Prepositions after "exit"

exit from, at, in, through or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases exit from is used

I wish to exit from this project.

They were believed to have exited from the tunnel, NHK said.

You don't want it blocking or guarding the easy entry or exit from your bookstore.

Thus, it supports decisions about entry to or exit from and industry or a market segment.

For instance: An employee exits from employment after four years of service his wage on exit is Rs.

While some members of the team and fans handled the Yotes exit from the playoffs poorly there was much to be proud of.

Doors are something that we all take for granted and fail to realise that they the entry to or exit from one place to the other.

It took ten years to develop the moment when we could have exited from the scene a political personality that is unhealthy for America.

In 11% of cases exit at is used

Take 95 south approximately 15 miles and exit at Lorton/exit number 163.

The entrance to the venue is directly opposite the exit at West Brompton station.

Flightier animals will exit at a faster speed while quiet animals move more slowly.

The wound of exiting at the group stages of Euro 2012 is still fresh for the Polish players.

We then exited at the Bus Terminus and grabbed a cab- the ride to the reservoir was only 10-15 minutes.

Better to be prepared to exit at any time, and not have to do it (or to say no to an offer ), then have to do it in a panic.

By Tube For Earls Court One, exit at the Warwick Road exit of Earls Court station and the entrance to the venue is directly opposite the station.

We can do much more to help women stay the course during these challenging years and if we want to build a sustainable pipeline, we need to stop women from exiting at this point.

In 9% of cases exit through is used

It exits through an orifice located near the cylinder head (see Figure 2.

In certain villages, as we have seen, the pole goes right through the centre of the ceremonial house, exiting through the roof.

Exit Through Facebook Like is a plugin that raises popup box once user clicked any external links in your posts/pages or comments.

The new graduate then rises, bows to the Vice-Chancellor, and exits through the Doctor's door of the Senate-House to receive their degree certificate.

A scan was done where it was discovered that the bullet pierced through one end of his skull to the other end but it did not exit through the other end.

In 8% of cases exit with is used

I am really, exited with this updates.

She turned her attention to the clinic door, waiting for the paramedics to exit with the patient they would transport.

Upon exiting with his cherished axe, King inquired after the name of the woman and thereafter always named his guitars after her to remind himself not to do something so stupid ever again.

In 5% of cases exit to is used

It is expected to move towards Palawan and exit to the West Philippine Sea.

Each boarding school is also supposed to post evacuation maps at every entrance and exit to the dormitories, the classrooms, enclosed hallways, stairways and offices.

In 4% of cases exit after is used

Burnett exited after allowing two hits in the eighth.

Teams that exited after the first round of the 2010 World Cup earned $8-million (U.

He exited after Shea Hillenbrand's leadoff single in the sixth with the Orioles ahead 4-3.

These modules ensure that, unlike a console application, the X11 PulseAudio daemon will not exit after an idle timeout - it will instead stick around for as long as the X11 session exists.

In 4% of cases exit on is used

He then performed other hits, namely Party Shot and Summer Wave, and exited on a high note.

And, for those who don't know, there is a thing that exits on Broadway that you have to have the review from the New York Times and without it your show will close.

Pls sir, when will it come on net and if it comes, how do i print the form because the old form still exit on the net and what will happen to the old form on net? Thank you.

In 3% of cases exit for is used

Here take the N8 exit for Cork.

In 2% of cases exit about is used

They are both strong and athletic enough to be light weight PF/C ' s As others stated Burks isn't a point guard and I for one am really exited about having Mo Williams this year.

In 2% of cases exit by is used

Exit by returning down the hall and clicking the dumbwaiter, and then exiting the front door of the mansion.

In 2% of cases exit into is used

At the end of this road we discovered a shrine, and walked through the compound and out the other side which exited into a quiet neighborhoood.

In 1% of cases exit without is used

In the meantime you had given a commitment to the Scottish Government, so how to exit without admitting commercial failure.

In 1% of cases exit onto is used

The exit is not the easiest of motorway intersections, so keep the signs for Marseille firmly in view, as you do a 270 exit onto the A 46 Lyon outer ring-road.

In 1% of cases exit between is used

Dozens of police, including the dog squad, rushed to the courthouse, between George and Roma streets, as people exited between 9.

In 1% of cases exit below is used

From the 1st thoracic vertebra downwards, all spinal nerves exit below their equivalent numbered vertebrae.

In 1% of cases exit before is used

With not a moments hesitation, as they came to junctions, the lead rider went across the junction and exited before the tail had entered.

In 1% of cases exit as is used

In universities, it is fairly common to enter as an Assistant Professor and exit as a Professor Emeritus and be in expert the whole time.

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