Prepositions after "expire"

"expire in", "expire at" or "expire on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases expire in is used

And the salad all expired in two days.

Transferred all of my domains expiring in 2011.

My current 1st year holiday visa expires in 2 weeks.

Anglo itself now only has its chairman Alan Dukes whose term expires in December 2014.

And lowering those taxes was part of Bush's tax cut which are set to expire in January.

Im just curious of where all of this goes, since it expires in dec 2012 and its only march.

The requirement was enacted in 1965 as temporary legislation, to expire in five years, and applicable only to certain states.

Zynga's current agreement with Facebook (FB) expires in May 2015 and I would expect Facebook to push through a price increase.

Expiration reports should be sent to certificate owners each month that show a list of all certificates expiring in the next 90 days.

The forward's contract is set to expire in the summer, and a number of Premier League clubs are understandably monitoring the situation.

In 22% of cases expire on is used

A cache item expires on a given time or duration.

Imhoff wrote: When the Farm Bill expired on Sept.

The NHL/NHLPA's Collective Bargaining Agreement set to expire on Sept.

UNSMIS ' 90-day mandate expires on July 21 and it is unclear whether the council will extend it.

His private pilot's licence was first issued on 15 February 2000 and expired on 14 February 2005.

Bush - that citizens have enjoyed for several years will expire on December 31 unless politicians in Washington, D.

Jeyaretnam not expired on 30/9/08 Balraj Naidu would have been removed from the party's Central Executive Committee.

The special powers allowance to carry out raids and arrest and interrogate terrorist suspects was reportedly due to expire on November 23.

All securities issued pursuant to the Financing are subject to a four month plus one day statutory hold period which expires on February 26, 2013.

The timetable for agreement expired on August 2, but an additional period of talks was agreed at Mbeki's request, culminating in the September agreements.

In 18% of cases expire at is used

It is due to expire at the end of this year.

That act is part of many Bush era tax cuts that expire at the end of this year.

Then the multibillion-dollar food and farming legislation expired at the end of September.

The current DoH salt reduction targets expire at the end of the year and CASH is pressing for 2014 targets.

Government obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol expire at the end of 2012.

The Express Tribune correspondent, however, reported that two of the injured expired at Multan's Nishtar Hospital.

In exchange, he agreed to be her servant for 20 years; this contract was nearly expired at the time of Willford's trial.

Both players ' contracts expire at the end of this season and there are plenty of English sides keen on snapping up the talented pair.

The M &O; contract expired at the end of March 2010 and, from April 2010, Westinghouse leased the site on a long-term basis from the NDA.

In the current 88th General Assembly, which will expire at the end of this year, the Democrats have 20 Senate seats and Republicans hold 15.

In 8% of cases expire for is used

If the tax cuts expired for everyone across the board.

As we all know, the President wants ' to let the Bush tax cuts expire for the wealthy.

He did not say an increase in tax rates which is what would happen if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire for the rich.

Let me add one other fact, if all you do is let the Bush tax cuts expire for people making over $250,000, you would already have $1 trillion in tax increases.

NOTE: In one of the appended videos it is claimed that Obama said that he would veto any proposed deal that would not let the Bush tax cuts expire for the rich.

If Your Driver License or Your Learner Permit Expires If your driver license or your learner permit is expired for two years or more, you can not renew your driver license.

Axelrod pooh-poohed that, remarking that was unlikely because the tax cuts wouldn't expire for three more years and therefore had no effect on people's decisions to spend or invest today.

In 4% of cases expire before is used

My demo account expired before and gotten the exact answer throats, then its a sorry.

However although his new doping ban will expire before Paris-Nice 2013, the ban means that he can't score points for his team any more.

Where does that come in? I also noticed that they bought so much that I'd sure the shelf life would expire before the could eat the food.

However, where the term for the patent had not expired before July 12, 2001, then the term is 17 years from the issued date or 20 years from the filing date, whichever term expires later.

If the total time available expires before the question on the suspension of standing orders is put, the suspension motion lapses and only the main question (on the urgency motion) is put.

In 3% of cases expire after is used

Even if the creature expires after being washed ashore, its tentacles still retain their poison.

Guestships typically expire after ninety days if the Guest has not applied for Denizenship, which is a higher status.

Some you may get interviews for, some you may never hear from and they expire after 30 days, and some you may be turned down for.

It is important to check the terms of the Government Lease in order to make sure that the proposed tenancy agreement does not expire after the expiry of the Government Lease.

Visitors must rent SIM cards at the airport on arrival while many Burmese can only afford one-time SIMs with a number that expires after a few days when its $20 of credit runs out.

In 2% of cases expire as is used

This law typically is scheduled to be able to expire as of January 1, 2010, but yet may be extended.

In 2% of cases expire until is used

One is that the rules on the expiry of copyright are complex; even very old material may still be subject to copyright, and in many cases copyright will not expire until 31 December 2039.

In 2% of cases expire with is used

She knows a part of her life is expiring with Nefise.

Justice Matthew Deery and Her Hon Judge Miriam Malone) expire with effect from today's date.

In 2% of cases expire within is used

If the Work Pass/Dependant's Pass expires within the duration of the course and can not be renewed, the affected student shall fully bear the consequence of not being able to complete the course.

In 2% of cases expire without is used

The upshot of it all, in summary, meant JDX-induced breathing room was allowed to expire without the required follow-up, and no IMF agreement was inked.

In 1% of cases expire by is used

Mr McRae did not receive such a reminder as his licence had already expired by then.

In 1% of cases expire instead is used

In a bonus zone for example, a participant may receive 1000 bonus points for every correct answer until the challenge expires instead of the regular extra points.

In 1% of cases expire about is used

After it expired about a month ago, I decided not to renew and fully switched to using torrents.

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