing security provisioned for must be explicit to the customer.

While it may never be made explicit to the coaches exactly, I'd sure it's well understood.

In Book XIII, the purposes and styles of Augustine is at its climax and so are even more explicit to the reader.

As we will see later, conversions from explicit to tacit, explicit to explicit, and tacit to tacit are also possible.

Leaders face many challenges every day, some of which are invisible to the others and are only explicit to the leaders themselves.

The following guidelines and the associated form are designed to help make your development explicit to you, your advisor and your reviewer.

In 2% of cases explicit as is used

The statement is explicit as to both.

It is true that he is explicit as to his own case.

It's gradually becoming more and more explicit as the novels progress.

Chinese law does not seem to be explicit as to rights of renewal at the end of the lease.

His succeeding hand Kambakkht Ishq was explicit as an above medium success at the box-office.

You know my viewpoint and I have tried to be explicit as to why I reached the conclusion that I did.

The aim of the gallery visit was made explicit as to the why of using the digital camera to capture their experiences.

New York Estate Lawyers are aware that all Wills, Trusts and Advance Directives must be explicit as to the terms and beneficiaries.

It is genuinely surprising that a film as sexually explicit as The Voyeur has received an 18 classification for general distribution.

In cases involving the actions of young offenders aged under 21, common law is explicit as to their sentencing being of a reformatory nature.

In 2% of cases explicit for is used

Make border crossings explicit for pupils.

There is no rule too explicit for little boys.

I think that it was certainly that I made it explicit for the first time.

It needed to be clarified that implicit salvation is never explicit for us.

I thinl questions about sexual pasts are just too explicit for a first date.

But that organization does not have to be cognitively explicit for the audience.

Cycle infrastructure has to be more explicit for the consultation to be meaningful.

I did nt make the second point explicit for the sake of brevity, but it bears further explanation.

Dirty Desire is surprisingly explicit for her, but it's very catchy, as is Poppin ', and On And On is just a fun song.

I apologize for this but unfortunately your book, The Crimson Man, is a bit too explicit for our website and listings.

In 2% of cases explicit with is used

Be explicit with your words when sexting.

He was explicit with his choice of words.

I don't know how I could be more explicit with someone.

Often, the structure was made even more explicit with the use of multi-coloured pens.

Have you been on any dating websites? I don't know how I could be more explicit with someone.

And this consideration, perhaps it was, which prevented Captain Blifil from being more explicit with Mrs.

As the book of Acts progresses, we would expect it to become less explicit with regard to some of the details of conversions.

In the table, the declarative, and the procedural memory are explicit with the rest of nondeclarative memories being implicit.

Like all culture, it belongs to you already, but I am making it explicit with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

In 1% of cases explicit at is used

Its desire to tear things up isn't explicit at the outset.

This metaphor is explicit at times, but more often implicit and invisible.

The novel might get explicit at places and is not recommended for kids below 18.

I made that explicit at the top of the piece -- in black and italics -- that we wanted to hear others ' experiences.

In 1% of cases explicit from is used

I guess it is best that this is made explicit from the outset.

This disconnection from referent is made explicit from the outset.

It is further explicit from the following couplet from Rahitnamaa of Bhai Desa Singh Ji.

And as a previous commenter mentioned, the fact that 12 Monkeys involves time travel is explicit from the word go.

The promise of citrus groves and running water in Tel Aviv taps was explicit from the beginning of the Zionist state.

For me, the conflict between Islamophobia and the way secularism is expressed in Kerala was explicit from my memory of his eyes.

I agree with your scriptural basis but it is implicit rather than explicit from scripture -- ie logically deduced rather than specifically expressed.

This changed the patent procedure to be explicit from the previous practice, which was a re-registration in Tanzania, having registered elsewhere, especially UK.

So it gives us a great opportunity to pre-empt what is, in fact the ' SO WHAT? ' by making the reason for the lesson in the LO overt and explicit from the outset.

In 1% of cases explicit of is used

Maybe that's because music is the least explicit of the arts: it moves us powerfully but unspecifically.

What about language? The love letters Henry wrote to Anne were principally in French, but not the most sexually explicit of them.

There is a blacklist explicit of any and all non-Liberal writers, even folks just middle of the road socially conservative, such as John Hughes, much less John Milius.

To this extent, the making explicit of the putative hidden term of the simile has the risible effect of just adding another metaphor to the figurative mess we are trying to clean up.

But the speech with its call for ' economic shock therapy ' and lament that the cuts have been done at too slow a pace was full of criticisms both implicit and explicit of Number 11.

In 1% of cases explicit regarding is used

He also became more explicit regarding his plans.

The children I worked with were explicit regarding how they expected me to conduct myself during the research.

The commission also aims to make the law explicit regarding when liability for a breach of trust can be excluded.

The Qur'an and hadith are explicit regarding severe punishment by the State if a person is convicted of such a crime.

On the current (Quicken) deed of trust I can't see anything explicit regarding Fannie/Freddie, maybe I don't know where to look.

This latter hadith is explicit regarding the prohibition of deprecating a Dhimmi, but its isnad contains weakness, and so it can not be used as a proof.

Who is not aware that the Qur'aan and the Ahaadith are explicit regarding the significance of zuhd, Qanaa'at, Tawaadhu ', Ikhlaas, Sabr, Shukr, Hubb-e Ilahi, Radha bil qadha, Tawakkul, Tasleem, etc.

In 1% of cases explicit through is used

Traditionally, the research process starts with an idea that is developed and made explicit through the research objective.

Environmentalist John Muir made the connection between walking and land conservation explicit through his unforgettably lyrical prose about hiking the mountains of California.

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