Prepositions after "expand"

expand on, to, into, in or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 19% of cases expand on is used

Ole, to expand on your point about redknapp.

The cup will start at 16 slots and expand on interest.

This appendix expands on areas related to timber decay.

I will expand on each prior to each Resolution being put to unitholders later in the meeting.

Before the city boy gets to his feet in line 16, the poem expands on its gentle phantasmagoria.

We now have a bigger picture with new directors onboard and therefore we want to expand on the events we do.

Expanding on what??? said, what sports star achieved their success without damn hard work and countless setbacks.

The development offers 10 two (2) bedroom units with land to add your own creative touch or to expand on your property.

Shane only gave a hint at a reason why this is true and I will expand on this to give a full proof and justification here.

In 15% of cases expand to is used

The German PV market expanded to 1.

They expanded to Asia, then began sea travel.

Drug War Expands to Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya U.

This growth appears to be accelerating, as Mintel predicts the market will expand to 2.

Shorthands expand to the individual properties that may be used in place of shorthands.

Today it is expanded to more than 50 children and provides all the facilities they need.

The Vatican's news site already operates in English, Spanish and Italian, but it is expanding to other languages.

With the new funding provided in the Budget, this will be expanded to people turning 60 from 2013 and 70 from 2015.

The UN-WFP will be expanding to parts of Visayas (Iloilo) and Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro, Butuan and Davao) this year.

While the target initially was Islamist extremists very quickly it was expanded to domestic critics and dissidents of all stripes.

In 14% of cases expand into is used

Expand into a wider perspective.

Expand into the sea on megafloats.

I see that as expanding into the USA.

I knew they were after phones, and recently they had expanded into ladies ' handbags.

A legal cell is one such that expanding into it will not violate the puzzle constraints.

When we live up to this responsibility, we expand into the perfection of our higher selves.

They would experience a universe expanding into their future, just as we experience one expanding into our future.

Apple has ample cash reserves, which allows it to meet any increased product demand, as well as expand into new markets.

I guess it's a good glue to expand into inaccurate joints, but I prefer to just make my joints so that they are accurate.

Pack lightly so you won't have to carry a heavy backpack and include clothes you can expand into as the pregnancy progresses.

In 13% of cases expand in is used

Definitely worth expanding in any sequel to your book.

Then you know the hungry region must expand in another direction.

Free trade, established by an act of 1909, was expanded in 1913.

It has enabled China-Africa cooperation to expand in scale and scope and advance to a higher level.

Creatures on the earth are expanding in complete blossoms and the days turn out to be refreshingly sunny.

Design studies expand in terms of scale and complexity, from multi storey housing to urban design and design thesis.

The Office's mission is to help American firms access, enter and expand in Asian markets that benefit from ADB assistance.

If the Great Pyramid is successively expanded in that same ratio, three separate times, some amazing correspondences appear.

Gadabursi Land or Awdal State and Khatumo or Dhubahante of Harti land is the same too as they both expand in Ethiopia and Djibouti.

In 7% of cases expand by is used

Our labour force is expanding by 1.

Dhaka's population is expanding by 4.

Private consumption is expected to expand by 4.

For 2013, we anticipate the growth momentum will be further accelerated and expanded by 10.

In the last three quarters of 2011, South-East Asia's consumption expenditure expanded by 4.

Indeed, its current range in southern China may well have been expanded by deliberate introductions.

This fortress was expanded by many medieval kings and is a grand structure used by Royals through the years as a refuge and powerbase.

Root of this poisonous tree is the resentment that he has and his notion of right/wrong -- true/false expanded by his so called intelligence.

Gokanna Buddhist Vihare temple was expanded by King Agbo V (718-724 AD) and demolished by the Portuguese to build a fortress in the 16th century.

If the comet's orbit is slightly expanded by the pull of the planets, it will take longer to return; if the orbit shrinks, the comet will come back sooner.

In 4% of cases expand at is used

The sphere will expand at that moment.

In the first half of 2012, the economy expanded at a faster pace of 5.

Since 2000, China's cities have expanded at an average rate of 10% annually.

From the moment of the big bang, the universe has been constantly expanding at a great speed.

We open branches only where there are opportunities and we are expanding at a very rational rate.

If you could magically add that extra mass, the universe would expand at a more relaxed rate, and remain lively.

The pressures are intense, the priorities are seemingly in a state of flux, and the amount of knowledge expands at an unprecedented rate.

In developing countries, insulation demand is expected to expand at a healthy pace due to rising building construction and industrial activity.

BELUM DISUNTING 19 NOVEMBER 2012 9 Public investment will continue to support growth and development in the State and is expected to expand at 3.

Delta has made clear that it wants to expand at Heathrow, a lucrative hub for corporate passengers where landing slots are generally hard to acquire.

In 4% of cases expand upon is used

Great tips, however I would expand upon #10.

There are several reasons which I will expand upon in this review.

Live View navigation expands upon the Live View feature and allows to.

However, if there are changes that expand upon the original authorization (e.

Expanding upon this, EM is worth quoting at length: So they've lost control.

The coast is straight, with no natural topography that could be expanded upon to build a harbor.

You then procede to ' flesh out ' and expand upon these types with code which actually implements your program.

Expanding upon the previous single-day World Championship, the format features seven world-class events and finishes with an exciting Grand Final.

Aucklands existing road network and associated suburban development should not be further expanded upon, any new development should be based around rail/bus and be higher density.

In 4% of cases expand from is used

Head home and the situation expands from there.

The GFM Ministry has expanded from 55 to 110 countries in that time.

It is most likely expanded from mere influence to conversion from within.

Its sales network expands from over 2,000 domestic sales centers to over 40 overseas distributors.

Over a period of four years, the organizations expanded from supporting 1,500 to 60,000 children.

Obnoxious Facebook photos now set to expand from babies and bowls of ramen to photos of bike parts.

Since then the property has been extensively refurbished and expanded from 24 bedrooms, to incorporate the former.

Editorial duties will expand from a single editor to a full set of talented and dedicated social content strategists.

Online has expanded from easy electronic correspondences to social network sites to on-line researching to simple sites to e-commerce.

Therefore the entropy transferred to the surroundings during restoration is equal to that gained by the system in expanding from V1 to V2.

In 3% of cases expand with is used

On scale, the human brain expanded with the speed of light.

The elastic layers within the artery walls expand with each surge.

Today it has expanded with over 35 schools and a few from Pakistan and India as well.

Which, truthfully, makes somewhat less sense as any crack would close as the metal expands with heat.

And it's been expanding with young people who are hard-working and full of drive and pay lots of taxes.

This policy was expanded with the creation of the Navigation Acts, which controlled imports and exports.

This demand-supply gap is likely to expand with the increase of both the population and per capita income.

The volume of tourist traffic in the area has grown substantially and looks set to expand with the attraction of Uganda as a tourist destination.

The technology expanded with the development of voices for ATMs and computerized voicemail that could be adapted for those with communication disorders.

Because of the popularity of the short-term bike rental, the number of stations have now been expanded with a total of 8000 bicycles to ease Londoners journeys.

In 3% of cases expand beyond is used

In the interim, Britain had declared the entire Anlo country its territory, thus expanding beyond the coastal strip.

We spend our money and energy on competing for resources and tribal domination, when the human race should be trying to expand beyond this planet.

Robotics is also a quickly growing field, and one that has expanded beyond simple technological kinematic assistants to the study of life itself.

Work on the songs will expand beyond the printed page, opening up Burns's musical world to the wider public thanks to new recordings to be showcased on the Centre's online facility.

But the farm has expanded beyond its mission to grow vegetables -- it currently keeps egg-laying chickens and it has launched a commercial apiary, cultivating bees for their honey.

Since joining TechStars NYC, however, the startup changed its name to Poptip, and expanded beyond Markover's concept, which broke open the comment box by letting users comment anywhere on a page.

In 2% of cases expand across is used

Click that star and what happens is the post expands across the timeline.

Theo took charge of the stores in the northern part of then West Germany, renaming it Aldi Nord and expanding across Europe.

Over the last decade, we grew from 500 to 9000 people, expanded across the country and launched several new businesses to make Deutsche Bank a full-fledged financial services proposition.

It was in 1983 that Autoglass was merged with Bedford-based Windscreens to become a national business, expanding across the UK over the next few years with an increasingly mobile operation.

The implications of this new trend are immense, especially in terms of the accessibility of this notoriously difficult literature, expanding across new social, cultural, and political borders.

In 1% of cases expand within is used

With devotional chanting you are inviting the energy of primal sound to expand within you.

In East Africa we have a lot of investments already and we plan to expand within the companies that we have today.

The road was expanded within late 1879 through his son and consequently successor, Charles-Emile Hermes to contain your creation of saddles.

In 1% of cases expand up is used

The device comes with internal memory of 4GB which can be expanded up to 32GB with micro SD card.

In 1% of cases expand through is used

As the universe expanded through time, so did man's brain.

A small set of basic elements could be expanded through attributes in lieu of creating a large set of specific elements.

It also allows local merchants to expand through the internet and make their products available for sale to individuals across the country.

In 1% of cases expand since is used

This theory considers that the universe was born in one big bang and it keeps expanding since then.

The program has expanded since inception, and is now running in 57 Alberta schools, serving urban, rural, and First Nations, Metis and Inuit students.

In 1% of cases expand over is used

Maybe it will be expanded over time.

The ranch had several subsequent owners and expanded over the years.

Samuelson also claims that there is a tendency for these programs to expand over time.

Capitalism has expanded over the last 30 years, leading to an increase in the number of workers as well as in the wealth that they produce.

Once this happens, research is likely to expand in the same way that EAP has expanded over the last 20 years, and this will be reflected in the pages of ESPj.

In 1% of cases expand out is used

Throughout the world, economic and political interests have expanded out of proportion in every imaginable arena.

In 1% of cases expand during is used

The CO2 bubbles expand during heating and cause the cake batter/dough to rise.

It is not finite, but neutron repulsion causes the infinite universe to expand during the current expansive phase.

On an MQGET call with the MQGMOCONVERT option included in the GetMsgOpts parameter, the message data expanded during data conversion and exceeded the size of the buffer provided by the application.

On an MQGET call with the MQGMOCONVERT option included in the GetMsgOpts parameter, a string in a fixed-length field in the message expanded during data conversion and exceeded the size of the field.

In 1% of cases expand because is used

Your stomach is expanding because of the deep breathing and it goes in once you breathe out.

In 1% of cases expand as is used

He played in all 82 games last season and saw his role expand as the year went on.

Thank- you for publishing it and I pray that the ministry will expand as the Lord wills.

Our numbers expanded as the years went on but that early bonding left everything among we originals as a given.

Keep expanding as a particular person via reading through books, sharing tales with liked types or taking pleasure in a excellent previous motion picture now and then.

The number of units and their surveillance of activist groups and individuals have expanded as the police gained new resources and powers under the ' anti-terrorism ' laws.

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